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PART-73 Sirf Meri Ho

Sruthi : Now I deserve your friendship , to save you from his assault I killed my so-called husband ,her face became red with anger , I killed him.. Priya was astonished please don't think that you are a sinner, be happy with Ram , he is the best example for husband ..
Sister : Please only one person should be here .
Priya : Nodding her head , leaving her hand bidding bye to Sruthi's parents she came out of the room, the hospital and the parking lot. She sat dumbly in the car .
Ram drove the car from the hospital. He was worried seeing Priya's blankness, he waited for her to speak up mean while he messaged to someone . Fifteen minutes passed with this silence
He called her softly :Priya...
Priya: Silence
Ram: Priya ...a bit louder ...
Priya:Huh ... she gazed at him coming out from her thoughts ..
Ram: Now came into the line of hospital ..What happened? Yo..You okay , seeing her red blood eyes staring at him his voice stumbled , he parked the car infront of the hospital. She got down with him ,headed to the doctor's cabin. Priya's mind hovered a million turns of thoughts in this gap ,her steps were very lazy . When they reached Dr.Aruna's cabin...
Dr.Aruna: What happened Ram ,what was that message ,what happened to Priya , whe..
Her words stopped in between when she saw Priya behind Ram walking dazedly .
Ram : Briefed  to doctor what has happened when they met Sruthi. All the while Priya was silent .
Dr.Aruna: She poured water in a glass ,passed it to Priya , she gulped down some and kept it on the table. "So priya how are you feeling these days?" [ sometimes even the professionalsits also don't know how to take up the case so asusaul she started with this question ]
Priya: Gazed at her with her black eyes filled with the teary lines. F..Fine she spelled utmost softly.
Ram: He was very eagerly waiting for her to speak up something otherwise his brain was going to blast off at any moment.
Dr. Aruna: Why you are so silent? Is something bothering you?
Priya was still silent ...
Ram: Kya hua Priya kuch tho bathao ..I am dying with your silence..
Dr,Aruna: It's ok priya , you can share with us ,what's bothering you ,she held priya's hand in hers.
Ram: He lost his patience and shrugged Priya , what exactly are you thinking ?
Priya her tears brimmed the sight infront of her both were trying to know her feelings .
Her ears are  ringing with their questions..
What happened Priya [his concern and anger mingled tone ]
Priya kuch to bathao [ Dr.Arunas questionnaire ]
She stood from the chair suddenly , forcedly gripping her hair with her hands she yelled at he top of her lungs "will you just stop shooting  your questions.."
Both went silent , they stood like statues infront of her and listening to her.
What , haa  what you want to know , turning to his side , holding his lapels of shirt 
"Kya prove karna chahthe ho aap Ram "
Ram: Ky..kya..mat..matlab..
Priya : Kya , ohhh aap ko patha nahin aap kya karna chahthe ho?
Ram: Equally raged along with her ,shrugging her  keeping his hands on her shoulders
"Mai kya prove karna chahtha hoon bathao"
Dr.Aruna sensed the heat between them , Ram control yourself , let her tell.
In between Priya turned to her , what you two want to know now ha..
My husband requested Sruthi to tell something that happened , whether it happened or not I don't even have any Idea and you people are hiding something from me and Im unable to get what it is, Do you even know how Im feeling , Its pathetic for me , my each cell is scrunching inside with pain what I have gone through that day ,and wait wait ..why Sruthi mentioning about sinner etc etc, because My great husband told her to tell something unique that nothing has happened, hai na?
Ram: How I should tell you Priya ,whatever happened there she said to you
Priya: Achha , then why she mentioned sinner part?
Ram: Huh Priya... Priya today morning as usual we chatted for sometime so in that I told her you ran away from home by mistakenly and for that I had to tell what happened with you and me nothing else.
Priya : Ohhh a big round of applauds for you , why you are trying to prove it as LIE which happened TRUE she cried ...I know I was not in my senses at that time , but please tell me the truth her body leaned against Ram , her agony awakened like a jolt and it transformed into her weakness.
Dr.Aruna as well as Ram stunned to see her reaction like this ..
Priya: Please tell me what happened ...
Ram: What will you do after listening the truth ha..what you will do?
Dr.Aruna was about to stop him , But he already went on
Ram: Whatever Sruthi told is TRUTH but you won't accept ,why ...why the hell do you need to know truth the bloody truth we are telling you, but madam isn't accepting..
Priya: Because I am dying inside keeping this pain in my heart , I don't want to live, I am getting mad day by day ,leave me alone but you are not leaving me, every second my heart is fluttering with the fear ,I don't want to live ..Kill me she cried copiously, when her body itself was senselessly falling from Ram.
Ram anger raised to its peak ,ok you want to die ha..come he dragged her with him.
