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RAYA-OS - A Gift

Hiii my choti si pyarri gudiya '..This is not fair yaar ..
We don't knew your birthday and see when we came to knew it was almsost getting over ..
Love you baby and you have a good heart that you will voice the positive and negitive eqaully .
Sorry for not contacting you earlier .i could have given you surprise gift ..
Not late ever ..Just tried a bit for you just for you baby ..hope you like it ..
 By ..Girija&Neel
A Gift ..
Priyaaa  a shrill voice ecohed in Km..
She almost flunged towards the voice..There her man standing all decked up in black suit and awww looking soo handsome and dashing..
Hmmm she was dressed in aqua blue saree adorned diamond ear rings and necklace .
She walked back towards the changing room trying to control her pounding heart against to her ribs .
She sooo wanted to run in to those strong arms'But she sustained her self'
Ram "arey what happen " Isn't she ready yet ..He thought and followed her ..
And while walking he was so lost in her swaying hips ..Ohmy  he wants to hug her tightly and crush into his arms'But they have to attend the party ..It is very very important ..
But his hitler not yet ready for party and his nerves became weak by seeing her in this attire..
She was just gorgeous and mindbowing ..His hands reachd her waist ..she snapped him.
Why you are yelling ?
Oh mai'.he lost in her magical eyes..which she is applying kajal ..
What are you looking at Mr.Tiger'
A small grin appered on his face ,Nothing just looking at Mr.Tigress  sexy eyes.
She blushed 'her eyelashes went down ..He placed a gentle kiss on her closed eyes.
She breathed his cologne and he lost in her beauty '
His phone beeped 'They were back to their selfs.
Shall we ..He streched his hand to her ..Her hand kissed his hand they walked slowly that the entire Km wished them happy life..Their frgrance surrounded the air and their smiles filled up in the Km..
They walked away bidding bye to the family ..They enterd the party which was arranged by the leading business man Mr.Chopra .He welcomed them warmly .
Spotlight passed on the couples . Priya walked  past to the pary area the spotlight showing on her .
She is walking like a graceful peacock and everyone staring at her 'Her smile is making everyone go mad.His intense eyes not leaving her .She is talking to Mrs.Chopra and searching for her handsome.
Ohhh where is he'Still searching and atlast she found him swaying good steps with a  slim girl ..
Hmm she grinned and walked towards them'
Ram slowly spinning that slim girl step by step not to hurt her or not to step on her smoothfeet ..
Priya steeped in between 'Lil girl May I dance with my handsomehusband '
Madam aap..yahaaa!!!!
Anjali tum yahaaa'.they hugged each other 'Aftersoo long time we met ..where are you working mam..
And Ram sir is your husband ..OhMYgod ohmygod..yah mam you can dancewith him..He is all yours ..
She was about to turn..Mr.Chopra came and asked ohh sorry Priya ji..did my naughty girl troubled you ..
Noo noo not at all Mr.Chopra'By the way '
Oh I forget to introduce ..She is my sweet lil girl ANJALI'.my niece came for holidays and today is her specil day also'.
Matlab Ram asked innocently ,,,,,
Mr.Chopra said its her birthday 'celebrating with this event 'That's it ..
Ram &Priya said together .."Many more happy returns of the day lil girl "
Priya hugged her and wished her ..Than Anjali blowd the candles ,cut the cake enjoyed the party ..
Ram & Priya bid them bye started to their home.Priya closed her eyes smiling to herself while remembering his dance with the girl ..He wants to make her jelous but he chosen lil girl ..Thats why she is keep on smiling ..He stopped the car ..When she opend her eyes she found they reachd to the beach ..
Cool breeze touched her face ..He opened the door for her ..She got down to knw that he stopped the car near to the bech ..her legs touched the cool sand and ice water ..she thrilled felt goosebumps all over her ..and he leada her to abig rock..He sat on that Rock invited her in his lap .
She just lay down on his chest enjoying the beauty of sunset and the waves are touching theie legs ..
Her legs entwined with him .His foot is carresing her tender skin of her leg and she is enjoying the bliss ..
He turned her face to him , she looked at him ..his gaze is killing her ..His lips brushed her cheek than jaw her lips trembled  to say something ..But his warm lips tucked her lips in him ..savouring her flavour in each corner ..his arms posesively hugged her waist pulled her closer 'The moon hide away from their view ..Darkness covered their intense kiss '

RAYA-OS Surprise

Special OS :Just for you Subu darling ...
Make a wish and blow the candles ...

The sound made Priya tilt her head to otherside ,And ends up in her handsome hunks crook of the neck.He nuzzled her ear"Good morning Honey"
She said "Good Morning?

Why you are up early? Nuzzling along her chin line ?..A lopsided grin appeared on his face while asking this question .
Crossing his index finger around her  cheek sliding down to  chin.
She blushed at this answered "The sounds made me "

Which sounds ,both looked at the window ,The view amazed them .
Their beautiful garden covered with multi species of colourful flowers splashing in the rain ..
A strong thunder hit the sky and the raindrops kissed the window roughly .
The horrified sound make Priya tightens her grip on him more tightly ..
He securedly holds her ,ravishing her beauty with his lips ..

Priya "Ouchh plzzz she protested " when his teeth marked on her neck.
Kya plzzz "Priya...see ekdum khoobsurath weather and outside is soo cool and inside you are hot ..why you are stopping me... Again kisses her cheek ..

Oh don't tell You forgot she is coming today..
" you should knew Im The Ramkapoor I haven't forgot but at this time plzz don't stop me by occupying her ...

Plzzz priya  puased his action ,you knew she is younger! Ram stopped her Oh Priya  her flight is in the evening and I myself will pick her up from the airport...
Now don't spoil my mood ...Bringing her closer to him ..Hugged her tightly ..
I love you he murmured in her ear while nibbling it ..

She kissed him endlessly and his hands roamed all over her body aimlessly.
Her body responded to his actions and she struggled to get same phace for his ministartions.
Her toes turned inwardly  his hands covered her mounds both were fitted in a perfect posture.
The rain stopped slowly and their rhythm came to end ...

Drenched in severe sweat, slept with contented smiles on their faces .
The sun rays ached in Rams eyes .He stirred in his sleep to avoid the bright sunlight.
Her hair was messy it jamed in his fingers ..He slowly opend his eyes to see her ..
She curled like a ball ,cuddled him tightly ,her head on his arm ,sleeping like a kid .

He kissed her forehead ...Got up from the bed wearing his kurtha he walked to the balcony .
After sometime our princess got up from her sugary sleep ,not finding her husband beside her she rushed out wearing her night robe ...She found him in the balcony..
The sun is brightening with his rays , slowly drizzling out there her handsome stood there enjoying ..

Feeling the flowers by touching them ...some he is trying to relieve dewdrops from the flowers..
He felt her presence without turning to herside ...
Isnt it beautiful .. the sunrays sametime this slight drizzling ...
His face welcoming the small drops and streched his hands out there ..
Her lips carved in a big grin seeing her big boy enjoying this dew drops from drizzling.
She walked slowly into his open arms , he securedly covered her up ..
Yah its beautiful to see my husband like this ..
"like what " he questioned ..

Hmm[Pulling his cheeks] like this my cute "Pumpkin " playing in the rain  with the beautiful flowers..
Phir se "Mota" kaha ?
When ...I didnt  ?? she said hiding her smile..
So If I'm  "Pumpkin " matlab what you are ..."Tomato " kya?
She smiled at him "Very funny "
What happen ..If you are not Tomato why you are cheeks will turn into Tomato colour when i ...
she closed his mouth with her hand he kissed her hand instantly ...
She withdrew the same speed..He winked at her ..
I feel like eat you up ..Plzz she lowered her eyes and she isnt unable to look in his eyes ..
His shrill ring of his phone brought them to this world ...

Both smiled at seeing the caller ID...
Jijajiii ...Good morning ...
He closed one of his eye and ear ...keep the phone a bit distance from his ear ...
Ha Good morning sweety ..Kya bath hai .. !
You coming to airport right ..She sounded so happily ...
HmmRam spoke, a small problem sweety ... You knew I caught up with an urgent meeting ..
when priya tries to tell something ..He makes her pause...
So im sending Ganesh driver to receive you ..Ok baby ..
He heard a sad sigh from that side ...He chukled listening to it ...
She disconnected the call murmured under her breath ..Noone remembers this day ..
Even Priya di tooo and I have a meeting etc etc he told ...
she decided to give them earfull when she reached kapoor mansion.
She is packing her things to go to mumbai ...soon she reached airport boarded the flight ...
She is beaming with joy after a year she is going to meet her di and jejaji...
After Priya di marrige she hardly get time to meet them and now its going to be a year ...
She finally cleared her B.Tech last year exams ,got plenty of holidays to enjoy with her sister and Jijaji.She so wanted to fly ...She very well knew their marrige is arranged marrige ..
Initially her sister used to tell how it is different from our locality and culture and Mainly to bear Her Jijaji's anger ...But after fewdays they bond up soo nicely and called by everyone made for each other .. She soo wanted to see them and blissfulness of being a businessman's saaliji..
She giggled at her thoughts and slept ...Bu t before closing her eyes [Rofls] the flight landed in mumbai ...[it's just 90 mins journey ]
She walked ...reading all placards one by one .. she wanted to dial The Ram kapoor number ..
But A pair of  warm strong hands scooped her in his arms and hugged her ...Telling "Welcome to Mumbai "
OMG ...Goshhh she almost fainted to see her Jijaji in that too in most handsome suit  ...
He is grinning ear to ear ...Forwarded his hand to her ...
She slid her slim palm in his gave side hug ...
Shall we gooo ...
You said you have a meeting ...
Hmm Common sweety how come i will miss your arrival ..Its a surprise...She looked over his back ... For her sister ..
Hmm she don't knew that Iam coming hear to pick you up ...Will give her a  surprise..
Oh sure..she gave hi5 to him ... Drove to kapoor mansion ..
Soon they reached the kappor mansion ...
He called her out Priya ..Priya ...
Bansikaka came ...told him ,sir !mam went to Temple she will be here at anymoment ..
Sweety ...Showing a room...this is your room ... make yourself comfortable ..after shower ,hover come to our room showing the upstairs ...
She took bath ,got ready in her usaul outfit ...Looking simple yet beautiful ...
She went to their room jumping ..singing hoping her Priya di will be home soon...
When she entered the room ... She was awstruck with the view ...
That room was elegant and decorated with red aroma candles in corners ...
And she heard the song ..

Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday me dear "Subuuu"
Happy birthday to you ...
May god bless to you ...

The song continued till she reachd the middle of tthe room there Ram and Priya were waiting for her with a beautiful love shaped small cake ..They are waiting for subu like this ,...

Priya hugged her ..wished
"Many happy returns of the day "Subu" May god bless you .
Ram also wished her giving a chotasa b'day gift to her ..
Neha and vikram joined there ..
Priya introduces subu to them..
Neha ..This is subu my ladli choti behan ...studying Btech in Hyderabad ..
She came here to visit us and today is her birthday we wanted to give her surprice..
Here it is ..
They made subu cut the cake and showered with gifts ..
Subu gt tears while seeing their  love and affection ..How foolishly she thought they forgot her birthday ..
Subu how are you feeling ...
you should fill this gap ...
After sometime ...Subu dancing with Priya ..
Priya felt giddiness and sat on a chair ... Ram rushed to call the doctor .
But Priya called him back telling no need of it ...
It's a good news ... My lil sister entered in the home .. and brought the happiness ..Blushingly she said
"You are going to be Papa soon"
Ohhh ... What ??? What you told ..Papa you mean ...
Im ..You are going to be mother ..
All were happy hearing the news .They enjoyed the dinner ...And retired to the night ...

Hopefully you like my small one shot story on your birthday ...
I knew how much you like stories especially RAYA's ..Here is littile surprise on your birthday..
Hello dear readers ...plz do comment on this and wish her on this special day ..
Thank you soo much ..

Plz wish this charming girl on her b'day ..and leave the comments ..

RAYA OS-Reunion

Haiii ...Thoda sa romantic hai ..sooo plz only above 18 years ..Lol ...
I can'y able to be online much time .. will deffo come later ..Thank you ..
Viji This is for you ...Happy marrige anniversary ..


Bade achhae lagte hai Ek nayi shuruat...
Happy valentines day for All Balh viewers hai na!!!

Mrs. Kapoor , By his sweet call,She held his hand in her walked out of Kapoormansion.
Walking on the road ...
Mr.Kapoor i felt always valentines day celebrates love it for only that day but the actual thing i realized today is ,Its way of expressive on the very loveableday.
He smiled at her .. Ha ye bath bi sahi hai Mrs.Kapoor.
Its very special day for us and for our reunion [and for our viewers, Poor fans are waiting for this so eagerly ]
He pulled her .. she neared him resting her head on his shoulder , they walked to the nearest kulfi stall .. Ate one kulfi and left to sharma house.
She packed all things of Pehu and Hers ,left to Priya's apartment [some how i didnt like this nevik's house idea but happy until raya were together]
Ram ,Priya &Peehu entered in the house .. He sat on the sofa with peehu ..
Priya kept the bags inside brought water to them ...Peehu slept on his chest while he patting his back .His thoughts were somewhere ..
when priya nudged him ,Mr.Kapoor ,water ...
He was out of thoughts , and found Peehu is fallen asleep ...He smiled at Priya ,who is looking adorably to them ..
He securedly place peehu on bed ,Priya managed to remove her dress without waking her up and changed into her night clothes.
He too changed by tat time..stood in the balcony .. [lol  copied from precap ]
She came and stood by him ..
What you are thinking Mr.Kapoor ...
When my wife wil remmeber my name ...She blushed ..Sorry Ram said sweetly ...
He side hugged her ... She said when i enterd in your life you are THE RAm kapoor ..
Priya even now also Im The Ram kapoor until when you are there with me all my side ..
Their talk disturbed by A  knock on the door ,,,
Priya surprized ...Ram gazed suspiciously who is at this time...
Priya turned to look ..Ram stopped her ..Priya I will check wait
But she is ACP.pradumna na , she too went with him to look who is at this hour ..
When he opend the door surprized to see a young dynamic person who cladly looking great in his business suit .
Sorry to disturb you at this time sir ,But I dont want to miss my chance or to be frank miss my luck sir ..
Can you please allow me inside so that i can talk freely with you ..
Rammm ,priya called him suspiciously ...
Ram asked Mr.Rohit you can come inside..
Priya let out a small sigh that Ram knws this person ..
He sat infront of the couple .. Sir you know I was working hardly to bring out my dads company to the lead ..
Priya gave him water .. He took from her said Thank you madam ..
Ram was lil confused ...
Sir , I knew i was very young I need an advisor for all of my companies ..
Even though at present our company condition is not good but In our last meet you appreciated my efforts ..
As per the news channels ,I heard that You have given your property to ayesha .
If its true ,Sir plz accept my Offer ,He has given one file to Ram ..
Noted as appointed as CEO of Rk group of companies , accompanied by 7 digit number salary , A willa , a car ...
Ram and Priya were shocked to sudden outcome ..
Rohit disturbd sir , You may think im greedy , possesive or hyper ..
watever also sir Im also like you ,Business man i have to be first in organizing things .. If you could join in this company ..
I will be glad and  i can achieve my goal even so easily from your advice ..Sir plz think about it ..
Sir just dont think about salary if you get another opportunity ,I will give 10% of office shares after completing 6 months in my company ..
He was so good at communication and expressing his offer and the demands ..
Ram told him ki sure rohit ,i will call you tomorrow morning .. Sir i will wait for you ..
He gave another box ,It has a key of their new house as well as new car key and advance of his first salary ..
sir if you say yes in the morning with in 10 minutes it will be infront of you.
Good night sir this is my card pla do call me ..He left the house the same speed..
He gazed at Priya ...Her eyes clouded with tears..
He hugged her ..See i told na Priya ,if you are there with me ...Everything has to come to me to search for me ...
She hugged him back ..ha by the way do you knw him
Yes my dear ,he is one of the young business man ...We met many times in the meetings..
So you are going to agree..
Dont you knw my answer ...
Priya laughed at him ..They didnt sleep all that night .The packed all their bags ,when they finishd it was almost 5 'o clock ..
They got ready make peehu get ready and priya cheked the muhurth and all ..
They called Rohit ,to tell yes ...
Rohit himself came to them ...They shifted from here to the newest home ..
It all has taken 2 hours ... Every where Tvand media were showing Flash news ..flash news ..
Ram kapoor joined as CEO of Rk group of companies .. He left his property for his loveble wife priya ram kapoor .
All over the world this news created a havoc in business people ..
Later in the morning they called every kapoor , sharma and neha  family to attend gruh pravesh with them ..
The house warming function taken grandly ..All were seated when they were about to leave Ram said ..
Ma and dadi ...I thought of calling you when im able to live my life again ..
so Now im able to take care of you two like in KM ..Plz be with me and support me .. Everyone cheered of the family left ..
Ram ,s home filled with so many business persons  to ask him join under their group of companies and offered a huge amount to him ..
Rohit lil tensed because one business man offered a large amount that all cant gather worth of his companies..
Ram smiled and got up from the seat ...
called Rohit ...Im proud to be anouncing Im working in RK gruop of companies ..every one baffled and left the place..Rohit smiled and hugged Ram..
[Ok here i want to tel you onething, If such a great business man left his property ,every other businessman tries to catch him to make his business powerfull ,
I knew cv's gonna suck this future track episodes showing these two birds living in chawl or searching for job etc etc ]

Priya too joined back in a college as English professor ..Alooohhh how happy if they could show somthing like this .
They started working ..pampering peehu to the core ..
After 10 days they have settled in their new life well ... Nutz took peehu with her on the weekend ..
Priya was so missing her when Ram came from office ..
He sat beside her in sofa .. whispered in her good evening Jaan ..
She startled and jumped .. Hayyy wat happen ?/ where are you ??
Sorry she said im missing peehu ..
He searchd here & there ,where is she he asked .. she rested her head on his chest ...nutz taken her for the weekend ..
Hayee my baby ithni si bath .. wo toh aajayega na baby by monday morning ..
Haaa but still .. She looked at him ... He looked at her ... Silence spoke many things between them ..
He cupped her face in his hands .. I love you ..
I too love you .. He sealed her lips with his .. she tugged his coat to balance herself..She arched back when his hand possesively touches her waist and the tinglinig sensation on her back .. she sooo wanted him .. she parted her legs ,her tongue mates with  his ..
His shrill ring of phone disturbd the love birds .. He left her .. she gasped for breath .. he took the call and priya went to drink water ..
He followed her on her back.. she knows he is folowing her and controling her heart racing for his need ..
He cuts the call pulled her , she landed on his chest and the water flood on them wit tis movement ..
He enjoyed it ,, sorry i didnt c you were holding the bottle ..
Its ok shhe said ..
Priyaa ... You dont miss peehu today ..
she confused .. "Why " her brows knotted with a hint of sign ...
Because he lifted her up ...Im going to fullfill your miss ness today ...
He placed her on the bed ... crawled on to her ..she sighed ...
Without leaving a sec he kissed her lips ardently again .. His hand posesively running over all her curves and dips ..
He mouthed in her "U are beautiful like ever"
She breathed in him .. U are handsome like ever .
I love you he kissed her lips again to glory .. He discarded her clothes exposing her each inch of skin ..
She too did the same to feel him completely .. His tongue circled on her nape of the neck .. she arched her back , He objectd her .. His tongue travels down to her waist .
she Gasped his name..His lips carved to smile ..
Her husky voice said "Plz" He truned her over ..His lips ass**ted her mounds one by one . He relished the taste after long time.. She tugged at his hair with the need ..
He murmured on he cleavage ..I want to ravish you tonight ...
Who stopped you ..she said in her heavy breathing ..
He gazed at her .. she pulled him to her level kissed him on his liips .. Her hands traveld on his back and pressed him on her ..
His hands never left his  precious place...He nuzzled her ear telling ..I sooo missed this taste when you nursing Peehu ...His hands possesively squeezed her mounds while he telling the sweet nothings in her ear .. They were more baeutiful than this na .. She blushed listening to his comments on that ..
Plzz look at me Priya .. feel me ..when she looked at him ..He licked her on the very spot,Make her wet to the final part of his game ..
She pushed his head more to that and her other curve soo badly needed him .. Mean time His free hand took over that relished squeezing it with similarly  his mouth ministrations to the other one .. Both were sweating badly when he finally placed him in her .. His rhythmic contraction made her womenhood lively to his manlyness ,
They were sailed the love with each giving and taking from the other .. Priya moaned "Rammm""
Plz Priyaaa ...stay like that im almost ... they reached their climax .. He landed on her bossom ,Kissing and nibbling the way ..
You are asusal awesome baby .. She said nothing ..drifted off to sleepp ...

