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PART-59 Sirf Meri Ho


He has given a huge donation to the warden to develop the orphanage .
She blessed Ram and priya . Ram asked her , how can you  surprise me each time?
Priya: Ram this is the least  I can do. You know in every one' life birthdays will come and go leaving us one year old. Smilingly she continued, next birthday I may give only one gift the next one I may give only bouquets etc , but today I want you to feel how much I love you , how much I care for you , how much I wanna see you happy . In future when you turn back and see your life you will remember this day forever and this is just my smallest wish that you should remember this day forever .
Ram held her hands, squeezing them lightly .I know  you love me, when I was opening each gift I was wondering what it could be ,and before every gift you are giving me roses telling each time I love you .so, what more surprises ...
Priya:well ,surprise tho patha chal jayegi na ..leading him to car ,They had lunch outside ,then they reached office,Ram got down biding bye to priya .
While he was on the way to his cabin every one clapped and  wished  him happy birthday ,he never ever celebrated his birthday in office , he was astonished when Jenny handed him 13 redroses and welcomed him to the center of the office .
13 th gift :

Every employee who was present there wished him happy bday .on the center of the table three tier cake welcomed him .Vikram was grinning ear to ear hugging him .Happy birthday Ram ,come will celebrate now ,he cut the cake ,fed to vikram . Every one clapped .Vikram gave 14 red roses to him wished him happy birthday .Gave him a sealed cover.
14th Gift :        
He opened it and found the news paper of that day .which contained how Ram Kapoor's journey to success happened so far ,how prestigious were his achievements till this b'day,.
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Ram was astonished then he remembered today he didn't have time to check the news paper when he was about to do that Priya had taken it from him .He very well understood that it was none other than Vikram & Priya duo's plan , and while reading it he found , Amitabh's wishes and some other famous celebrities  wishes.
[We tried to give one image of front paper .hope you like it ,, we did so much  hardwork for this ]

He was so happy to see wishes of the man he admired on this special day .
Ram:Abe ye kya hai ?
Vikram: I was asking from so many years that we will give your biography to the media (chuckling) But The Ram Kapoor never agreed..
Ram: But now?how and who did it?
Vikram : When Priya was Planning all these  Neha was there with her. She told that I have a plan but you never agreed for it,so Priya enquired me about it . So I told I want to give complete reality of Ram's life how busy he is and how hard  he worked to achieve all these and how he still maintains that and I want to reveal he wasn't born with a silverspoon.Vikram finished so energetically and with so much love on Ram.Both walked to Ram's cabin.
Vikram Priya listened and we two made all this just before a day and have given to the media .
While Ram was in a state of allurement ,Vikram's son entered with a bouquet that contained 15 roses and gave a gift pack to him.
15th Gift :
When he was about to open it ,Neha entered with her chirpy smile ..wishing him "Happy birthday fatty " he side hugged her and opened the gift .There were many DVDs packed up in one box along with a small card .
"It's all your favourite player Sachin Tendulkar's matches DVDs,from his first match to last match."
OMG how come she surprises me with her every gift yaar .This is so brilliant idea ..I mean each one is great .He didn't have words,was just gazing at the gift with astonishment .
Neha & Vikram laughed hearing this out ,"Poor priya she tried so hard for all these ,yelo" Neha gave her phone to him ..
Happy birthday dear Husband ...listening her voice Ram's heart jumped with joy .Thank you so much dear wify .
Priya's smile echoed in his ears ,she kept the call . Seeing his bewitching smile Neha teased him.
Aye hoyee "We are still here "don't vanish into your dremas ..
Ram: Are tu bhi na neha ...
16 th Gift ..
Rishab ,Apeksha entered without knocking the door , Rishab gave 16 roses bouquet , Apeksha asked him to open the gift, handing him the gift pack ..
Ram:Giving a shy smile ,He opened it found a wooden card board ,Ram & Priya's picture printed on it ,Happy birthday Ram engraved on it and at the end with Love Mrs.Priya Ram Kapoor ..
His fingers were kissing her frame in the gift ..everyone roared seeing the pic ..WOwwoowwow Bhai ..This is superb bhai,this is mindblowing fatty ... Vikram raised his eyebrow that he doesn't know anything ..
Appreciating Priya inside his heart .Ram's lips never left the blushy wala smile ..All started teasing him ..Kya bhai .. will you tell the secret of your smile ..
Ape:Bhai how you proposed bhabhi .Tell na please ..
Rishab :Ha bhai bolo na ..
Neha:Fatty bathao na ...
Vikram:so many are interested in knowing how you did it ..bathao na yaar ..
Ram is laughing sweetly .. It's my secret ..
Every one: Aweee that's a secret ha!!
Ram :To divert the topic he asked them ..where are your gifts ,,,everything joined in Priya's gifts kya ??
Neha: Ohh some one is feeling jealous..
Ram:Nahi toh ..
He got a call from Jenny :Ha Jenny ,tell me.
Jenny : Sir ,Mrs.Neel came to meet you.
Ram:(Surprised) Ohh okk send her in...
Neel & Jenny both came inside ,Neel gave 17 roses bouquet ..
17th Gift :
Jenny opened the  cake and placed on his table .. while he cut the cake ,,,Neel gave a greeting card to him ..That was from Priya Ram Kapoor and this cake is from myside..

