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PART-42 Sirf Meri Ho

Dadi words made Krishna ji to look at her. She had tears in her eyes ,missed her mother In law so much. She always treated her as a daughter. She was so happy to see their home,
Hearing  dadi supporting voice with her. Niharika stepped in front and questioned her . 
Why you came here. ??
Krishna ji voiced her I came to my house.. who are you to ask me. 
Niharika fumed with anger.. 
Don't you know this is not your home anymore!
Priya motioned Ram to talk some thing. 
But he was least bothered to involve gazing at on going conversation. He folded his hands a small smile appeared on his face. 
Priya was in confusion, she don't know what all this going on. And her husband is least bothered. 
She was having tears seeing Krishna ji. 
Dadi signaled Priya to come near her. She whispered in her ear something. Priya went to do the needful. And she backed within 5 mins. 
Krishna ji lips curved into a big grin.. 
Ohh Niharika... 
This is the proof that I'm legal wife to Mr. Amarnath kapoor. 
Apeksha thrwd the paper infront of niharika. 
This is the proof Im holding 15% shares in our company. This is another proof 15% shares has written on Apeksha s name  .
And this is the proof you killed my husband. 
And this is the proof you are ruining Rams business sucees and his property. 
Niharika face became pale she hurriedly ran to get something from her room. 
But Ram blocked her way, 
NI..HA…RI..KA…he mentioned every word skeptically that its signalling her to the coming storm.
The Police were briskly appered in Km …Marching towards Niharika…
She was shell shocked seeing the changes … Priiya and dadi too astonished seeing the changes.
Niharika  you are under arrest ,One police officer said with his authorizing voice ..
Niharika swallowed a lump in her throat …Her voice is shaddered and trembling ..
Ram what all this going on ??
Ohhh You don’t know all this ..He said sir please bring on the 2nd culprit .
The police brought Sid inside the KM.Niharika was hell bount to shock see siddanth kapoor with handcups.
Ram :SO atlast I got time to tell your deeds …wahh what an great opportunity …
I met my ma in australia and came to know everty truth and I belived blindly all these years ,and even you wanted to make our marrige ruin … Till now whatever I earned you have kept your name,sid name or natasha’s or rishab name .You always used me as a money bagger or ATM mashine but still im happy that you are there to take care of kids but I don’t know you are the number one culprit and you are making siddanth as your lead ..wahhh great lady ….
So for your kind information … these all the proofs which are against you ..I have submitted in court and filed a case against you and sid ..whatevr the reasons I don’t want any harm to my family memebers .
Niharika shouted I will put up a case against you ,how much its cost also …
Ram smiled to that… Ohh don’t you know you recently signed all of your property on nuts and rishab name ..
Niharika fumed when did I do that …
Last week I bought a new company and I asked your sign to tranfer that property you signed blindly on them …
Niharika fumed with anger but she cant do any thing …and shouted you cheater ,how dare you ..
This is least I can do for you NI..HA..RI..KA..
The police are taking fuming and shouting Niharika..
Dadi ordered priya to give harathi …and pRIYA turned to give harathi the same time niharika stepping out same time Krishna ji is taking harathi stepping inside …
What a lovely scene to be hold on ….
Ram with tears welcomed her ,Krishna ji hugged him and took blessing from dadi ..
Ram &Priya both took blessings from krishna ji ,,
Priya was so happy to see her mother in law ..she was ordering and arraging everything in kitchen.
As Ram already arranged krishna ji bedroom and apeksha bedroom.
He was so engorsed in talking with them But now and then he is noticing Priya too ..
Priya called them for lunch ..She went to her room to wash her face.
Ram glanced this, told to apeksha you be there I will just come .. He briskly entered their room…
He can hear water splash sound from bathroom.he bolted the door waiting for her ..
Priya came ,wiping her face with a towel ,she thrwd the towel on bed ,stepped a side to get ready.
And she again hit her hand on her forehead ,her lips curving into a smile she took the towel from bed turned to just bump on Ram ..
Ahhh She anticipate a fall but he securely made her stand on her feet .He moved her hairlock from her side face ,you can open your eyes,you are safe in my hands.
She slowly opened her eyes to look at her husband .He is giving million dollar smile.
Kya hua ??? [what happen ] why you are smiling ??
Why you laughed when taking back the towel …