Do you want me to continue next part ..Lol having terrible pain on my injured leg..still wrote for u Neel .. 4 u r happiness..
Hope you liked it ,,I didnt edited ..wil check your comments in the morning ..Ok love you ... stay happy ..

Hayii my friends ...My friend wrote this for me when im in hospital ..Im Dedicating this to Viji on her very special day .. Happy marrige anniversary Armanz ..Hope you like it ..


Hii Gorgeous BALHians I know its shortone but i want to share this thought with you all ..Its a small birthday present on sakshi's Birthday .. Enjoy the day .. and wish our princess with luck & happiness ..Plz wish her on this thread..

"Hame appki madath ki jaroorath hai !!
Plz mai aapke aage hath jhodthi hu!!
Plz meri bachhi ko dund lijiye,
Mai[sobs] mai
manthi hu ki shayd ham se galthi huyi hai !!
lekin mai aapke aage hath jodithu hu plz meri bachhi ko dhoond lijiye "
[Just watch her acting yaar ,mind blowing ]Take a bow lady and live happily ..

Hearing her words,Even the inspector eyes moistend ..
He assured her ,Mam we will start our search right now .
Plz aapne app ko sambhaliye[Plz control your self]
He immediately sent Pehu picture and details to every station ,he himself went for searching .
Ram entwind his hand with her ,Priya control yourself ..
We have to be strong now ,For Peehu's sake ..
Plz come with me and search for her ..
They went to school and from there they were searching each inche for their adorable daughter.
Tring tring ...
Ram's mobile rang ..
He attended the call ,His face went pale ..Turned his direction to bandra road ..
Priya asked him What happen ??Did they found her ??
Is there any news about her ??Plz tell me ,her tears are uncontrolable
They had a news about her but they were not able to find any ??Plz be calm we are going there .
Soon their car reached to the bandra city hospital gates ..
Priya eyes flouded with tears ..
Ram where are we ??why you brought me to the hospital ??
Pe..peehu theek tho hai na ??
He got down he made her to getdown from the car ?
Rammm !!Im asking you only ??His face hung down ??
We have to go ,they all are waiting for us..
Priya followed him in a daze ,she clucthed his arm tightly seeing all the patients ..
He put his arm around her shoulder to comfort her ..
Soon they reached the police ,Where they were waiting for RAYA..
Sir :He is the boy who survived in the accident .
Matlab ??
Ram's face went pale ,He feels that earth is crashing under his feet ,he began to sweating very badly ,his left hand went to support Priya ...But all he feel is empty ...
He quickly glanced at the site .. Priya sliding down dazly supporting the wall ,Her tears are flowing like floud,her eyes became red ,Her body shivers with worst fear of her life ..
She murmurs "This ..this can't be true ""
that ..wo...this can't be true ..
Ram kneels down infront of her ,Priya he called her very softly..
Ram ... She first time called his name after 5 years ..
Ram peehu said that she dont leave me alone ..
How this will happen ..her sobs racking the body ,He engulfed in a brief hug,He rubbed her back to soothen her up .
Police: Sir this way plz ..
Ram: Clutched priya's shoulder ,gave her strength to walk furthur ..
They leads to one room...where a tiny bundle packed in a white sheets ..
Priya looked at him ,his hand is shivering ,her legs were trembling ..
They were in dilemma ..what exactly is happening ??
She glanced around the room ,found a tiny bundle lying on the bed lifelessly ..
She gasped "Rammm"
Do you believe this is true ..
No Ram ,You are mistaken ,nothing happend to her
plz leave me ,i want to go ..
plz this is not true ..plz I wil search her ..
Leave me for god's sake ..
Ram:Priya dear plz its just confirmation ..
Phir bhi Ram ,she yelled at him ..
I know about peehu , she wont let me leave alone and go .
I love her dammit ,its not her ..why dont you understand ..
she writhed under his grip to free herself.
Police :Mam its just verification purpose .. just see the dead body and clear the confusion wether it is your daughter or not !!
Priya angry red eyes glared at him ...He feared at the site ..and steps back when she aproaching him.
Do you have a daughter ,she asked him
police:Yes mam ..
Did she missed anytime ..
Police:yes mam ,when she was a kid but soon we found her ..
Priya:she cut him in between .at that time ,I will show  this lifeless kid body to you and asks sir  just for clarification ,How you feel..
Police:Sorry mam..
Priya:Please we all are parents , we all love our kids ..Even [crying badly] this kid's parents also will feel bad when they heard about this tragedy ..
But i strongly feel she is not our daughter , She ran from there leaving all stunned ..
Police : Sir!!!
Ram : She is correct Inspector ,It wont be our daughter ..He too rushed after her ..
Calling her priya ..priya ..
she ran and sat on the bench which was placed in outside the garden ..
He sat beside her ..She cupped her face in her palms sobbing ..
Priya ..I sent total team to search for her ..Plz we will find her by tonight ..
Dont worry ..she will be alright ..
She looked at him with love and emotion ..
"She is my life Ram, I love you and I love her "
You two people are my heartbeats Ram...
He astonished for a while with her confession ..He came to reality when he found his shirt wet be her tears .. He can't see her in this state ..He too was trying to be strong but tears spilling from his eyes too seeing the vulnerability of the situation and themselves..
Priya mai kuch kehana chahatha hu tum se !!
She looked at his dark eyes with her tear filled eyes ,blinked them to cotinue ..
"I ..I ..Lo"
A shrill ringing tone alerted them ..
She asked him lift the phone ..It must be about peehu ..
He attended the call ..His tears flowing uncontrollably
"Listening "Papa " from that side
Priya shakes him asking what happend ..
He kept it on loud speaker he seriously not getting the words ..
Papa this time her voice lil bit crying mode ..Mamma hai waha pe ...
Priya happiness is no boundaries ..
Princess where are you baby ,she swallowed a lump in her throat and prayed to god 1000times to hear her lively voice ..
He soon called to vikram told her tap his phone and find out where peehu is exactly ..
The location .. Ram pulled priya to get into the car while she pampering peehu with her motherly talk ..
Peehu aap kaha hai ??
Mamma muzhe nahi patha hai ,mai aapka ghar ke ardess dhoondthe dhoondthe ..
Priya heard peehu crying ...
She too was crying hearing her kid ..
Dekho baby mamma our papa aaraha hai aapke pass ..
Meanwhile vikram traced the location with the help ofdetective team..Told the adress to Ram..
soon Ram reached the destination because it is near to the hospital ...
He was searching for peehu there but he didnt find her ..
He took the phone from priya, asked peehu what she can see her surroundings..
She told she is seeing a road ..
nahi beta our kya ??
ek bada sa vehicle hai ??Ram searched for that soon he found out the truck , he asked her , the red colour one
Ha papa ! she said
he almost ran that side with priya and they found their lil bundle sitting under a tree , crying & talking with them ...
Priya ran to her hugged her kissing her each inch of face and checking wether she had any bruises are hurt.. he too engulfed her into a big hug ..
Threesome hugged ..Cried their heart outs ..
Peehu ...mamma im hungry ,allo parantha chahiye !!
Both are smiled at each other ..They were back to priya's flat ..
Peehu sitting in Priya's lap ,She is stroking her hairs slowly asking the details what leads to this type of hurry ..
Peehu playing with the phone asked her dad..
"Papa ...when you will feed mamma's number in it "
Both broke into laughter seeing her charmingness again ..
Priya cursed herself for yelling at Ram when he gave Mobile to her ..But today that was helped her finding Peehu ..She was very glad to see her back ..
They reachd their flat ..had their dinner ..Peehu asked Ram to sleep beside her ,he obeyed it ,she slept nicely between their mom and dad..
Ram touched Priyas hand that is lying on Peehu's tummy ..
She looked at him ..He looked at her ..
Mai chaltha hu !!!he said to her
Why dont you stay here today ,I think I'm still in fear of losing her forever ..
He shuts her mouth his fingers..she asked him plz ..
He said "Ok"
By the way you are about to tell something in the hospital yard..
Hmm scractching his temple ...
Nothing ...
he spelled slowly
"I Love you in past ,present and future tooo "
I too love you with moistend eyes she grasped his hand more tightly ..Both slept snuggling closer to their princess ..

Both knows they love each other , they have to clarify manythings , But the uniqueness of their relationship always stayed still ...
that is "they are mean to be together "
Soon they will clarify everything and will lead a happy life ..

Missing their closeness'
Missing their togetherness
Missing their princess
makes witnessed
their love towards each other ..
we hope they will show in the sereial also this kind of realization..


Hiii myHow will be the Monday's episode in view of my thoughts...

The Great Kapoors kingdom brightening with enumerous colourful lights and welcoming the guests for the dinner .That was going to held by our king The Great Ramkapoor..
Ohhh the evening was soo colourful for every of the family member.
The joy is clearly seen because their Queen back to the kingdom.

The cold breeze waving her hair ,her pupils slowly dilated with her train of thoughts...
She closed her eyes tightly pressing her forehead with her long silky fingers. A loan tear escapes from her pearl.

For some she is a Daughter,Sister,Friend, WIFE, Daughter in law ,Sister in law, Mother..
in all these characters she lived lively and poured her heart in each relationship. Finally she became complete female.
But one day she met with an accident and all her relationships the memorable memories all were lost in her coma state..
Right now the Lil Girl of sharmas and the angel of Ram kapoor back. With single life.

She has to learn each small thing step by step.
What's the relationship?
What's an husband and wife?
What she lived?
What she loved?
What she does when some one angry or when someone happy.
It's just blank in her mind..
What she will expect from a husband or her father..
She was just like a new pet entered in a home.
Everyone showering their love in their talks and specially their eyes are speaking volumes but she couldn't able to recognise anyone but as per she knew.
They loved her from the bottom of their hearts. She wants to recollect but she couldn't.

(it's just the way I thought of her inner feelings. )

Coming to the continuation of episode:

Our king entered their bedroom. And saw his beauty getting ready for the party as his choice.
She was looking absolutely stunning in Red and Green combination Saree. But the way she wrapped its not good looking.