It was written on the card"Happy birthday Dear Husband" with some stones embedded the name Ram ...He understood it's her own designed art .His lips curved in to a big smile ofcourse that never faded since that morning.
Neel clapping her hands ,Hello Mr.Ram kapoor If you cut the cake , I will take leave .Then you can dream about Priyuuu ...
Neha teased wahh Priyu kithna cute name for priya ...
Neel:But she wont like to be addressed with it . 
She called Priya ,
Priya:Ha Neel bolo ..Have you reached?Its going to be  5 almost .
Neel:Ohhh stop stop ...Priyuuu darling ..
Priya:Ufff Neel ,you wont stop calling that right ...
Neel:smilingly said ..No way wish your husband from my side too ,handing her phone to Ram..
Before Priya could protest ,Ram voice echoed in her ears ..
Hii priya ,It's on loud speaker ,
Priya:Ohhh ...
Everyone:common bhai ,This is not done,we could have hear your romantic talk ..
Neha:he won't do that ,, hai na fatty ..
Priya:This Neel na, she wont sit calmly .I knew it .she is making fun of me ...
Ram: No no nothing like that  ...
As every one planned they were poking him to call her as Priyu..that too lovingly ..
Common Fatty ,Please call her once ..
Ram: Tell priya ..
Priya: she could hear their hush sounds but don't know what it would it be .What happened Ram is everything ok ?
Ram:Ha priya ,I told na It's on loud speaker .
Priya:Smiled knowingly that they must be teasing him.,She wished him happy birthday again ..
Ram soon kept the call.He so wanted to finish his work off and wanted to be with Priya .
He cut the cake ,everyone cheered ...
18th Gift :
Ram's driver knocked the door ,he told sir It's time to leave and handed him 18 roses boque ..
Ram:Smilingly counted them kya chakkar hai bhai ...
Vikram :What ??
Ram: Why these flowers before every gift ,what's there in that ..
Vikram & Neha: common there is surprise in that too ,guess it na fatty ..both smiled .
Neel:Yes Ram,You are a great business man,so Priyu is thinking you will get to know what's the secret behind the flowers before each gift .. Neel bid bye to everyone and they also started for kapoor mansion.Neha ,vikram, Ape ,Rishab  blabbering something.
Soon the car took U turn and headed in another direction .before Ram could ask further questions ,they entered a blind school.They gave a happy birthday card in Braille language and wished him 
,He too distributed sweets .The foursome gave a cheque to him ...That was written 50000 cash donation to the blind students.
What ..what is this? Ram questioned them.
Everyone:This is our gift on your bday . we were brain washing ourselves what to gift ,what to gift , any way Priya was planning for you so many na so we asked her what gift we can give you and it should be unique like her gifts .
Ram was listening curiously .. when they paused he asked them ha then what did Priya tell?.
Neha: oye hoye much curiosity haa ...believe me she said , if you are ok with it I had a good plan ..we all said ok ,whatever it is , we are ready to do the needful.
Vikram continued how much ever you want to spend money on Ram's gift , collect the money and donate in any NGO or Orphanage or Blind school .
So we have chosen the blind school , with our collected money ,we purchased all these and decided we will distribute and the rest of money we made it as cheque in favour of this NGO .So they will all wish you and they will be happy ,from their happiness they will bless you to eternity ..
Ram hugged every one with so much affection .They gave the cheque to the  NGO chief coordinator and they came back to the mansion .
19 th Gift :
When he was about to climb stairs to his room ..Dadi called him giving a 19 rose bouquet ,she gave a gift to him .
"He opened and found a Beautiful Delta Pen with  a note, "While taking every important decision I will be with you" .He wondered where these ideas came from .
.His blushy smile was caught by all family members .They teased him for some time ,While Karthik ,Nuts, Rishab were teasing ..Neha asked Krishnaji about Priya's where abouts .
Krishna ji :An hour before she came from parlour ,she might be sleeping ..
Neha:(giggling)W oww  ohhh parlour..Kya irada hai ..winking at Krishna ji she smiled ..This was noticed by Ram too .
He was very eager to meet his wife .. So he said them that he is going to freshen up and he briskly walked from there but he could hear so much hushy talks behind him .He reached his room opened the door and on the center of the table there were 20 roses of bouquet and a gift pack wrapped .
20th Gift :
He opened it and  found two white teddy bears holding a love symbol in between smiling away to glory .His lips curved into a big smile atlast madam has given me the teddy bear .He held the gift  in one hand , he reached their bed. There she was sleeping so peacefully with a smile on her face .
She might have bathed before going to sleep .Her hairs were still releasing the fragrance of her shampoo.Her face clearly showing the tiredness but blooming in a new glory ,some of her hairs were falling on her face disturbing his view.He tucked them under her ear .She moved with the touch to the otherside .He gazed at her from top to bottom ..she was wearing a velvety night gown , her curves were vivaciously exposing .Her nighty slipped away from her legs .His gaze turned to them .Her milky slender legs were inviting him  ,He sat on the floor ,slowly he took her foot in his palms ,He kissed it ,Startled ,she was about to get up ,he hugged her foot to his face and showered it with his kisses .