Dr.Aruna was about to stop him , but it was not easy to stop a ragingbull he flowed away from there with Priya ..
Priya as too stunned to react anything like this from her husband .. she was just dragged by her husband to their car, he made her sit in the car he locked  the seat belt to her ..
Ram taking the driving seat  he drove off from there very harshly ,The pace of car increasing min by min
Priya shaken up by the speed , wh..wh..what are you doing ??
Ram: You said na you want to die , WE are going to die ..
Priya : She hasn't expected this from him , she tried to stop him pulling his arm , please Ram don't do this to yourself , please  ..But the meter velocity increased to 120kph. Her heart palpitated, she clutched the seat tightly because of the speed , she was unable to catch any glimpse of anything from outside because of swiftness of their car. The car came out of the city and it was going toward outskirts. Ram cell was buzzing with non stop rings but he was not in a mood to pick up the call .
Ram was about to collide with other vehicle but luckily he managed to get out from that hit.
Priya shouted please will you stop hurting yourself ,  decrease the speed of the car right away Mr.Ram kapoor  .
Ram : You wanted this na then why you are getting panic huh .. He raised a bit more its almost 150 speed..
Priya : Please I beg of you , don't do this to yourself .. Her tremors crawled all over her body seeing Ram's madness .
Ram: Priya I love you , I love you so much a lone tear drop escaped by his corner of eye, this road is going to end our life long journey turned  into one year of journey . I  wanted to build my family with you upchh atleast let me die with you .
Priya :  Was dumbstuck , her mind went back to Neel's words ,"wipe your tears fight with the situation, for your family, for your husband .."
Ram : Now his tears were continuously running from his eyes, "before that I wanted to tell you onething , you are as pure as divine and wo kids .. Twins the" his voice choked , he was about tell her pregnancy in between.
Priya remembered all her talks with her man , her kids , her family ,they dreamed off so many things but they were going to end their lifes this way .. No no no no..
Realization strucked her that they were nearing to end ...
Ram I love you , don't do this to OURself , I want a baby , I want to make our family , please stop the car , I love you so much ,please don't this to ourself , i am mad ,i am really mad..
Will you stop the car pleaseee I want to make our family with you pleaseee,  I wont repeat this again , I love you she cried, closed her face with her palms and cried again.
Ram's ears sinked with what Priya said  in a swift mode he took U turn off the road and slowly the speed got reduced and  it came to halt .
Ram wiped his tears, Priya pulled her belt , hugged him as tightly as she can , I love you , taking his face in her shaking palms she kissed all over his face ,touching his forehead with her's she cried with him
"Iam Sorry " I was just over reacted thinking that you told Sruthi to tell like this I am sorry ,sobs Im sorry ,If anything happens to you I cant live Ram I can't , you are a good man , you should be happy always, in her sobs she said all these, he took her in his lap completely. She hugged him tightly both let their tears out. They were there in each others embrace for some time.
Priya : Broke the hug , he might be feeling uncomfortable ,He gazed at her ,she tried to come out of his grip , he pulled her close to him.
Ram: Kya hua? he asked her
Priya: Nahi ,wo Its uncomfortable hai na .So am getting up.
Ram: Laughingly helped her , I am your teddy bear na I can bear your weight, making her sit on the other side of the seat .
Priya: She stared at him, I said because its an uncomfortable position .
Ram: Ha baba I too said that I can bear your weight . Both smiled ..
[I hope I did justice to this part , He is also a human being , whatever he was trying to tell her ,she was mistaking him , Im not telling its correct But this is our human psychology , I want to show here and about her miscarriage she will come to know in future updates. Priya is in vulnerable stage right now ,Ram very well knows about her that's why he is hiding the news from her , It will definitely effect her. Okay stay tuned for future updates how she gonna know the news and how the things changed between the couple and Priya will come to know nothing happened to her also in future updates let it be like this for a while please understand and wait for the updates ]
They both drove back to Kapoor Mansion, while coming he gave message to Dr.Aruna and Vikram that they were safe going back to KM.. Both were silent all the while driving stealing glances to each other thinking what transpired between them a hour ago .
Priya in her heart : Love you Ram, I can't loose you , you proved me again that you are a man with golden heart.
Ram in his heart : Priya love you sweety , if you have not said  "Don't do this to OURself " it could have been worst , don't talk like yours and mine ever again..he sighed thinking this
Both reached back to KM with lots of thoughts running through their brains ,the security gaurds were alerted when Priya entered home . She pissed off seeing a lady security guard following her .she entered the room and shut the door tightly ...
Ram knocked the door , she opened it.
Ram: why you closed the door
Priya : ufff why all these security gaurds send them .
Ram: Nahi tho?