Woh.. I.. this.. she mumbled.
May I help you his loveble voice made her heart melt.
She moved exactly front to him with acceptation.
He draped her Saree well that the style itself got superb look on his angel.
She murmured thank you.
He clasped her wrist saying
I will help you to get ready..
He made her to sit in front of the mirror, combed her hair properly, helped her to wear jhumkis than bangles.
Priyaaa his husky voice echoed in her soft ear. Somewhere in her brain one of the mini neuron got alerted. She loved to hear the name..
In a low voice she responded hmm..
You are very fond of bangles sliding each bangle he tried to tell her how she chooses them.
How he used to wait for her.
Her slim arms are dazzling with the pinkish bangles...
When her man sliding each bangle she has felt similar touch in the past... Her neurons are acting smartly to remind the touch.
See it's finished.. With Ram's voice she came to this world.
yah it's looking beautiful she raised her hands to see.
Ram dreamily took her hands and kissed softly.
She has taken back with the sudden action from her husband.
She looked at him with confused. He bit his tongue said sorry. I'm sorry Priya.
I just...
She said it's ok.. She gazed at him with so much confidence slowly said
"Aap meri husband hai na"
It's ok...
Awww our Ram babu blushing by hearing her sweet voice.
But still Priya I'm sorry ,He opened a red colour jewellery box..
Priya I wanted to...
Before he finished the sentence Priya cheked the box her eyes glittered with some kind of unknown joy her lips automatically curved into smile.
Shahid Yemera hai na.
Ha Priya Mai I...
She nodded her head in positive.

Somewhere in the Mumbai the temple bells ringing in their ears. Both looked at each other.
Ram tied the black beads thread on her neck.
They heard the clapping sounds from the door.
Neha, vikram, pihu, Myra, & Pari were grinning and clapping.
Neha came runningly side hugged Priya but Priya littile scarily moved towards Ram.
Ram securedly side hugged her.
Wowww papa mom is looking sooo beautiful...
Nooo pihu di...she is looking Radiant...
Nooo Myra she is looking Gorgeous Pari chipred with joy.

Neha handed over the sindhoor to Ram. He took it and placed it on her maang.
She closed her eyes inhaling some emotional feel but she don't knew what was it.
Neha said wahhh..
Fatty after longtime I'm seeing our old priya.
Ram& Priya did the Pooja ,they feed sweet to each other. Al the way Ram babu looking at his most precious pearl with all his love.

In the party all blissed to have Priya back.. everything is going smoothly when Priya felt gush of flashback memories passed in her brain. She felt giddiness clutched the wall when she was about to fall "kush "supported her.
Meanwhile Ram came and took her to their room.
She went into deep slumber.
The party was over .Ram kapoor gave send off to everyone.
When he entered in to the room.
The same time Priya stirred in her sleep. Got up while stretching her hands.
She settled her Saree told
Iam sorry. Iam unable to...
It's ok Priya. No problem, how are you feeling now.
Iam Ok Ram..
Ok change your dress and come.
By the time she changed the dress, He prepared their dinner table. They had their dinner together. And chit chatting.
She has asked sooo many things. He told her patiently whatever she asked.

You are not getting bored with my questions Ram.
No... never Priya..
You know you are my life, and I have waited for this day from many years. I... leave it.
Ian not bored..
You wanted to tell something name Ram..
Nothing Priya..
Plzzz Ram tell na..
I... I love you Priya from the bottom of my heart.

She looked at him and encircled her arm around his arm.
Sorry for not remembering anything. I think Iam also in love with you

Ram's face glowed like 100 watts smile and he has given a million dollar smile.
I know I may not feel or I don't remember anything.
But my heart feels for you.
I don't knew what it is called.
I think that is called love.
I love you.
He side hugged her. She too reciprocated.
In the night
She called him..
Ram... Ram...
What happen Priya.. is everything alright.wiping her sweat.
I don't know, Iam scared.
Can I sleep near to you.
Yah sure.. she came and snuggled him..
After somtime she asked him again..
Can I sleep on your shoulder.
What's worrying you my angel, come sleep here.
He made her sleep on his chest.
She soothened by hearing his heartbeats. His strokes on her hair soothened she went in deep slumber.she snuggled more closer to him. He encircled her petite frame in his strong hands. Feeling her near to him, and her body scent is mesmarizing him.
He placed a soft kiss on her forehead. She hid his face with in his broad chest.
A smile creeped on his face seeing this.

He too slept after long years with his angel beside him hugging so happily ..
They gave pause for his problems and her memory loss tensions blissfully sleeping in each other arms
Welcoming for new morning of Rayalicious world

OS- I Miss You

Hii,This is specially written for you dear Neel ...
My friend is very moody and dull so to cheer her up ..Just my lil gift on her birthday ..
Many Happy Returns Of The Day my dear ,God bless you withh all the health and wealth.
You know what you are the sweetest person i have ever met ,Love you loads .Plz don't mind if it's not that much good ..I just wrote in hurry ,You know what position im in right plz bare with it and leave your comments behind ..

Os   :"I Miss You "

"I Miss You Mamma" Those words echoing in her ears again and again .
Tears pooled out from her eyes unknowingly .. She is pacing up and down in the room ...
Her fingers franctically dialling a number pausing in when its going to connect ..
She don't know wether she could tell the truth to Ram or not .
Why ayesha is behaving so rudely with kids !! What exactly happening in KM.
Why my heart flutters everytime when i think about Peehu ..
Oh God Plz save her from all evil eyes ..

she heard the door bell , Wipinig her tears away she opend the door ..
Plesantly surprised to see Ram over there ..
Come..come inside ,her voice is feeble and he can see her dry tear marks on her cheeks..
"Paani or tea chahiye"
He asked her for adrak wali chai "
She gazed at him with passion and wondering where is peehu .. why he came hear at night ..
She looked back at the door frequently ..
Peehu is nowhere to be seen ..
She undrstud he might came to talk with her ...
She made the tea and served it to him ...Asked Peehu  kisa hai ??
Achha hai !!
Is there anything to talk with me ?
Nahi toh !!! He replied to her
Should i not come here to stay with you ..
she gave a angry look to him ..
No you can't ,her mind was pre occupied by Peehu ,Peehu is alone in KM ,And you came here to stay with me..What happend to you ..
Why you left her alone ,she must be scared ..
she wants to hear a bed time story ,she wants warmth of her mother or father ...
Plz go and be with her .. Tears flowing down from her cheeks ..
He clasped her shoulders tightly ..Made her to look at him ...
Why Priya ?Why still you are protecting your sister instead of your daughter ?
Why you didnt tell me Ayesha scolded Peehu ??
She astonished a sec ..
How did you know that ??
He narreted how kush saw Priya &Peehu crying after the school ..
when he asked the reason for it ,Kush explained the scenario ..
In the mean time she leaned on him feeling fatigue ..He let her ,clasped her waist very possesively ..
Don't do this Priya ..May be evryone afraid of me to tell anything directly ..
But you are hitler na can tell me anything dont try to protect your sister ..she will pay for it sure ...
Mr.Kapoo she hasn't finished her sentence ..A loud shreik voice echoed in her ears ...
"Mammaaa' Peehu running and hugged her instantly ..
Priya plesantly surprised to see Peehu here .. Nuts running behind her with a box ..
Mamma dekho ...Nutz trikled  on her tummy ..
she giggled ...
Mamma plz dekho na..Bua stop it ..Both ran one after another ...making the room crazy with their antics...
Both tired and hugged each other after a while ..
Bua bahut maza aagaya aapke sath ..
Hmm vaha pe koi nahi hai ,khel ne ke liye ..
Ram &Priya looked at each other ..Feeling sorry for the lil kid ..
She ran over to Ram ..placing a slopy kiss on his cheek ..
I Love You Papa ..
You are the world ki best papa like mamma ..
Mamma patha hai ..
Papa ne ayesha masi ko bahuth dantaa hai !!
She said sorry to kush and me ...
Papa ne hum ko icecream parlour le gaya ..and told ki aisa kabhi nahi hongi ..
Mamma kush is also very happy ...
She looked at the door for kush ..
Mamma kush has been slept ..Wo nanu ke pass hai ..
Priya looked at Ram with teary eyed ..He told he knows the truth but he didnt tell his encounter with ayesha ..
Mamma mzuhe allo ka parantha chahiye ...
Priya got up to go kitchen ..Peehu dragged Ram also with her ..
She held her top in one hand ...His finger in other hand walked to the kitchen ..
where priya is starting to make her dinner ..
Peehu didnt stop her banter ..
Mamma patha hai aaj class me teacher asked us to draw water kingdom ..
I don't know na ..
Pehhu paused seeing something in the cup board ...
Mamma ... hmm she is fidgeting over the words ...Looking at the box fondly ..
Than Peehu ..
Than she asked me to draw another one ..I drew someother ..
She slipped from there silently when Ram and Priya engaed in a small convo ..
Ram paused gazing at Peehu walking slowly other side of Priya .. wondering what she was up to ..
Priya looked at him wonderly what had happen to him suddenly why he stooped ..
Mr.Kapoor kya hai ..and sensed peehu crawling to other side ..
When Peehu touched about the box ..
Priya lovingly called her name .."Baby not now ,Its dinner time "You have to eat first this ..
Offfo mamma how you know always you will caught me .. She clasped the cashew box in her hand ran over to Ram ,asking him lift her up in his arms ..
He lifted her up made her sit on counter ..
Peehu touched his forehead with her ..asked him he too wants it kya?? in a hushed tone..
Priya smiled seeing them ..
Haaa ha why not ..Your Papa also loves to eat cashew ..
Allo parantha ...
Black forest cake Peehu blurted out ..
Three of them laughed ..peehu opend the box ,Instantly she popped two cashews in her mouth ..
Giggled at her mother ...
And she took one and fed her Papa ..did with same with Priya ..
All three enjoyed making the dinner ..Peehu's small talks ..
How priyA engaGing with her in each talk ..
How she is observing every move of peehu ..
He was glad that Peehu had a bright smile on her face when she was with Priya ..
He always wanted to see the smile on her face .. He was happy to see his Peehu back ..
When Priya called him for dinner he 
He came out of from his thoughts .. Walked back to the dinner table ..
Priya arranged neatly every of his fav choice ...
Woww mamma all are my fav .. His smile widend listening to his daughter voice ,,
she is so like him in all the way ..
He adjusted ...Priya served Ram and Peehu ..
Peehu kya hua ?wondering why she is not eating !!
Ohh mamma .. my hand is paining ..even papa's too dekho ..showing a samll bruise in his hand ..
How we will eat ... why dont you feed us ..Hai na papa ..
He knows Peehu is naughty dont know she is naughty this extent ..
He smiled at her antics and ssaid no Peehu papa is ok .. He will eat by himself ..
Priya is in dilemma ..what to do ??
She pulled his arm near to her ...Whispered in his ears ..Mamma will feed with her love so our bhi jyaada taste aatha hai ..
aap bhi n a papa ..
mamma khilao na ..papa ko bhi
plz plz pretty plz ...
Priya 's hand trembled while she is feeding Ram ...His lips touched to Her fingers ..