Priya stammered , R..R..RRam , what are you doing ...please get up don't  touch those please .
He kissed her both feet ,some how she managed to loose his grip on her feet .She straightly sat on the bed .
Ram sat there with a pouty face . Glancing around the room to know wether he has opened the gift or not ,seeing the teddy bear on the bed near to Ram ,she smiled ...pulling his cheeks .. Get ready .. I will giveyou  what you want  .But right now you should go and get ready ..she almost pushed him .
Both priya & Ram got ready. When they came down ,Priya said we will come back soon ma and both left from there .. He was asking her where are we going ? His eyes glittered when Nuts gave 21 roses boquet .
21st Gift :
 Where is the gift ..Priya called Rishab ...
Ferrari stopped infront of him like a daze ..
Ram gasped :OH My ..How you got  it .. how come ..
Priya:Shhh ing his lips ..come on take me to Rosy resorts . Its almost 45mins journey from here .come on .Rishab gave the keys ...
Ram : Taking the steering in his control he was driving very casually , he asked her how.. how you managed this ..
Priya:Replied I am The Ram Kapoor's wife .. Can do anything moving her hands animatedly ..
Ram :Come on yaar .. tell me
Priya:shhh okk , Vikram bhai has arranged for it. when I asked him, he said he knows the dealer so we talked with him paid for one day so now it is ours ..come on you drive like Ferrari ..she smiled again ..They reached the resorts with in 30 mins ..It is abit  far away from Mumbai but near to Kapoor mansion .
22nd Gift :
Ram while stepping each ,He remembered his college days .When they were entering  a Cosy resturent one waiter gave 22 roses bouquet.Smilingly wished him "Happy Birthday Sir ".When he realized Priya dragged him to the corner table ,which was famishly decorated .It's a couple table , designed in love shape , two candles were lighted ,rest was glittering with dim light.From there they could view children's swimming pool .He was mesmerized. They sat comfortably. Before Ram could question her , One waiter arranged for Champagne and he brought orange juice for Priya .She said "Happy Birthday Ram" cheering the glass with him.
He was smiling away to glory ,thinking how much she could have planned for all these with in the time period , Priya nudged him , why you are not having it .
Ram:Nothing , when I wanted to be cosy with you in our room you said No ,Then why you arranged the dinner at this Rosy cosy restaurant .
Priya : Because, this is your favourite place ,so I don't have any intentions to be cosy ..her voice dipped slow while speaking last words.
Ram:How you can say this is my favourite place.
Priya: (Disbelievingly)This is not your favourite place ,but Vikram bhai said that... a tinge of teary line appeared in Priya's doe eyes before she completed the sentence as well as tears .
Ram quipped areyyy baba ,I am just kidding ,side hugging her .Its my favourite place when we were at college .I really missed this place ,after these many years I am back here .All my parties with friends, dances with girlfriends remencing in my brain, winking at her .
Priya  wiping a teary drop from her eye that was about to fall, poked his stomach with her elbow .You na.
She ordered all his favourites and her favourties too .
Infront of him ,Aloo parantha , Chiken 65 , Grilled Chicken Parmesan,Prawns fry ,Paneer butter masala , 2 pulkas ,veg soup .It looks yummy.Rubbing his hands he attacked the food .Taking one bite of the chicken piece he closed his eyes relishing it , Priya who was about to tear the piece of pulka , she just gazed at her man,.he was relishing his food , she smiled seeing him,.They happily dined ,Dessert is missing he chided ,Nooo Its not priya answered ,that is waiting for you in KM..While coming back to Kapoor mansion he asked her I am waiting for the rest of the gifts .
How do you know there are more gifts Priya suspiciously looked at him knotting her eyebrow.
Ram::Now don't look at me like Hitler ,giving a killer smile , I guess if i am correct you are about to give two more gifts,
Priya : she appreciated her man in her heart for guessing , she mimed ,just smiled ,by the way which one you like most in this .
Ram: This Ferrari drive ..
Priya :hmm her face turned into a tinge of sad ,our ..
Ram:Don't think I liked this Ferarri drive because of It's cost , I know this is the expensive gift you have given today , but sitting beside my selfless lover , my partner , what more can I like ,he winked at her.
Priya amazed how this man could understand her inner thoughts . Broking her thoughts he further spoke each and every gift is my favourite and what I missed all those years , and a broad grin appeared on my face while seeing eachone actually the smile is afraid of letting go away from my lips .I love you so much .And every gift is so simple , so precious like you .
With their chit chatting .. they reached Kapoor mansion ..Both were tired. He freshened up ,wearing a white kurtha he came back to their green room.
23rd Gift :
There was a 23 flowers bouquet lying on the bed ,when he was about to keep it on table ,Priya entered with a box ,She gave it to him ,His eyes glittered seeing the gazar ka halwa ,on the top ,it has written "I LOVE YOU" .
[From writer :That was prepared by my own hands ..Its not onlly for Ram,I have made it for you too guys..Hope you like it .That tastes yummy Wink]
Priya:I hope you liked the desert winking at him , seeing his expression she went to change .