Priya : Uff they are irritating me , please
Ram: I know when I have to send them off , you change and come, we will have dinner
Priya: I wont change until you send them.
Ram: achha coming close to her , why you are acting , tell me na "Ram change the dress for me " I will happily do it ,why you making a bahana for it , trying to open her zip .
Priya : (Shy) walking to the changing room ,noo I will change , she changed and came to the room meanwhile he has arranged the dinner table for them.
Priya : Drying her face with a towel , she sat on the bed, immediately sleep engulfed her.
Ram: Who came from washroom , smiled to see Priya lying down on the bed in an awkward manner. "Utho Priya , aren't you hungry?"
Priya: Sone do na Ram please..
Ram: Have your dinner and sleep.
Priya : Thak gayi hoon,please..
Ram : Main bhi , he thought of waking her up after sometime , so he went to talk with Vikram.
Vikram: Receiving his call , ye kya hai Ram , how many times I have called you and what happened in the hospital, is Priya ok now?
Ram : wait ..wait wait ..let me tell you clearly , he explained what happened when they were with Sruthi and how oppositely Priya reacted to the truth .
Vikram: Upchh ,Its ok Ram, as a female she might be having so many ill feelings towards these types of assault , we might be thinking its easy to take away the pain , but it woud be very hard to do that. You tried your level best, but just give her some more time. Then what happened? Where have you taken her?
Ram: I have taken her to the last drive of our lives.
Vikram: Matlab?
Ram explained what he did.
Vikram : Pagal hogaya hai kya, koi aise kartha hai kya ? he showed his concern mingled with anger to his friend.
RAm:  Our main kya kartha Vikram , wo bole ja rahi thi, bole ja rahi thi, muzhe kuch bolne ki mauka nahi de rahi thi, aur agar bolun toh she was taking it wrong . I was about to tell [peeping back into the room ] twins issue bhi before that she confessed that she wanted to live with me so I stopped the car .
Vikram: Sweetly scolded Ram for his anger and  the swift descion in that , it should not be handled the way you had , if anything happened , if Priya had not realized what you are expecting , you two had been ...ohhh its hard to think also , first you try to reduce your anger ,, give her thoda time , its not your business deal to happen in the way you think ..
Its life , and you thought she may believe Sruthi , but after all this happened she thought you might have made Sruthi to tell her this and you didn't give time to her analyse what Sruthi told to her .
Just listen to me and give her time, bear her equity and agony for few days.
Ram:Heaving a sigh he said Yes ..
Both hung up the call and Ram said he will come to their home tomorrow to work out the plan.
Then he called to Sudhir , explained what happened and told that he wants to keep her busy .
Vikram was worried for his anger and the way he behaved just few hours ago.
Neha: Kya hua baby , ithne upset kyun ho?
Vikram explained what has happened between Ram and Priya
Neha too was equally scared.
Vikram explained the plan also that their kids has to go for tution to KM and that Priya would teach them.
Neha: I will happily handover my kids to her ,chodo ,,,our shaithans will make hell for her atleast those two hours ..
Ram entered their room , he called Priya but there was no answer from that side ,by this time she has gone to deep slumber ..
He took her head in his lap ,she was sleeping so peacefully , kissing her palm he asked her to get up , she mumbled something inaudible and slept again  ,he tried few more times . But  she was really in deep slumber. As she wasn't getting up he too drank the juice called Bansikaka to clear the table .
He remembered she has to take her medicines and ointment too , he woke her up again but no use  .He slowly removed her nighty with lots of effort as she wasn't cooperative , he turned her to a side and applied the ointment. He washed his hands and came back to room , by that time the ointment has dried up , he wanted to make her wear nighty , but she curled into ball position sleeping away to glory .
Ram covered her with a bedsheet kissing her forehead he engrossed in his work and in the midnight he too joined with her in the bed ..
The sun rays were peeping in to the green room from the sleeks of curtains. She scrunched her eyes when the sun rays hit on her face, turned to otherside his hand posesively held her ,when she turned this side , he made her pull more to him ,she felt his hot breath ,feeling his warmthness a broad grin automatically dropped on her lips "Good Morning " She wished him still closing her eyes , he too wished back opening her eyes she gazed at him .
Priya : Why would you increase the AC after I fall asleep?
Ram : Chuckled seeing her pout ,ab kya hua?
Priya : I haven't slept properly yesterday night ..
Ram: Hawww you slept without having dinner and I tried to woke you up but you were in your dreamland.
Priya: Bit her lower lip and spelled sorry to him .
Ram: Hugged her more tightly ,why you slept so early?
Priya:Woo ..neend aagayi ,muzhe patha bhi nahi chala main kab so gayi ,she downcasted her eyes found her upper torso exposed a bit more.