She replied nothing ,chodiye muje dher horahi hai ?[leave me ,im getting late]
Oh really …Ram turned her,to his side keeping his hands on her shoulders .Tell me why you laughed ?
It s just I remebered the incident on our early days of marrige .You hated to keep wet towels around like this …so I smiled …..
Ok my Tigress ,why you gave blush while smiling ..
She again laughed ,how intently he is seeing at her …She blushed more .
Just like that she answred very slowly …
Please tell na “Ram made a cute face “…
She held his kurtha collar lovingly ,Nothing while thinking about you made myself happy and whenevr I thought about you ,my each cell will vibrate that will result on my lips as well as my cheeks ..
She gazed at him with so much love .. He sat on the bed made her sit on his lap ..
Slowly his fingers making her curly hair more curlier ..
Priya can I ask you something ??
P:Yah …From when you needed permission ha?Her question hitted him quickly..
R:Please Priya …
P:Yah ,You can ,she comfortably sat on his lap ..
R:Are you not angry with me?
P:Why ??Why I should angry ?She gave a confused look..
R:I didn’t tell you that all these things ??
P:She understood by now what Ram trying to say .. Ram ..Look at me..she raised his chin with her index finger asked me to look at her ..
Ram first I m confused why you are not involving ,later I understand that you already planned ..
R:But why you havent questioned me ??
P:Ram ..Ram if you have done anything wrong ,I could  hve asked you ..But when you did good thing why I should question you my dear husband ..Kissing his forehead ..
R: Hmm so only here ..showing his lips to her ..
P: Laughed cutely ..not now it for night ..she pinched his nose lightly …
R:Priya ..sorry sweet heart .I have planned everything before hand ..I intentionally not told you ,because I don’t want you too take stress .
P:Its not stress Ram…
R:Stopped her ,No priya I know how evil plan niharika made to ruin my family .I don’t want to give everyone happy life ..Especially You I didn’t tell you before hand ..Sorry for that.
P:Ok I understod ,do me a favor ,Ram gazed at her ,in future just share with me all your problems please ,she requested him.
R:He kissed her forehead,sure my dear wify …im sorry to hurt you ..
P:I undrstand why you have done all this without knwing me and dadi too ,but please please don’t be sorry ,I love you , and just share with me …
R:Hugged her ,Thanked god millionth time to give such a wife to him.
P:Ok ..shall we go now …All must be waiting for us at dining table..Im also too hungry ..
R: Yah sure ..He made her get up …he too went with her .
All sat for dinner ..Ram eyes were shining to see all her family around.
The lunch was famishly finished with their everlasting chatting and countering one other .
They are so happy ..short and sweet small family ..
1 week passed …..One night Ram came a bit late from office.
Its almost 9.30 pm…Priya who is reading a book ,she almost slipped from the bed hearing the bolt sound .Ram smiled …ahhh why you are stilll waiting for me..
Taking his coat and bag from him..If you know that why you are asking me .
she arranged everything in bathroom already ..He took hot water bath and came .By that time she arranged everything on the table .
She was carelesly kept her saree pallu ,its just hanging from a little away from her bossom.
Ram was just astonished to see her careless silhoutte as well as sleepy state .
He hugged her from behind .
Priya “:Please Ram , Abhi nahi ..its too late ,come eat ..
Ram has told all the things which happened in the office .
Priya kept listening and whenvr she doesn’t understand she is asking him .. Both finished their dinner .
Priya hasn’t eat much al the way fiddled with the food..When Ram questioned she said not feeling to eat .
Ram switched the TV to watch the business news .But as he expected Priya didn’t protest him to switch off.She cahnged in to her night clothes came and rested her head on his shoulder .closed her eyes .
Clutching his shirt In her hand ..
He kissed her forehead offing the Tv ..What happen ..
She don’t know what to tell him ..She gazed at him .His arousal making him to close the gap ..
She said nothing ….What happen darling ??
She again said nothing ..He closed the gap sealing his lips with her …She kissed him but not fervent ..
Both broke apart for the air ..Rm urged to kiss her bossom…
She motioned him ….No not today ..
Kya what happened … Ram asked concernly…
Nothing just wanted to sleep that’s it ..
Ram complained …Yaar everytime you want to sleep when your husband is more romantic ..
Nuzled her neck to bossom…
Ram plzzz ..she wanted to tell No but Rams actions made her loose herself..She slowly surrenders him .Their nudity covers by a thin bedsheet …Priya was fast asleep as well as Ram..