He is enjoying the halwa,she came out wearing her night dress freshly bathed ,Ram was surprised "Why you have taken bath again "
Priya;Again matlab .
Ram: If Iam correct you have taken bath in the evening too na..
Priya:Blushing ..Ha wo tho hai ,But I came from spa at that time so I took bath now we went out na feeling tired so biting her lower lip .
Priya:Of course to pamper myself ,raised her head to see his intense gaze on her lips .
Ram:Taking a spoon of halwa ,He placed his lips on her with the sudden effect she lost her balance ,But her man snaked her waist before she slipped ,He clutched his kurtha tightly in the fear of fall .But Thanks to his large frame , he easily took over her ,Crushing her petite frame in his ,angling her head to his motion ,He slipped his tongue into her , tasting the halwa with her ,he engulfed her completely ,His tongue was dancing with her's , she was totally lost in her man ,his kiss ,his love .. When they heard  a knock on the door she pushed him ,He held her back and in the fierce moment he kissed her again ,They heard bang on the door.So he had to go ,he left her biting her lips one last time ,Apeksha entered huffing for breath ..
Seeing her ,Ram concernly asked what happened?"Nuts is calling  you .
Priya shyed away seeing her bruised lips.she turned the other side she asked him to go and check what's the matter.Its 11'o clock what is the need of me at this time,with this thought  he left from there . Priya bolting the door quickly , she sighed and quickly started her Plan.
Ram reached after 30 mins ,Natasha rang Priya ..
Priya :Yes Nuts, what happened ,
Nuts: Bhabhi we tried to stop him but he is coming to your room ,Hope you are ready with your secret gift .
Priya:Oh ,he is on the way ..oKK its going to end ..will call you tomorrow she disconnected.
She made last minute changes .. When he entered the room ,It was filled with darkness ,He called Priya ,Bolting the door ,He marched three steps ..The room corners ,and their bedside filled with Candles ,Inhaling that aroma ,he gazed at their room ..He could hear the soft and slow music ..
His lips curved into a smile , he called her again but there is no sign of her ,When he reached the bed ,he found it decorated with a love symbol with flowerpetals .The bed sheet was also changed to his favorite velvet colour. He gazed at the bed side found a glass of milk Now his impatience  increased .He wanted to check the washroom ,His eyes captured all his gifts neatly arranged on the table , he touched those with a smile on his face ,She smiled seeing him .Her watch showed 11.55 she entered from the balcony bolting the door.Hearing the click sound he turned to see her  ,her anklets making chun chun sound, her pleats dancing with grace ,her waist folded in tempting way , her hands holding a red roses bouquet, ,her hairs curled fully ,lying on her left side of chest,her  sleevless blouse with netted white saree she was looking seductive,Her neck adorned with black beads ,Her jhumkas matched with her footsteps ,Her lips sealed with a smile ,toned with a light pink lip balm,Her nose stud makes her more beautiful ,her eyes neatly lined with kohl,her forehead marked with a glitter bindi , her maang filled with sindhoor..He moved towards her  like magnet .
Ram :Ye sab ..
24th Gift:
Priya:Knelt down infront of him ,Giving him the 24 red roses bouquet to him.
Ram :Miming a thank you .