Both engulfed the warmth of each other ,Peehu enjoying the dinner sitting on Rams lap,facing to him..Playing with his hairs ..conituned her non stop bantering .. Priya minding when peehu pulling Rams hair more hurtingly .. Peehu bachha leave it are hurting papa..
Peehu questioned him .. Papa is that hurting you ...He nods negitive ..
Peehu hugged him ,Priya eyed at him .He made a puppy face .. mai kya karu type ...
Peehu concentrated on Ram's hair trying to make it a pony ,she didnt see priyas hand, bites her finger .. Ouchh peehu ..she winced ..
Sorry mamma ..I dint see ...
Instantly Ram pulled her finger sucked it ... She closed her eyes ..
Don't know whats transpiring thrw these two love birds !!
Pehu snapped at er closed eyes ...Mamma is ok ...see papa gave medicine to it like you always do to me..
She smiled haa..It's gone ..
They completed the dinner ..
Priya made peehu lie down on bed ...Telling a story . Ram joined the other side of the bed ..
Priya is this side, threesome drifted off to sleep  like in the promo..

Athunder sound made them awake .
Both uttered same .Ram from her mouth
"Priya "from his mouth ..

He  walked to the window closed it tightly .. She went to the balcony opposite to the other room trying to come out from the sarrow...The breeze drizzles palming her face ..she is looking very beautiful to him ..
She wiped her face with her palms trying to get control on her "dont know what it is "

Sooo sooo all this can happen in serial but what im writing this is never gonna happen in serial LOl is just my imagination ...Read and enjoy ..dont thrw brick bats ..

His hands wrapped around her waist ,hugged her from behind ..
she startled with this ,Turned to him asked kya..kya hua ??
Kuch nahi ...tugging her hair from her face ..
Chodiye ..looking down..
Kyun?He asked huskily
He kissed her forehead tenderly ...The breeze washed their faces fearcly ..
Mr..Kapoor ..plz zzz ...HIs kisses trails down to the rt cheek than to her ear ...
She is losing herself in him but protesting him ..
Peeh..peehu akele hai ..A merely sound escaped from her ..while his tongue teasing her sences from the core ..
Her hormones are working strangely ...wondering whats happening ..
Her hand pushing him but her heart wanting him ..
Another thunder jolted ...Priya hugged him tightly ..
He closed the door rubbed her back to soothen her up ..
Aftersometime she gazed at him ,His eyes are darting at her with passion filled and something behind the gaze of him...she felt traumatized under his look ...chodiye na !!
His grip more tighten on her .. Its literally hurting her waist ..
Mr.Kapoor you are hurting me trying to free from his grip ...
His lips landed on her sealing her in to him ...His hands palming her curves ..
She is trying to protest ..He streched her hands pinned her to the wall not leaving her lips ..
Entwining his fingers with her ..He is assaulting her soft lips ...
Her chest heaving up and down under his broad chest .. She is kicking him with legs ..
[Lol there is no other way to get him]
He clasped her leg with his ,Caged her in between wall and him ..
He removed one of her hand ,slid her night gown from her bony shoulder ..
She stopped him with her hand but he is no mood to listen her ...He broke the kiss for some air .. While she is gasping for breath ...He unzipped her night gown ..its almost revealing her half body ,...
His eyes are enderaing that sight ..
Priya ..what happen to you Mr.Kapoor !!Its wrong ..
She didnt finish her sentence he closed his lips with hers ,..Turning her in to undressed ...
His hands possesively touching her intimate parts making crazy ..
Than after she uttered only his NAme some time plesurely ,some times painfullly ...
Both changed in their birthday suits ..He filled himself in her ,completing her innerwalls construction.She was beyond warm taking him in fully as she was waiting for this from many days ..
She gasped his name when he is fully in ...Both reached climax after the long ride of wild love making ..
He collapsed on her bosom ...Telling you are same Priya ... A slight blush appered on her face .. When she felt he was fast a sleep ,She tried to get up from there ...
He pulled her over made love again ...
In betwen the alarm sound buzzed ...Alredy he took all control on her ...They are acting like there is no tomorow ..When the alarm buzzed again
She pushed him away ran to the washroom ..She freshend up and came ..He was nowhere to be seen ..[Dont ask why ?? I too dont know ,was writing this in hurry ]
Might be he has to answer her na why he did this ...

She sighed and looked at her in the mirror ,,,all she can see is his love bites on her almost every where ..
She reminded the time how agressive he is ..
tears rolled down from her eyes ... I Miss you Ram...
Few days passed in this akwardness ...
One day he rushed to her apartment ...
Telling apck your bag we are leaving to KM ..
This is the first time she is seeing him after math of their love making ..
Why she asked in a furious tone ...
Be cause i dont want to let my 2nd child fatherless ...
what !! she gasped ...
He showd her reports ...
She is not feeling good from 2 ,3 days ...feeling febrile she just gave the blood for furthur reports ..
She is actuaalyy waiting for her reports to come , but neha told she will collect it from the doctor while she is coming from the work . T
she snapped out of the thoughts when two tiny hands circled her waist
Asking very innocently
Mamma are you going to give me baby brother ..
She hugged her tight ,tears flowing from her cheeks  ...
Nutz took peehu away from them ,as they needed some alone time ..
She stood there like a statue ..
He bent down on his knees infront of her
Streching her hand"Plz Priya be with me..
dont take this happiness from me ..
She hugged him tightly ..His head on her tummy ..
Ramm ..Im pregnant ..such me im pregnant ...
I love you soo much ...I love you ...Both cried their hearts out ..
Im sorry both blurted out at the same time...
Ram innocently asked her .. ek raath  me yE SAB ..
5years desire "... she blushed and  turned to  red ...
He hugged her "Achha hai na "
Hmm she placed her head hearing his heartbeats ... she solaced in hug ...
Peehu tugged his coat ...Mai bhii ..
he hugged her too ...Family picture .. perfect ..

The End khatham ...Lol dont know how you felt .. but i have to pendown for her something .. so whatevr my mind says, I just wrote it down ,It turned out like this .. really im terribly busy with my  personal stuff  couldnt able to reach your expectations ...
Next time will pakka come up with a nice update reaching your expectations :wink: ..
Until than shubh din you guys ..

your comments and criticism welcome .. Bye for now..Plz bare this time ..I dont have time to re read it again ..

OS- A Promice To Keep

A Promice To Keep ...

Ram's strechr wheeld out into Operation Theater...Silent fire burning up her heart ...Each & every cell of her body trembling to the core .Her knees weakens to the sight of Her beloved husband going thrw ..What was happend she recalled the moments in the party ..When Ram clouded her sight ,he got the shot from the lady .

Why ?? why it happend ? why god let it happen to me ? Oh god what i should answer to every one ?? Especially Peehu ?? Tears continously rolling from her eyes ,
Her beautiful doe eyes clouded with tears ,keep on looking at the Door ,waiting for doctor to comeout and said good news ...

Someone tugged at her saree "Mamma " A low voice echoed in her ears ..

Her princess came .."Where is Papa ? Is he alright mamma ??
Ha bachha he is going to be alright ,He told he will talk with you later ..Present you have to sleep its very late hai na ???
Priya called Nutz .
Nutz take her home and take care of her like your bhai until your bhai returns ...She folded her hands to nutz to leave from there .

2 hours passed ...
waiting ..
waiting ..
waiting ..
Almost 5 hours passed

Doctor came out ...Taking his glasses out ,Sorry hum unhe bacha nahi paye...

Priya : Stared at the doctor skeptically ,Did she heard correct

"Her Ram is no more "

What the hell he is talking ,How come my man leaves me alone and go off ..
No this can't be true ,Her eyelashes paused dancing on her eyes ,Her every muscle tensed up to stand her properly .Each and every cell in her body screwd up to listen those words from doctor ...
[plz look at the promo again ,Observe Priyas shocked face ,her expressin ,Her fragile ,pale,vulnerbale state Oh my god its so wonderful yaar ,Mindblowing just watch it again i cant express her action in words]

Priya ...Priya ..Mrs. Kapoor ...Every one yelled to compose her ..But she veins of the ground ...

* * * *
Her legs gave her strength to ran back to His room ...To her surprise there is no walls of the room ,She turned to see the other end ,Its just absolutely surrounded with bushes ,creepers and big trees ..She feared to the core ..

She continued her walk till she find a clue ...She is walking like witch to know where her husband was ???

A slow white streak of line appered where the narrow line of trees ...She called out him Ram ...
Ram .. R u ok ...Ram ...
Ram ... You there out ...
Tears contiuosly flowing from her cheeks ...
Plz Ram come out ..Im scared to this darkness ...Plzz
Ram .. I love you ..Plz forgive me Ram ...
She clutched a big tree cried her heart out ..loosing her grip hold she leaned to the floor ...
Her tears getting wet in her saree like there is no tomorrow ...
Her ears perked up hearing familiar voice ...In a trance she resumed her cries ,Stood dumbfondedly concentrating on the voice ...
A slow muffle coming from north side ...She walks towards ..Yes she can hear the voice clearly ...
His voice ...calling of her name "Priya " Priya tum theek toh hai na " Priya
His whimpering murmurs made her cry even more ..she gave up all her strgeth to reach him ..
She is panting ..she saw his love of life sitting on bench near the lake beside an oak tree ...

* * * * *
Hospital ..
Rajat : what the hell you did doctor ,why you told her about her husband
Doctor : what i should tell ,I dont know whose husband is pradeep ...
Rajat :Suspiciouly " do you mean Pradeed expired in this ..." Looking confined mona
Docto; :Yes ,Mr.Rajat
Rajat :Than what about Ram ...
Doctor : He is in crtical condition ,He has to pull off ,We have done our best
Rajat :Pulling his collar why the hell you didnt inform us before only one person we didnt save ..Now what the hell is happening with Priya ?
I warn you doctor if something happens to them ,I swear i dont know what i will do ??
[plzz im not going into the details and about mona's condotion also ]

* * * * * *
His voice ...calling of her name "Priya " Priya tum theek toh hai na " Priya
His whimpering murmurs made her cry even more ..she gave up all her strgeth to reach him ..
She is panting ..she saw his love of life sitting on bench near the lake beside an oak tree ..
His one hand is supporting his chest ,His eyes are blazing with pain from the injury ...
She stood beside him
"Ram " with tear ful eyes .
Ram looked at her "Unknowingly a smile crept on his lips "
He signald her to sit beside him ...Tocuhing her cheek affectionately [but it was not touched by ful length ]
"Priya ..Tum theek toh hai na ? kuch chot lag gayi kya ? touching her shoulders and arms with concern !!![it was all floading away in the air]
Im ..Im ok Ram /...Our aap theek hai ??
Ha priya mai theek hu ??
Why you came here and how you came here ...
A promice to keep "Ram "
I promiced on our marrige day i wont leave you until my death ...
I know you have so many doubts in your mind why i left you 5 years ago ...
i left you 5 years of our great life just for your well being Ram ..When i came to know my mistake i dont want to waste one sec Ram ..
I just came here flying to meet you ...
Will you forgive me and come back to us ...
He nodded in affirmative ,He dont want to be apart from their lives ,He has had enough .Now he cant live without his two angels ..
She about to embrace him in her delicate arms ...