The clock showing 2.15 am…Priya scrunched herself into matress .Some unknown string stirred in her stomach …she woke up  from her deep sleep .She anticipated before and now this …
She wrapped the bedsheet around her .looked at her husband ,he was in deep slumber .She silently went and changed and came to sleep ..
But sleep was very far away to her end…Sec by sec the pain is excruciating she was unable to focus on her sleep ..She forcefully closed her eyes but ufff ..Priya you are thinking up to sleep ..atleast try to sit properly ..Why god please make me sleep …
She gazed at him again …She don’t want to wake him up ..But she really don’t know what to do ..after marriage this is her first periods ..God only knws how he will react seeing my pain ..
She thought of seeing their pics…but some how the pain is deep its just getting more severe than before.
She is unable to sit or stand atleast lie properly … A loan tear escaped from her eyes unable to bear the severity ,she clutched  the dupatta but instead of that she clutched Rams hand .. When she realized It was his hand ,He woke up with sudden tight fist on his hand ..
He wants to snuggle closer to her but found her in a cuddled position .. He asked her what happen priya.When he looked at her ,his gaze stopped at her tears .. he took her in his embrace ,what priya what happen ?? why you crying ??She cried clunging on to him ..
He was so patrified to see her ,But he understood she is having discomfort ..but he was too confused his eyes are becoming moist ..He asked feebly Please priya ..tell me what happen?
My stomach ,she said between in her sobs ,its just paining like hell …
Can I call doctor ?? why its paining ?from how much time it is there?why you didn’twoke me up yaaar ??
Please Priya trying to lift her up ,he said I will take you to hospital ..
Noo she signaled him ,,Its ..Its just monthly pain…
But you didn’t get anytime na in this 3 months..
Please Ram…she grumpily called him….He now totally confused ..
She said ..Showing one box..Bring it on .. He handed it her ,she popped a tablet and gulped some water .
Turning his side will subside ,usally I wont ,but right now its more so I had to …
He made her sleep on his shoulder patting her ..He tried to made her sleep …
But it is invain …He don’t know how to comfort her ..
After taking tablet she was calm for 10 mins but after that same..she is turning sides ,that pain is uncontollable and she is unable to control her tears its just coming out like fountain..
Ram who cannot see her tears ,he called their family doctor telling the condition By that time he called to Krishna ji too ..She came with Apeksha..
She can understand what transpiring to Priya .. she told to apeksha Prepare hotbag and bring it on.
Ram just holding Priya ,Krishna ji sat on the other side ..
Ram about to ask something but Krishna ji signaled him not to talk furthur ..
His eyes were alredy moist ..Priya trying to control but this is so pathetic pain she cant even think whats happening .Krishna ji held her for sometime but she was out of control ..
After some time The doctor reached their room .. Ram hurriedly towards her .
Thank you so much madam for cming and sorry for troubling you at this late night.
By then The Doctor has seen  troubling Priya ,
She sat her side Krishna ji moved ..Ram came the other side ..
D:What happen Priya?
P:S..Stomach pain Mam ,
D:Is happened to be your mensus >??
P:Yes mam but it is very terrible ,some more tears spilled from her eyes ..
D:Every time you will get the same pain ??
Ram a bit loudly ,NOO…
Doctor and all others looked at him …I mean No mam,I m seeing her first time..
Priya replied mam usually sometimes I will have irregular mensus ,2 0r 3 months …at that time I will have pain ,after taking pain killer it will subside but this time it was not …
Priya wiped her tears again ,
Doctor questioned ?This time how wmany months ?
P:3 months doctor …
D:After marrige how many times you got ??
Ram was baffled with this question ..she didn’t get ..he very well know but who knows …
P:This is second time doctor ,Ram was too astonished to hear that answer ….
D:Ok first time did you get the same pain ,in mean time she examined her abdomen and loading an injection .
P:Noo doctor actually at that time heavvy bleeding so I consulted my family doctor ,after taking medicines it reduced ..Ram face turning into a big question mark …
D:What about pain ??
P:Pain is there but when I have taken the tablet it was subsided ..
D:So which tablet you are using for that ?
P:Cyclopam..Priya answered feeble.
D:Gazed at Ram once ,she asked Priya …the first time when you got mensus Priya after marrige ..
P:Its just after 6 days mam …Im too tired and become too pale ,before that 2 months regular before that it was irregular because of Low Hb% ,now she is not looking at RAM..
D: That’s ok..How bout your normal family life.
P:Its good mam..
D:Making her postion right lateral ,I will give a small injection now,tomorrow I want to go for some blood test and scan ,ok
P:Nodded her head ,Ram supported her ,He closed his eyes while doctor pricking it in to her skin ,Priya made a small moan ..
Doctor smiled at seeing Ram,she said Mr.Kapoor its over ..
Every one smiled at him ..
Ram went to send off her .While krishna ji paatting Priya to sleep ..
R:Doctor is everything alright ?
D:Its ok Mr.Kapoor nothing to worry as of now,we will do some more tests and I can tell you tomorrow .she must has done some heavvy work so it just happens sometimes in some ladies you don’t worry ,we will rule out tomorrow why she got severe pain..For now she will deffo sleep for the injection and the pain will be reduced ….
His questioning look made her assure more ..
Mr.Kapoor ,she will sleep now its almost 5 am ..Go and you too take some rest ,If anything is there call me i will come..