Priya: I know you must be wondering what might be the next gift ,why she is giving flowers each time , of course your guess is absolutely correct ,for each hour I gave one gift .with flowers , flowers were increasing in number as the time and hour was changing ,It reminds you ,You are getting older with each passing hour but my love is for you increasing with each passing second. I love you so much ,I can do anything for you ,I may not  give you expensive gifts," both smiled  gazing at each other .
Ram: But I like these simpler gifts like you .I loved all of them gazing at the gifts .
Priya: "After our marriage ,slowly I realized the importance of Love because of you .I have always dreamt of Raj kumar ,who will come riding a horse ..But my Raj kumar came in a BMW car to reach me.He don't have a mahal,But he has a big heart ,That is just filled with love .I hope in that my share is more than anyone else .Don't know properly ",her eyes smoldering with tears in that she smiled winking at him .
May I be the honour of your 24th Gift ,stretching her hands still kneeling down ,Your last gift is "MySelf" Rammm...
He was stunned ,he slowly knelt down infront of her ,She nodded her head to hug her.He hugged her , her soft hands snaking him in her embrace ,He mimed "I love you" .
Priya: "Ram do you like this Gift? I will be there with you until my last birth .Whenever I fight with you or sulking with you ,please pamper me and hug me.Dont get angry on me anytime,If I do something wrong ,please do correct my mistake",tears slipped frome her eyes. "I want to spend my life with you including mini seconds,I don't wanna miss you but I am missing you daily ,I want to see you playing with our kids, I want to give you loads of happiness .I wanna hug you , I wanna be with you ,I wanna kiss you , I wanna make love to you , I wanna share everything with you .Can you kiss my every inch of body with your lips ,Can you make me yours .I won't object for anything today .Will you "?? she asked hugging him more tightly ..
He stood up making her stand on his own feet .He lifted her ,slowly made her lie down on the bed ,She turned to the other side with shyness.His hand hovered on her bareback which was exposing till low ,he slowly glided his fingers all over her back making her ticklish .she closed her eyes, he opened her dhori ,he kissed her back making her shver ,he kissed her earlobe ,she trembled ,he nibbled her earlobe,She couldn't take anymore and hugged him tightly .After sometime their clothes were lying on the floor .Their bodies mingling on the bed.He was making her wish come true , His lips were hovouring with kisses on her each inch .He started with her feet ,then her legs ,thighs , waist ,stomach ,than her round curves ,he has spent his own time there making her swirl with his each bite on her curves,He nibbled her neck ,he landed on her lips . Her chest is thuddering beside her ribs , when he filled her with him,She was lost in him , her eyes half brooded with his sensation all over her .Her legs trembling ,she felt the crackling sensation inside her , his ministartions were getting hard .She released her orgasm It filled with him ,he reached his climax ,landing on her bossom nibbling it lightly .
"That was just awesome baby ..I loved this 24th Gift very much .Love you .Each and every gift is filled with your love and simplicity" .Kissing her neck again ,he said to her "this Birthday is seriously most memorable day with memorable gifts .I love you Priya .She ruffled his hair, kissing him in his hairs .She wished him Happy birthday again.The lovebirds cuddles and slept in their nest