* * * * *

Doctors & nurses running here and there around the bed ...
The doctor said
1 ...2 ... 3
clear ...clear ...
He inhibited the shock ...

* * * * *
He nodded in affirmative ,He dont want to be apart from their lives ,He has had enough .Now he cant live without his two angels ..
She about to embrace him in her delicate arms ...

But why something nudging him to embrace her in his arms ...

He jerked & jumped from the bench ...She petrified hastily backed of her hands those are going to be hug him ...

A jet like flow of blood expelled from his chest ..It flashes on her face ..Her face coloured with his blood ..she rooted to the spot seeing the vulnerable condition of her love of life ,
She astounded and yelled for help ..She is almost choking with tears ...When she about to take him in her arms to release his pain from him..but all she grasp is none ..Her hand uninvitebly flowed from his flesh ..What's happening ...
No ..No this can't be true ...She again wants to touch him ..

* * * * * *
clear ...clear ...
He inhibited the shock ...
The body gasped and flat back ...
2nd shock ...
clear ...
He inhibited another shock ...

* * * * * *

When she about to take him in her arms to release his pain from him..but all she grasp is none ..Her hand uninvitebly flowed from his flesh ..What's happening ...
No ..No this can't be true ...She again wants to touch him ..
Ram spoke out You can't touch me Priya ..
Why ???? she almost burst out her lungs
He jerks again rolled down fallen in the lake ...Gasping for breath ...
she tried to reach him but the flow of water not allowing to let her in ...
Ram...Plzzz come back to me Ram ..I love you ..
Why can't i touch you ...
Ram gasping.spoke out ..Priya we are hanging our souls to be taken up by god ..we were not in state of humans anymore ...He is drowning ...
She gulped a lump back in her throat ..That means what ?? why ...
She reaclled the moment when doctor said he is no more ...

""""Priya : Stared at the doctor skeptically ,Did she heard correct


"Her Ram is no more "
What the hell he is talking ,How come my man leaves me alone and go off ..
No this can't be true ,Her eyelashes paused dancing on her eyes ,Her every muscle tensed up to stand her properly .Each and every cell in her body screwd up to listen those words from doctor ...
Priya ...Priya ..Mrs. Kapoor ...Every one yelled to compose her ..But she veins of the ground ...
Krishu ji : what happen Priya ..Priya utho ..utho beta
Doctor : cheked her ...Mam she is in a state of shock ...we need an immediate treatment for her ...
Krishu ji : what are you talking about ??
Doctor : Yes mam , before she is slipping into coma we need her to be hospitalized ...""""

Priya jerked off when some water splashes on her ...She looked at drowning Ram ,Helplessly she is crying and yelling out from help ..

Ram remeber wherever you are i love you ,,I loved you ,i will love only you Ram ..Plz come back for me ...
She dont know what to do or what not to do ,she dont know what phace she is going thrw ..Is Ram telling truth than how come she come to this mid forest ..
The high pitch cry of Peehu ..Regained RamPriya sences back to their present ...
Ram is in midle of the lake ..Priya is on the edge of the lake ..Both are looking at each other ...
Priya folded her hands gazed at sky "Plz plz plz save My Ram .dont let my child without father ,plz i beg you "
Ram folded his hands looked up at sky " prayed to god "plz save My Priya ,dont let my peehu with out mother ,plzz"..
He drowned completely under the water .Priya can see the water bubbles on the lake ..she hussled here and there she yelled at god ..why you did this to me ..why ?? she has no hopes ..Praying to god just plz let him be alive ...PLz plz plz

* * * * *
2nd shock ...
clear ...
He inhibited another shock on his body ...
His chest heaves up ..The ECG graph moved dips & curves ...Everyone has a sigh of relief of seeing the changes ...
Doctor : To Krishu ji ..Mam your son out of danger ...We cannot give gaurantee for your daughter in law ,she has to come back for her traumatized state , i can tell about her prognosis after 24 hours ...
Krishu ji : shattered hearing the news ...
Ram gained his consious ..First word him from was where was Priya ??
Krishuji turned Peehu to him ,Pehu "Papa aap theek hai na ??
Ha beta mai theek hu .aapka mummy kaha hai ??
She went to temple to pray for you papa...
Somewhere Ram has not satisfied what his lil princess answer ???He signald krishu ji to leave ?
Peehu... he hold her tiny palms in his large ones,Kissing them ..
Peehu jhoot mat bolna ,bolo aapka mamma kaha hai ??
She needs us right now ,Peehu do you hear me ,I will bring mamma back ..
Plz tell me where she is [he very well know they are hiding something about priya after enact meeting her with in the blue lines of forest ,he knows that she is in some trouble]
Peehu cried bitterly this time...
Mamma ...
Baby bolo na mamma kaha hai ??
Mamma she sobs hardly ..She is the next room lying lifelessly with all the tubes attached her ..
Papa ..Im calling you and mamma from the morning onwards but both of you not answering me ...
Will you take to mamma's room as nobody is allowing me to go there ...
Mamma was not responding papa ,plz papa kuch kariya na papa ..plzzz..
He feared to the core what might have happen to priya ...
He hold the iron railing called out for the doctor ...
Doctor rushed in ..
Ram said to him ..Plz doctor i want to meet my wife ,Plz i wont stress out myself ,or my wife's plz give me permission ,she needs us at this critical point plzzz.
Doctor agreed with him [After all he is the Ram kapoor]
Ram and peehu leads to Priya's room ...
Peehu held one of her arm which was inserted by an iv cannula ,she hold it in her firm grip sat beside the chair ,laid on her beside slowly ,calling mamma plz wake up ...
Ram strecher was another side ..he clasped her hand in his ..leaned on her ears ..
Priya ...
Priya listen to me ...
I know you can hear me ..After all you only loved me ...he chukled a bit ...

* * * * *
His chukle ringing on her ears ..she pierced to open her eyes to look at him
Water splashing on her cheek ..She opened her eyes fully ..Only to assume Ram was here with her ...

* * * * *
Ram caressing her cheeks "Honey i love you " See peehu is worried for you ,We need you here ,Plz come back ..
I know where you are ...

* * * * *
Priya eyes visualizing a cloudy view of the water ,those are teaming up with her own tears ...She can feel her Ram here ...
Honey i love you " Mai nahi ji saktha tumahari bigair "Constantly ringing in her ears ...She closed her eyes tightly ..
She only prayed god "That Ram should be fit and healthy "

* * * * *
Krishuji:Doc any progress in our Priya ..
Doc;Soo far not any ,But she is being with her family maybe we can expect some ...wait and see

* * * * *

Its almost 4 hours Ram is constantly pouring her love to Priya ..

* * * * *
Priya is rest less ,she is feeling choking sensation ,she is trying to getup from the ground ...Her eyes desperataly waiting to see only one person but those were closed against her wish ...Her soul is passing on the clouds to heaven slowly ..slowly ...

* * * * *
Ram is reluctly let go off her hand from him,He asked the doc plzz some more time ..we need with her in this condition.
While all this yelling ,Peehu got up from her worry sleep instantly she turned to look what's the commotion ...
Suddenly she falls from the chair which where she seated ...Got hurt her kneee ...
The only word came from her mouth is "Mammaaa" ...Her sobs icreased with the bleeding of the wound and her non stop tugging her mamma with one hand and uncontrolble pleadings "Mamma" " mamma" aap ne bolo na ,aap kabhi mera hath nahi chodongi ...

* * * * *
Her soul disturbd listening her Daughters pleading ...Rinsing back to the earth with all her motherly love...

* * * * *
The doctor is trying to clean the wound but Peehu is not letting him to do Nor she is not allowing to take her anywhere else ...
She called once again "Mamma" Plzzz dard ho raha hai "Mammaaa" sobs cntinued...
The room is nearly like msiery to the mess ..
Everyone silenced when they heard a loud gasp from Priya ...
All gazed at her ...
Peehu called out "Mamma ""
The doctors did their maximum on the spot ...And Priya opened her eyes slowly to see the love of her life
To her surprise she can see two pumpkins insted of them ...
She cleared her tears and sleepiness to see what was it ,,Ram &Peehu were intently looking at her ...
She smiled a bit thinking the previous pumpkins were non other than her two angels in life ..
The smile continued to His lips than curved in peehu lips tooo,It began the other smiling ,the smile spreads to the other ...Totally everyone is happy that both of them got out of danger from the death...