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PART-41 Sirf Meri Ho


Hiii girls first of all sorry that in last update I want to mention only dadi but asusaual in the flow..I wrote Krishna ji too. Sorry for that. 
In this story Ram came to know the truth of niharika.. and he wanted to bring Krishna ji from Australia. That's why Ram sent tikets to them.. the story will progress now on wards.
If you want furthur information please read part 4 & 5 ..
Hmmm sooo every one is waiting what will happen. .hmm hope you guys like this one too.

Every body staring at Ram and Priya.. Ram flunged in bed, looked at Priya. She is eaually astonished to see everyone and bewildered that why they are silently looking at them. 
She rolled her lips to ram that she too don't have any idea.
Hmm Ram asked them what happened?  Why you are looking at us. Dadi kyun app ghor ghor ke dekh rahi hai.
Everybody looking at each other. Dadi came to wards him. Holding his ear ye Kya hai??
Showing the news paper in front of him.
He cannot see what was in the news. Priya too can't see because dadi was blocking her view.
Niharika was fuming with anger from the Time she saw the news paper. Moreover all these are doing stupid drama Here..
She is unable to see this slowly with drawn herself from the group and left from there.
Planning to divert Ram from Priya.
Ohhh so bhai you don't know what all happened..
Dadi it's paining.. leave me Ram pleaded.. Priya came in his rescue. Dadi chod do unko bathayi ye Kya hua.
Ohh bhabhi.... Natasha butted in. So you too don't know... dadi bhai KO chodiye...
We will tell...