PART-58 Sirf Meri Ho


The next day Ram asked her to get into the car quickly "I will drop you at college and will go to the office" .
Priya was already prepared for it , she likes to go with him but right now she has so many plans for her man's bday ,So she said "Ram woh Neel is coming here , she has some work we will go in her car .
"Are you sure?" Ram asked her concernedly ."Ha baba sure" Priya said him .Kissing her cheek he went out .At the entrance he met Neel .
Ram :Good morning Neel ..
Neel: Good morning Ram , How are you?
Ram: I am fine by the way what is that important work with my wife?
Neel: Now she was confused, "Sorry, Come again" .
By then Priya called her , Ram bid bye to her .Priya almost dragged her inside the room."Did you say anything to him."
Neel: Haa I told ..
Priya: What???
Neel: Chill yaar , I said Good morning ,your husband asked "what is that important work with my wife .."By then you called me Nooo you dragged me making a grumpy face .
Priya:Are yaar chodo na ..Pleaseee ...Did principal give an off to you .
Neel : Noo...
Priya:Then how come we will go for shopping .
Neel: Yaar ,Its not your problem whether she has given off or not .Today she will come to know "Neel hasn't come "She laughed softly .. Hearing that priya too chuckled "Thu kabhi nahi sudhregi" ..
Priya & Neel both went for shopping .It was almost 2pm but still Priya hasn't liked any thing ;
Neel: making huff sound she sat in one of the chairs, Priyuuu kya yaar , Take something na .You are making me roam entire Mumbai .God only knows how Ram Kapoor is dealing with you.
Priya: Hitting her arm lightly , Neel It should be simple and unique , you were showing all expensive and fashionable ones.
Neel:Yaar ,I am showing in your budget only ,About fashion uff Men likes new fashions and that too you are gifting to The Ram Kapoor ,  aisa hona chahiye na .
Priya: Too sat beside her. She became sad, "after searching so many shops also I didn't like anything ,Neel It should be unique like him , if he is The Ram kapoor for world, for me he is my husband .
Neel: Holding Priya's palms , Awww my Priyuuu don't be sad , come lets go to another shop if not then I will show you others too ..come come lets eat something then will start for other .
They had their lunch. At last finally they got what they want .Priya's happiness had no bounds ..Awww I got it ,I got it she squealed with joy hugging Neel tightly . Rest of the shopping she finished and bid bye to Neel and was back in Kapoor mansion by 7 pm .By that time Ram has reached and called her but asusaul madam hasn't attended the call .
Priya kept the bags in Nuts room ,she sprinted to her room ,she was too tired by now ,She lazily lied on the bed .
Ram was in balcony talking with someone but he saw her when she was entering the room . After few seconds he came to her. By seeing her face he very well understood how tired she was. When she inahaled his fragrance ,  she opened her eyes .. Smile danced on her lips seeing him.He kissed her forehead .
Where were you sweety ? How many times I called you ?
Priya:ohh sorry ,, It's in silent mode ,I was out with Neel,I told you na in the morning ,It was extended till now.
Ram:Ok .. If you are tired  you could tell her and you people change the plan to someother time.
Priya:No no ,That's an important work .
Ram:Achha ...Taking her legs in his lap.
Priya:W.wh..What are you doing Mr.Kapoor !!
Ram : Hmm smirking at her , He slowly lifted her saree up  until it reached below her knees, smoothly started pressing her calf muscles ,She was gazing at him intently , His eyes met with her ,a sweet eye lock happened .Ab kaisa hai ...
Priya:Theek hai .She mouthed him Thank you when her eyes were pouring love for him .He smiled unconditionally .She took his face in her palms kissed his cheek telling I love you .
The next day too they bunked the college ,Neel was helping Priya to make her plan work out .
Neel: Priyu want coffee .
Priya:She glared at her ,first don't call me like that , second what Iam doing ,my hands are filled with this and how I will drink it .
Neel:As your wish thought of making Romantic coffe for you .Chill .
Priya:Romantic coffe matlab ..
Nel :Showing the sugar cubes ,which were having letters , she slowly made dip R ,A ,M letters sugar cubes in it ..See this is Romantic coffe ..
Priya:Laughed ...Neel made her drink the coffe .while she working on her gift .It took almost 6 hours time,and the result is so beautiful
Neel :pondered priyuuu . that was simply beautiful ..
 with a satisfy smile She reached  Km .
It took almost 6 hours time,and the result was so beautiful.With a satisfied smile she reached  KM.
The days went on with a busy schedule for Priya .Ram was observing her but didn't say anything to her .
Then the day has come .As Priya instructed, Vikram has kept Ram busy all the three days not even giving hint to him about the birthday party . Rishab planned some anthyakshari programme after the dinner , Nuts ,Ape ,Neha ,Vikram were seated,They dragged Ram also to the group . Krishna ji and dadi were asleep and Priya went with them .
All were enjoying the anthyakshari suddenly electricity was gone . Ram very well knows that Priya is scared of darkness . He said guys please ek min and rushed to their room . When he entered the room flower petals showered on him .He looked at the side Priya was showering flower petals ,singing Happy birthday to you ,Happy birthday to you ,Happy birthday dear Ram .She had a teary line while singing the song .He took her in his embrace hushed in her ear "Thank you " She kissed lightly on his lips and wished "Happy birthday Ram".
1st Gift :
She handed a small gift to him .It was  wrapped in a yellow gift wrapper with a red rose on it .She clapped and every one came and wished him .He opened the pack and found a beautiful Ganesha.
Ape squeled Bhabhi this is so beautiful ,for making this small idol you sat for almost 6 hours kya??Ram gazed at her .Neha dragged Vikram ,I told you na about this only ...Ram's eyes were on her ,he mouthed Thank you ,Its beautiful .
Priya: "Do you like it? "
Ram : "I loved it" ,side hugging her .
Nuts: But why this is first then the cake .
Priya: Because Lord Ganesha is lord of success as well as who worships him he will remove all obstacles in their life ,so usually if we start any work our first priority goes to Lord Ganesha. 
Turning to Ram
 "I wish every success comes to you in your life with out any obstacles and palming the Ganeh idol ,placing in his pam and he will bring you all success .