[So readers ,Im extremly sorry if you dissapoint with the story i move forward,I know so many confused while story moving on ..
I just wants to tell you that ,We are human beings ,Nobody knows what was the condition when they are nearly to the death ,Like assuming in Ram&Priya's characetr in this OS,
Some people who were in coma or in uncosious state for hours or so ,Their soul can travel to many places which they were trying to find the path or some other which their wishes granted to be true ,when they gain consious most of the persons wont remember what the have gone through ,But some of the persons remember quite well it happend in many cases ,When Anu gave this task i was reading one of that article so immediately i thought why wont i pen down the OS on this subject ,so it came like this ,Hope you undrstand how i wrote ..
If who doesn't understand the brief one here it is ..
"When Priya heard Ram's death news ,she was traumatized went in shock ,She dont know that has hapend she thought she was running to search for Ram ,when she found the forest she thought once what happend but her thoughts overlap by Ram's concern ..
so she meet him over there ..There the souls which are going to pass to heaven or hell ,will hangout there up to their death ...There she met him ,That's why she cant touch him or hug him ,Finaly she lost the battle and her soul is going to heaven but hearing her daughter's plead GOD sent her back to earth "
So this is my story ,I know many dont like this concept so i want to give you short an happy life to them ..Here goes ..and mostly welcome all your commnets and criticism]

Three months passed ...
Bpth were happy in each others company ...Peehu is enough hell to create mess in the kapoor mansion ..
Both Ram & Peehu always pulls her leg and she will be on her tippy toes up to they left for their respective school & office ...
What so ever also RAYA hadn't developed any physical intimacy ..Both are eagerly waiting to the other propose ..still it was the same like their initial marige days ...
ONe fine day peehu going to school ...She walked few steps ,she ran back to Priya ..
Mamma ek kiss do na ...
Priya kneels down her level "Kissed her cheeks very affectionately "Waved her a bye ..
Who usaully mimics Peehu's actions daily .Ram also kneels down asked her
Priya ek kiss do na ...
She was amused at the site of her husband cute face ...
He bits his lower lip realized what he asked for ,abut to get up when her slender delicate palms cupped his face ,Her soft rosy lips touched his cheek fervently..
He paused a min ,her rosy lips turned to other side ,he felt her tremble ness while passing his lips ...
He grabbed her lips in his , He tasted them after 5 long years ,It tasted tenderly sweet ,sugary he is unable to leave her lips ..That kiss turned to passionate yet so soft ,He nibbled his lowerlip ...His hands caressing her back moving up and down the levels...
Both are broken a part by Peehu's loud voice ..
Papaaa ..It's getting late ..come sooon ..
They are panting out of the hell ..Nobody knows what happend just now ..Her cheeks flushed to the reminder of their kiss .She wiped the lipstick mark from his lips walked briskly from the spot ..
He gazed at her retreating back . shook his head in disbelief ,he will so lost in this beauty ...He smiled ,ran his own finger on lips ,feeling her lips softness.
He got up to drop her Rockstar in school..
Days passed ...One day Peehu stayed in their Nanu's house ...
Ram came back from the work ,When he wants to encircle Priya in his arms ,He heard she is yelling at Peehu ..
He walked towards her ,she was talking in the phone ..
"Peehu ,Listen how can i sleep baby ,if you are not there ..
Only today mamma plz...Aap papa ke sath so jao ...
Peehu mera bachha ...
Mamma plzz Kush hai our nutz bua hai ,we are going movie than skating than than ha resturent ..Plz mamma ..she asked very cutely
Reluctently Priya agreed and she kept the phone only to dashing Ram ...He slid his arms on her waist asked her what's happening ..
She told that Peehhu wants stay there tonight ...
She gave him towel asked him to take the shower .She will arrange dinner for both of them ..
When he is out ,No sight of Priya ..He called her out but no responce from her ...
Hmm where this madam gone at this add hour ..The banging sound of the windows made him smirk ...Ye barishh bhi na ...
He went to close the windows ..
And a beautiful site invited him.Igniting desires from the core of him ,There his love of life playing in the rain
and her white saree skinned to her body ,She is streching her hands catching the rain drops splashing on her face ..
The cool breezed sending down the chills in her ,But she doesn't care she is enjoying this after so long time..
Now Peehu is not there and Ram will be out after some time ..So she is enjoying the rain to fully ..
Somewhere she can hear the music ,She twirled herself her pallu touched his face ...She lost herself and drenching in the shower of Rain..
He closed her ...She turned one more time
As she turned her surprised face to him, their lips a few inches apart, he lifted his one hand to her face while the other rested firmly on the small of her back to brush away an irate strand of hair from her lips.. she parted them he sealed his lips with hers. Her knees weaken and Ram circled his other hand tightly around her hip to stop her fall. Their lips met with their soulmates ...
Who made the first move nobody know..He lifted her wet body in his strong arms ,Laid down on their king size bed it is waiting for their reunite from so long time..The matress invited them fully in ,She turned her side shyly ,Felt the matress sinking beside her ...
His arms running over her abdomen to turn her his side ..She refused ...His lips attacked on her bare skin of the neck ,He sucked it leaving a lovebite he continued furthur ...Cupid turn over ,the barriers were off from them ,Each turning into hot blames the 5 years longing ness is quivering them both to reach the maximum..
He squeezed her mounds ,tasted it along through...Priya you are awesome asusaul "he breathed in her
She hugged him tightly ,Her inner layers filling with his hot desire ,Her moaning doubled "Plz Dont torture me" She sighed
He slid in to her filling all her inner layers ,Welcoming the old partner .she hugged him tightly ..Tears ran down thrw her cheeks ,He kissed away the tears ...
Both drifted off to a sugary sleep solacing eachother arms... The starts shyd away clouded them with the dark ...
Snoozy morning ...Peehu knocked the door ...
Ram plz open the door na...He hugged her more tightly ..
She too hugged him back ...Both realized their nude status ,slowly the night flashes back on their minds ..
Both clutched the quilt cover them up [like they did after 12th march]
Priya :closed her eyes with love and blush ...
Ram: dazed ...
The knock reminded their duty ... She dragged the quilt over her ran to the washroom ..
Both avoided eachother maximum ,some unknow akwardness tranpired between them.
The akwardness increased when Peehu is around them...Both duffers dont know what has hapend and how to react that ..
After 45 days ,When he returned from the office ..
Priya is arguing with Krishuji about something ...
He enquired her whats was that about ...
Krishuji told "ha you are uninvited guest .."
But who is that Ram asked puzzled way ...
Priya hid behind krishuji her cheeks are flushing almost turning to red colour ..
Krishuji turned priya to him ...left from there with a smile ..
Kya priya ?? what happen ? scraching his temple...
Oh Ram ..wO .I ..Mean...
Kya priyaa ? he nudged her to tell something ??
Off she sighed and told him ..Kya Ram aap bhi na ??
Im ..Im pregnant ...He hold her near to his chest ..
What ?/ Really ..I cant believe it ... Means when we didnt i mean ..

Its 6 weeks Ram ,After our that night ...

Both reminded quiet ,they knows god has given a special gift ,Only one night they have been together still he has send the gift to them ..
They both enjoyed the second parent hood ,He fulfilled each of her craving ,and enjoyed being talking with his baby early in the morning ,late in the night , his baby kickings ,her cravings ..everything he mehsoosd ...She delivered a baby boy ...4 of them clicked a pic together ...
Perfect family no 1 ..He streched his arm to her ...
Promice ..
she confused ...closing her arm into him ...
To be together always ...
With moisten eyes ...
Sure "Promice" They hugged eachother including peehu and the new baby boy...

A promice to keep [dont know why i kept this name .it just came ,plz plz leave your comments those are energy boosters for me ,Thank you so much ]

OS -An Unwanted Marriage

The slow music echoing in her ears ,Priya excused herself from the party and walked to the balcony. Its 100th time she came to see whether his car reached or not ,She breathed ,Please God send him soon ,I want to be
with him right now ,KK patted her shoulder .

She wiped the dropping tear ,Ji Ma kahiye.
He will come dear ,You just go and rest .Will send some Juice to your room.
She left to their room.Her gaze landed on a portrait of their marriage picture.
She caressed it with her fingers and was lost in the memories.

2 years back.
"Papa" Ram's shrill voice echoed in the hospital room ,"No I can't do that "
"If you have any love,respect on me ,you have to marry this girl."His papa turned to other side of the bed and slept.

"Maaa"Ye kya hai?you are not feeling well and asking me to marry at this time ,Priya roared at her mother..
It's your wish to decide Priya ,I told my last wish..
"Maa"she closed her mouth ..Left to meet that guy ..

* * * *
Ram & Priya met at a CCD, an awkward silence was prevailing .
Both together said "I want to tell something ..."
Ram assured go ahead ..
Priya mimed ..."No you go ahead ..."
Again both blurted out at the same time "I Dont believe in marriages"

They were surprised but felt happy in their hearts that both were in the same phase ..
They discussed something and left from there to tell the news to their family members.
Everyone was happy that at last they were going to marry on this condition.

The KM was fully decorated to welcome their daughter in law .
Sharma's house was beautifully adorned with flowers to bid their daughter.
The auspicious time came ,Ram tied mangalsutra around Priya's neck ,flowers showered on them as well as blessings.

Priya entered Ram's room,Astonished to see the room all decked up as for first night ...
She slowly patted her head "Ohh I forgot this is our first night .Hmm rolling her fingers to see the man ..He was glued to his laptop working on something .

She changed her dress asked him where should Isleep sitting on right side of the bed, removing all her jewellery.He propped himself on left side , "Are you going to sleep here?next to me .."
With a naughty smile ,she came forward near to his face ,Their breaths intermingling with each other .

Kya ?? why shouldn't i sleep here ,After all its our first night , he swallowed hard .
You forgot our condition ..He stammered ...
She smiled at him and closed her eyes for rest as she was very tired of all the marriage works ,With in a second she drifted off to sleep .

He gazed at her shockingly ..He too drifted off tosleep in the midst of time ..

Both got ready in the morning went to meet up lawyer ,Vikram & Neha were already waiting .
Ram hugged both of them , Priya said hi to them ..

Neha chipped as usual .Priya kya hai ? you are glowing!! hmm winking at her ..
Kya Neha???
Ram "Chaliye"
Yah ..all went inside ...Lawyer Handedover him the papers ,Both signed and gave them to Vikram & Neha to sign on them as witness!!

Both bursted out "Divorce " Ye kya hai Ram, our Priya ap bhi ,aise kaise..
Raya looked at each other ..
We...we don't want to marry ,Just for my father I married he answered ..
For my mother's health I've married priya retorted ..

Anyway I am not going to stay here my new formula work is still pending , I have to stay in USA for an year or so .In the mean time i can get divorce from Ram !!

VikNeha shocked ..
Vikram doubtfully asked , Ram "you have cracked the deal with John's company right "

Yes .. so" he was confused ..
Vikram lips curved into smile ,"Ohh so you have to work in USA for an year for our company ,Your dad made all decisions and bought a house for you and Priya to stay."

Priya was just dumbfounded hearing this .Vikram and Neha argued but RAYA won the battle.Unwillingly they signed on them and left from there ..

Neha "Vikram ,can we tell to aunt about this "
"No Neha ,not now
..well marriages are made in heaven ,Don't know why god made them a pair"looking their retreating figures ,He sighed .
Raya were in shock .Their plan was almost spoiled .

They have to stay together from now on .Soon they flew off from India to live separately in their house.
They reached their house in USA ..It was simple and small house with single bedroom.
He very well knows it was all planned by their parents as they too know that they married unwillingly .

They both smiled at each other ..So Priya all the best for your work ..
Thank you and all the best for your work too Golu.

Hey be in your limits don't call me by that ..
Our kya kahu mai ? Golu ko golu hi kehthe hai ??