1.2 .3
Natasha read aloud ….
“ The Great business man Mr.Ram Kapoor surprised His wife “ [The times of india]
Ram and priya Both are surprised in true sence and looked at each other in confusion.
Neha came in “Mr.Ram kapoor shovered his love on Mrs.Kapoor  on her college fest “ The hindu “
Now Raya were totally understud that yesterdays college fest came in the news …
Oh My God ..Oh My God priya breathed inside her heart ,her limbs almost trembling ..Looking down
Vikaram rushed ,taking the  other paper “Mayya yashoda song played by the Great business mans wife  to woo her husband “
Rishab came in between ..The romantic couple of the year goes to Mr.Ram Kapoor and his love of life “
Ohhhh what a night , what a night ., the two stars of the kapoors kingdom were danced on the stage,in full of masti ,Ohhhh by the way whom iam talking about ….
It’s non othar than Our great King Ram kapoor and Priya kapoor ….
Rishab dragged them to central …
Oh God …Priya blushed and some where she was trembling with sudden fear that typical female tension.
Every body is teasing them to the core making circles around the two ..Ram felt that Priya shivers ..
He shouted heyyyyyyy guys stoppp .. stop…
Everybody paused and looked at him ...He side Embraced Priya …She not even looking at him too..
With his innocent face “Sooo what you want now”
“Is that bad ,I thought of Giving surprise to my wife so I did ..shouldn’t I”
Why you people are doing halla balla here …Priya struggled to get out from his grip but his grip was more togehter …
Neha chipped in” Oye hoyeee…you are pouring so much love towards your wife “
Ram a bit angrily said ,Im not pouring or drinking ,Yaar vikram tu aani bivi ko sambhal..
Mai sirf Meri wife se pyarr kartha hu …
Natasha butted in ..I didn’t get you bhai..
Ram:Common Man .I love her … she is my wife …why you are teasing us ..
Karthik asked : what did you said jijuuu..
Ram : I LOVE HER …I LOVE HER ..okk …..isme bure baath kya hai ..he looked at Priiya and seen she was hitting her hand to her head ….And her cheeks were turning to crimson red that resembling her dress colour ..
Ram who understud he told  I love you infront of every one ..He bites his tongue sheepishly looked down.
I love her …Common guys neha asked them to corus…I love her all together they roared.Priya constantly blushing ..Ram took her in  his embrace more deeply.
Oye Puttar …”Dadi called them “
Both walked towards her .. Both are looking down ..
Ram very slowly and Priya voice is very feeble ….both at a time said sorry ..
Every one laughed ….
Natasha played”Mayya yashoda ye tera kannayya “song again ..
Neha pushed Priya to central….She was unable to gaze at anyone …she was blushing like hell.
Neha “Fatty if you could have said to us ..we could have come yesterday and we also enjoyed “
So its punishment for both ..Just dance and let us enjoy ..otherwise I will play all the songs natasha raised her voice ,,
So there is no other chance .priya had to dance … soo she wore her dupatta from head ..
And keeping her hands on her waist ,complainting about Ram to his dadi ..
Mayya yashoda .. ye tera kannayya …

maiyya yashoda yeh tera kanhaiya
Priya showed Ram ..and kept her hands on her waist ...

panghat pe meri pakde hai baiyan

Ram came and holds her wrist ..she with drew and went away ..
tang mujhe karta hai sang mere ladta ooohh

He pluck her braid ,pulled her pallu...Priya acted as she was beating him on his chest ..
raamji ki kripa se main bachi
saved by but the grace of lord
she acted she is praying God ..But Ram took mike from Madhu and said ..Mai tho RAM hu madam ...
raamji ki kripa se by the grace of lord
gokul ki galiyon mein jamuna kinaarein..