[P.s:He doesn't have any allergic to flowers in my Ff.]
2nd Gift:
They all surrounded the table which Priya decorated for her man's birthday .The table filled with Chrysanthemum petals, in between she splattered red rose petals in love shape.In between that she placed clairs cake made by her own hands . Beside the cake there were 2 red roses .
He cut the cake ,fed to priya ,all were clicking the pictures ,having gala time ,smearing the cake on Ram's and Priyas' faces. They enjoyed fully then everyone left to their rooms. Ram changed and came ,Priya went to change ,Ram setting his side bed found a gift wrap along with 3 red roses.

3rd Gift:
He opened the wrap ,It was a hand made peacock feathery handfan .When he opened it he was astonished seeing the print on each feather .It was so so beautiful and lovely .His eyes were glittering with an unknown sparkle .Priya was watching him from the door of washroom.She smiled in her heart seeing his happy face (and the gift is like in this picture) .When he is admiring it she handed a small box which was covered with beautiful stones on it  with 4 red roses .This is so beautiful Priya ,how you did it still gazing at the hand fan .
Priya: You liked it na ,whenever Iam away from you , this hand fan will remind you that am always there with you while its each passing breeze remembers you ,I am there in your every heartbeat .Please open this na ...

4th Gift :
He opened  the latch of box ,he found a beautiful yet elegant Key chain ,He took the key chain in his hands ,observing the antiqueness of the piece .His eyes smiled seeing a rice grain implanted in the middle of the love symbol ,which was written "RamPriya " .
She was observing every of his move ,his feelings and his expressions .
This is so beautiful like You Priya .This is so so beautiful ..I love you kissing her forehead .
She gave 5 red roses this time with a small triangular shaped gift.

5th Gift :
Ram: aur kithne hai yaar..
Priya:Why don't you count your self .
Ram:Ye phool ka kya chakkar hai yaar .keeping the flowers aside ,eagerly opening the gift ,he almost ripped it .
Priya : Dheere se Mr.Kapoor .keeping her hand on his shoulder biting her nail seeing his enthusiasm.
Ram: Arey zindagi mein pehale baar kisi ne muzhe pyaar se pyaare gifts diye tho mani kaise dheere se open karoon?? .He opened it found a branded blue colour tie which fits for all of his suits .
He twirled to her side , which in turn made her hand fall off from his shoulder , she made a sound "Ouch "; That hurts Mr.Kapoor ..
Ram: Awww iam sorry , kissing her hand , how do you know I like this color and this brand .
Priya : ACP Pradyuman here , will know like this ,making a rap with her fingers infront of his face .
Ram: "Achha so this ACP Pradyuman will serve hot to me tonight" leaning on her to kiss her .They heard the tiny baby boy cry from the down stairs .She smilingly said to him "See my new lover must be missing me ,I will meet him and come" winking at him.He smiled & left her .She gave another gift it was wrapped in golden colour gift paper with 6 red roses and went down stairs .
6th gift :
While Priya was near Nuts bedroom , by that time the boy stopped his cry so she came back to their room.He opened the gift and it was a photo frame ,all his photos right from the birth were arranged in that . She made it as a collage ,down the line it had writing with Love [Mrs.Priya Ram Kapoor].Palming her letters his eyes moistened ,how much she loves me ,at the time she entered the room yawning so pleasantly.