Oh shut up you Hitler ?
What mai our Hitler ,you shut up .
First you started, coming near to her. Stop there ,still he was approaching her.

I hate you Mr ..
Oh do you think i love you ...God i just hate you girl ..

I too hate you ...She Stormed off to washroom..
When she came out ,he was yelling at his mother ,where is the cook what is this mom , why you fired him .God you know i cant eat this food .I want Indian food ma,that too hath ka bana khana .

KK:Toh kya !!Priya hai na waha pe?
R:Kaun Priya ? why she will cook ? Doesn't she have any other work .Kk:Because she is your wife!!
Ram almost spilled out that i am not married but paused himself seeing signaling Priya .

Okk ma i will see what can i do .bye ..
He gazed at her angrily ,walked past to kitchen ..
He cracked the eggs to cook an omlette.He burnt his hand while doing it .
"AAah"Ram moaned with pain.
Priya rushed there taking the pan from him ,She put his finger under running water.
P:Can't you see Ram!! See its almost vialed up.Keeping an ice cube on his finger .
She made an omlette ,served him tearing it in pieces with fork.
He murmured "Thank you " Tasted it ,Its really tasty he said to himself.

She quickly made dinner ,arranged it on table ,called him for dinner .
He sat calmly asked her .Do you know cooking??
Hmm unfortunately I know cooking ,she too sat with him for dinner ..Both ate ,drifted off tosleep ..

The days were flying.Its almost a month ,Their day started with fight and ended with fight..
Good morning[ I hate to see him by my side she said to herself],wishing him
Good morning [god I hate to see her by my side he said to himself],wishing her

Both went to their work .
Ram came back to home after the work
.Surprised to see Priya sleeping in an awkward manner in the sofa .He checked her temperature it seemed to be little high.
She looked so fragile ,petite and very pale ...He has serene feeling when he saw her ..

He leaned on her caressing her hairs planted a gentle kiss on her forehead.
He jolted back ,Oh Ram what are you doing man ,Don't loose your self , don't get tied up in this relation ship.He swept off from there laid her on the bed covered with a quilt .

He prepared their dinner with his least cooking skills.
She lazily opened her eyes found she was on her bed ..Startled ,wondered how she came there ..
Good evening madam !!If you can change and come.
she cut him in between Oh i forgot to cook ,Give me 5 mins I will make it
fast ,You must be hungry ,She scrunched in pain clutching her stomach ..

What happened Priya ? Nothing ,I am coming .She rushed to wash room.
Closed her eyes, tears rolled down .Ohh again this monthly pain ..She freshened up ,washed and come back to kitchen .
Stopped in midway by his call..Madam !!! Can you please have a seat ,moving a chair by dining table.

She surprised to see that dinner was ready ..
Aap ...
Shh he served her and himself too ...
She tasted it ,It's good Ram ...
He tasted it ,its not that much good ..
What Priya !!Is it nice ..It's not that much good ,he pouted

Its nice Ram,I like it ..
He silently ate looking at her .She is different today ,She is not retorting back ,not fighting ,not taunting why ? why ?
She cleared the plates directly went to the bed.Its an unusual thing again,she will atleast walk for 10 mins ..

Why ? what happened??
He slid beside her ,wanted to touch her ,wanted to ask her what was her problem ,But its beyond imagination .
His train of thoughts broke when the side mattress gaining up .
She was going to washroom again .This is the 2nd time in 10 mins ..

Wasnt she feeling well ,But why she was hiding it from me? I am her husband damn it ??
turned himself to other side,He could see her clearly ,she slid again clutching her stomach tightly rolling around ,Unable tosleep .

When a warm hand was placed on her tummy ,she tried to free from his grip .
But his head crooked up on her hair ,His hand possessively encircled her into him .
She struggled a bit to release his grip but failed ,and his patting on her tummy made her soothen her monthly pain..

The more she struggled,the more he caressed her tummy...She snuggled closer to him,feeling his warmth ness and snoozed tsleep.
Their up and down fights growing their relation ship more but still they were contended to get divorce .

4months passed ,Priya waswaiting for him eagerly ,Her heart is racing fast like a horse ,sensing something was going to happen .She called him 10th time,It was unreachable .
she slumped on chair ,Oh Ram plz ek baar call karo na.
She was pacing up and down in their room ..
When her phone rang ,Her lips curved into smile seeing the flashing name ..
Hello Ram I hate you , why you are not calling me , Im waiting for you ..
Madam ,please excuse me ,a male American slang wished her ..

H..Hii ,sorry , Can you pass this phone to my husband plz..
American:Oh Im sorry to say this but madam there is a big accident near the bridge ,Don't know where is your husband i just got his phone near the car ,We
shifted all the people to ,Mary hospital , could you please go and find out and i will drop this cell phone with police you can collect from them ..

She was dumbfounded !! What was it !! she felt earth is crashing under her feet. Why my knees are quivering under the weight of my body .My heart fluttering for him , Why is it so ? If something happens to him ??That thought was dreadful for her ,she closed her eyes winced in pain,Rushed to Mary hospital,while her tears were flowing .

She searched all the rooms,But she didn't find him, There is only one room left ,that is morgue ,She collapsed on the ground crying copiously ..
Why Ram why you left me ?? All alone ...crying uncontrollably ..
She remebred all her fighting with Ram!! She yelped in pain ..

Ram ??? Where are you ??She hit her head to the wall ,What I should answer to your mother ..
I said I will take care of you ...Crying copiously ..God I want him back please ..

Priya ?? His voice echoed in her ears ..

Her vision clouded by tears ,Ram!! she gasped ...
Ha why you are here ? what happened?
She threw herself in his arms ,Searching for any wounds .
Are ..Are you Ok Ram? They said that .I mean ..she swallowed hard ..

Ram can so imagine what she must have gone through..
He was ok except for a bruise on his forehead .
She hit him on his chest hardly ..
Where the hell is your mobile,How scared i am you know ,If something happens to you how amI gonna survive ..

You idiot ,stupid ,don't you think of calling and inform me about the situation ..She narrated how she got to know about the incident .
I'm scared to death ,Hugging him tightly ..He too hugged her back assuring everything was ok ...

They were back to home ,She made all his favourites ,not letting him go for a seond far from her eye sight .
Ram made her lie down turned to leave ..She clutched his kurtha tightly . Please don't leave me ...
She slid his hands in his arm , slept off .

Ram was in mixture of thoughts ,What was happening between them ..
Why was he longing for her ,Why her cries teared my heart .Why I see her when i close my eyes ..Why ? why ?
He has seen her trembling figure when she hugged him ,He very well knows how she feared about the incident ..His train of thoughts were broken by Priya's stirring .
He adjusted her near to him,giving a feathery kiss on her hairs drifted off to sleep .
Few days passed ,They were all ready to go out side ..
They heard a knock on the door ,Ram I will check you finish it with your tie and come soon.

she opened the door to find a postal boy with an envelope ,She took it from him , read the letter while her tears were brimming in her eyes, she managed to read the letter ..
Why madam is strucked? what was it for ?? He read from her back side.

That was their divorce papers framing that they can happily be separated .
She slowly sat on a chair near to her ..
He took the letter from her ,There was an awkward silence prevailing in the room.
I should do some thing ,Life is too short ,Patting himself back

He broke the silence "Hmm Priya why can't we journey together all our life?"
Did she hear correctly ,She disbelieved the fact ,But her legs moved to his figure ..
Seeing her tears ,He murmured if you are not ok with it ..

He stopped in midway seeing her lips curving into a big grin ..
He opened his arms for her ,She cosily slid into them giving a bear tight wali hug to him .
His face touching hers ,His lips were inches away from her ...

He murmured "I love you "
Before her reply he took her lips in a passionate kiss , His hands roamed on her dips & curves .
Making their love life beautiful ,They have become husband and wife in true sense .
He wiped away her tears ,murmuring a quick sorry in her ears ..
Pulled her on his chest he too drifted off to sleep with his soul mate.
They haven't turned back to see the past .Still the fights are going as usual .They returned back to India after her work .

She enjoyed the bliss of being elder daughter in law.Every one pampered her alot as she was the apple of their eyes .Two years turned so easily .
She cleared from her thoughts when she heard a screech sound but she hasn't cared .

Two months Ram ..Its been 2 months you left me ,tears rolled down from her cheeks.
She closed her eyes ...
A pair of hands blindfolded her .she whispered Rammm ...
Turned herself to him ,Hugged him tight ..
He gave a million dollar smile to her ,"What happened? why these tears??"looking at his hands ..

Nothing I missed you badly ..
Sweety im calling you every day and coming to video chat ,Still you missed me ,giving a naughty smile ..
Ramm she hit on his chest ."I love you "
Hmm 10 ..9 ..8 ..7..6 ..5
she rushed to the room ,he followed her quickly calling Priya ...

4. 3 ..2 ..1 ..
"Happy birthday Dear Ram "& Happy new year ...
He thrilled seeing the cake and decoration ..
She made him to cut the cake ,both fed each other ..
So where is my gift he asked her ..
She blushed ...Hmm I may not give you right now but ..

But i will claim what is mine ,Nuzzling her neck planting a kiss on crook of her neck ..
Please Ram ,losing in his charm ..
Kya Priya ,Always you stop me,Today i will claim all these 2 months ka dose also ..

She rested back her head on his chest ...
Ram wo..mai..
Priya ..kya wo ..mai ..bolo na,..[Possessively encircled her in his embrace]
Her cheeks turned to almost beet root color ..God how I should tell him ..

Wo ,Im giving promotion to you Ram ..
Promotion kaun sa???
Dropping a kiss on her forehead ,She lifted her finger to show him..
His gaze turns towards where she was pointing ..
He looked at his child hood picture in a big sized frame ,Priya used to tell him always when I come to know i'm pregnant ,I will make this big one and will gaze at the picture daily so that the coming one also will look like you ...

Her voice echoed in his ears ..
He disbelivingly asked her "Is it true "
She nodded her head affirmatively and shyly turned her face to avert his gaze.
planted a kiss on her cheek ,Thank you Priya ,Thank you so much for this wonderful gift ,This is my best birthday gift ever .

They claimed that night in their love bliss clearing their Two months longingness. The stars witnessed their love wishing them Happy life, they dimmed their shining to give the darkness for their endless love.The room filled with her moans & his gasps .

Drifted off to a deep slumber after filling two months of longingness.
Its drizzling ,the wind soothend up their warm bodies ,welcoming a fresh morning ..