And everyone joined with them and danced ..After the song finished everyone is tired and relaxed on their respective places ..
Rishab spoke out …Haa we missed so much fun bhai ..Bahuth maza aata hai ..
See this picture is lovely … when Priya  is twirling around Ram that time had taken this photo.
One is they lightly hugged ,in another one their eyelock,in another one he is walking behind her ,in another one he is posing as he is proposing to priya …

Wahwah neha nudged Priya towards Ram showing each of their photo..See total Page-3 is full of your romantic photos,,,,Oh my ..fatty ne ithna kuch kiya aapke liye .Neha winked at her..she blushed more…
Everyone came to see them as they didn’t inform and wants to wish Raya for their great night ..They full had masti with Our great couple Raya..So all had gala time teasing Priya and Ram.As it is Sunday everyone enjoyed fullest retired to their rooms after lunch ..
Priya sat on the bed resting her head on headrest .. She switched on the Tv …every channel is hsowing their dance and masti with the students..
How come they both forgot about media .. this is the second time they caught like this .. First time in their honeymoon ..second tho this ..
She  offed the tv and flipped the news paper and gazing at Rams picture very longingly ..
Ram , who came back from the study puzzled to see his wife gazing at something..
Slowly he walked to her and found she actually was staring at his pic ,he felt butterflies on his stomach ..Awww my babyy ..he whispered in his heart ..
He make “booow “ sound on her ears …Priya jumped in fear and shouted at the top of voice but before that Ram closed her mouth …Shhh its me …baby relax..
She gazed at him…Ram slipped his hand from her mouth ..
You scared me Ram ….
Really ..Ram questioned her [Looking at her lucious pinkish soft lips]
Yes ..You really scared me .. God … You know how much I scare when….Her words stopped in between seein his desirable looks …
She shrinked on her pillow …Keeping her hand on his chest ..
Ram Not now …Please ..he is leaning on her … Plzz everbody in home only..
Its hard to gaze away from him .. His lips are almost touching Priyas,his warm breath making her crazy…and after teasing she badly needed his hug and comfort .. But if anyone knocks the door again it wont be good ..
Ram …Plzzzz her lips are trembling …
Priya he spelled her within her lips .. Her fingers slided in his hair …His lips smooched her lip inviting for undying kiss.His hands are dancing on her back ,her fingers crazily combing his hair , their lips intimating with echother ,,,,
When they felt they badly needed some air ..they both left .. Ram gave a light kiss on her lips again .. and again and again until she falls asleep in his arms ..
Ram very well know she needs to sleep off …They both are in sitting position but they are resting on head rest .. his hand on priya shoulder ,,priyas head on his left shoulder .. Both are sleeping away to the glory with a contented smiles on their face ….
In the evening time Natasha ,neha came to Raya room to call them for coffe.
They knocked the door but no response but the pressure of knocking door opened slightly ..
So both enterd to the room..and giving HifI to each other..clicked a pic of our Raya..
They are sleeping in eachother arms for echother .. They don’t want to disturbed them so both went off..
So the day had gone all masti ….
The next day Priya went to college,,…Lol..
Neel is avoiding her maximum…At the lunch time both had to meet and eat together ..
Priya asked her …”why you avoiding me “
Neel: nooo yaar .. see how much portion I have to lesure period ..
Priya : Lier …Iam seeing from morning onwards..I should be angry with you …upar se you are turning your face and roaming all around .. Don’t I know you have 3rd period is lesure ..and don’t I know you involved Ram to made all the confrontatin over stage….
Neel:Smiling sheepishly ..Oh god that I don’t know..Ram just told me to hide the chief guest part ..thats it ..
Priya:Ohhh ,,,holding Neels ear …so all the song wang planis yours hai na…
Neel:Ohhh priya its hurting .. yaar .. [Priya left her ear ]That part is reagrding your husband and college kids did not involved by the way which girl will lose the opportunity to dance with The Ram Kapoor …
Both smiled at that …
Priya said ..Really these kids very naughty ..
Both finished their lunch ….
The days passed …..
One fine morning Apeksha entered into the Km with Krishna JI..
Every one was stunned to see them specially Niharika ..
Niharika angryily said …stop over there..just don’t dare to step inside …
With that dadi voice also added .. stopp…..