Priya :She quickly walked to him, with her magnetic eyes she asked him ,"Do you like it "
Of course I loved it sweety but how did you get all these I mean how you did .
Priya : Its just I got it ,thoda sa hardwork karna pada but seeing your happiness ,I forgot all that hardwork Ram, I love you , Happy birthday ..
He embraced her in his hug ,she is too tired , her yawns are well enough to know how much she is sleepy , Aapko acche lage na gifts ,her words mimed some inaudible talk with her sleep.He made her sleep straight on the bed, kissing her cheek he too slept with her .
The clock struck 6.30 in the morning .Nuts knocked the door ,the door was ajar so she pushed the door with her leg , she entered the sleepy room of ever loving couple.
Ram's face was clearly visible to Nuts as he was sleeping facing the door and Priya's hand has possessively snaked her husband's waist while hiding her face in his back in her sugary sleep .
Nuts wished for their happiness forever ,she called them aloud wishing "Goodmorning Bhai and Bhabhi" .. Both startled and woke up with a start ,
Good Morning choti ,Ye kya tarika hai uthane ke liye .. he yelled at her turning Priya's side to gaze at her .
Nuts was baffled to see this ...
Aww kithna pyaare lagthe hai ye dono .
Good morning Priya ..
Priya:Good morning , Happy birthday ,hugging him ,why you are shouting at choti morning morning ..
Ram:broke the hug ,"otherwise see how she yelled at in my ears "..
Priya:Please aaj aapka birthday hai ,maaf kardo na..he smiled ..
Nuts: coughed indicating that she is there in the room .Priya got up from the bed so did Ram. Nuts placing the tray on the table ,have it and come down soon ,winking at Priya she vanished from there.
7th Gift :
Ram : Taking the coffe , he looked at the side there were 7 roses with a gift pack,He gazed at her .she side gazed telling I will freshen up ..He opened the gift and  found a cream color kurtha with a note .I want to see my Golu in this outfit "He chuckled seeing it , when she came from the wash room ,Krishna ji called her , she went downstairs to check on the preparations .Ram took bath and he wore the kurtha .He was looking so dashing [like this he is ]

Rishab entered calling Bhai ,He gave a 8 red roses clasp and a box of chocolates .
8th Gift :
Ram: I am not your bhabhi to get impressed with your chocolates .At the same time Priya entered and she was looking at him and adoring him with her eyes ,
Rishab:I bet you will love this ,after all Priya bhabhi ka choosing hai na, when you wore Nuts desgned kurtha why won't you be impressed with my gift ,kholo kholo Rishab chided him.
Ram:Opening his gift ,gazed at Priya ,she was waiting eagerly , Rishab got a call ,he went to balcony to talk ,he opened it to baffle ,His own favourite Perk chocolates were there .He used to have it like hell in his childhood ,all varieties of perk chocolates were there .

Ram:How did you found all these ,I mean ,how do you know that ..his words were pausing in between ...
Rishab: I told you na you will be impressed Bhai ...Come come there are more surprises waiting for you come he dragged Ram to the breakfast table.
9th Gift :
Ram took the blessings from Dadi and Krishna ji ,They blessed him with all health and wealth. Krishnajji gave 9red roses and a bowl of kheer .
Ram told to priya many times he likes to have kheer from his mother hands on his birthday , without that he usually hasn't gone to play in his child hood . After these many years Its coming true again and he wished the time would freeze over here itself .
Ape served him a plate as well as kept 10 red roses on the table.
10th Gift :
His mouth watered seeing aloo paranthas and his eyes moistened seeing Happy birthday on that parantha with a smiley on it . Apeksha Hified with priya .
He relished them saying yummy .. He ate them as a 4 year kid licking his fingers he asked very cutely "aur ek milega kya?",Every one smiled hearing it ,Priya very gently placed a parantha in his plate giving an assuring smile .
Ram: Thank you so much ...He attacked the another and everyone teased Priya that she isn't telling diet rules today .Both bid bye to the family .
When he was about to step outside Priya stopped his track and gave him 11 roses ,He asked where is the Gift ,She smiled and pointed to the floor .
11th Gift:
He stepped outside what might be this gift , His lips broadly grinned seeing the Rangoli infront of their home written on top of it "Happy B'day Ram "
He clicked some of the pics immediately ,amused by her each wish he asked her , when on earth you did this .
Priya smiled merrily "early in the morning 5 or 5.30 ,come on Ram we are getting late" she dragged him to their parking area .They both started, he asked her where ,she silently gave him directions with out telling him .
When they reached a place she said him to stop .Handing him 12 roses she said wait for her gift .Both walked to the temple which was very small and it was surrounded by some small rooms.The priest did the prayer on the name of Ram .
She signaled them to come out of from the sides ..
12th Gift :
The kids all ran to the temple area singing the b'day song clapping and they sung the total song .Ram was baffled ,one of the cute girl came and gave a greeting card which was designed by the kids ,They have written Happy birthday Ram uncle.Soon their warden came and introduced herself and the institution, that the institution was running very well but recent fire accident left them with ashes , so now they are living here as one of the owners have given permission to run this orphanage .Ram who was moved by her motivation gave a huge donation to the warden there itself to develop the orphanage .
She blessed Ram and Priya . Ram asked her , how can one make  surprise me each time .

P.S:This became almost 7 word pages so I will give you the next 12 in another update .Until then keep guessing what are those .How you feel this part ,please post your views and which gift do you like most in the 12 ...will be waiting for your views ..Please post which gift you like the most till now..