Ram: Accha..
Priya: Found herself nude, she pulled the duvet near to her neck ,kya hua kal raat?
Ram: Kuch nahi ,kya... kya hua?
Priya: Nahi ..wo ..mere kapdee..she asked him with utmost cute face..
Ram: Chuckled seeing her cute face ..
Priya : Boliye na she gazed at him.
Ram:  Hugging her more closer to him , his fingers were dangerously moving on her back.
She closed her eyes , I detached your clothes from you to apply ointment ,
Priya : Then?
Ram : After that I wanted to dress you up , but you hugged me tightly with the desire but I said you to sleep.
Priya : Her cheeks turned to red , I didn't
Ram : What you didn't , i am telling you na , so I gripped you like this , he squeezed her hip with his another hand , she arched her neck with the sensation building in her , he kissed her neck ardently ,her hands trimmed his hair ,he bit her on her shoulder , she moaned out his name .
He hovered on her raising her hands above her head , her mounds bulged up in the process , his lips devilishly attacked her sweet rounds one after another making her legs snake around his waist . She felt him on her need , she gazed at him he was relishing her ni**les ,she pulled him to near her face kissed him feverishly , he was squeezing her in exact points , that she was twisting her body the way he wants. They heard a bang on the door suddenly , both jolted back to the reality , she immediately pulled off from him covered the bedsheet around her.
Ram: Huh .. whats happening huh he gazed at her ,she downcasted her eyes ,
Priya : When they heard the bang again , she asked him to open the door. Handing her nighty to her he moved on to open the door .after Priya settled herself in bed he opened the door .
Nuts : Jumped with his son making a way from his bhai , kya  hua bhai , its going to be 8 abhi tak soye hai aap?
Ram: Ruffling his hair , kya hai ye? seeing her son
Nuts:Handing  her son to Priya , bhabhi wo kya hai na , I got a good project so have to design so many for that , I will be busy , so  please don't mind, take care of him ,I will be back in the evening to take him .
Karthik: Landed there with his son's luggage.
Ram :Kya mammyji aur papa nahi hai kya , why you are asking Priya to look after him?
Priya: Ram.. glared at him ...He downcasted his eyes ..
Karthik : Ha jiju , woh kya hai na , Mom would be busy in maintaining the house and dad can't look after alone na isiliye . He winked at Ram, both come out of the room , Jiju yesterday you said to papa we should keep Priyadi busy ,so we all discussed and we decided ki we will leave our son with di ,thaki she will have time pass and busy bhi rahegi.
Ram: Hugged Karthik and said thanks a ton.
Nuts who came there, for me too ,Ram hugged her too kissing her forehead , he said thanky ou so much .
Nuts : Koi baath nahi bhai , if bhabhi  will recover soon with the busy schedule,and our son also makes her come out of that trauma means what else do we want.
Both left after giving instructions to Priya about the cute one's moodswings . Priya played with him sometime and forgot rest of the world . Mean while Ram got ready and came to the room ,still Priya was telling some sweet nothings to the baby boy. He had a serine feeling seeing Priya in a her disheveled state making bubbly talk with him , he was holding her mangalsutra in his tiny fingers trying to pull it towards him. Priya smiling at his antics was taking that from him ,but the boy again got hold of her mangalsutra with his hand and was trying to play with it.
Priya: Aap ko pasand aaya kya ,ye Appki mamu ne..
Ram: Who came by that time haa champ , I only tied to your aunt , removing his hand from mangalsutra he spelled it , both Raya looked at eachother.
Again the boy caught the mangalsutra , both laughed in unison,.
Ram: Don't lean on him then he cant catch the mangalsutra .
Priya : Some one is getting jealous haa .. she smiled meekily ,,
Ram: Nahi .. common taking the champ in his hands , see im I jealous kya , you tell to your aunt ,
Ram uncle iss choo nice , he kissed his cheek, they boy gave his cute smile when he felt Ram's unshaved beard tickled him .. raised his both tiny hands to hold Rams face .Heyy see he is smiling , Priya smiled seeing his talk with baby , she said achha theek hai app dono play now I will go and take shower , my stomach is grumbling, sayinf this she left from there ..
After few secondss Ram called her standing at the bathroom door , she turned off the shower and asked him
"What Ram , kya hua " wiping water from her face .
Ram : Wo he is smelling ...
Priya : Kya ..confusedly
Ram: I think you should change the diaper .
Priya: Smiled at his answer change kariye na ,I will take time.
Ram: Sulkily went to change his diaper ,after few seconds he again knocked the door.
Priya: Kya hai? she yelled at from her place
Ram: What I should wear now ,here there are two types of diapers.
Priya: Two types of diapers ,she peeped from the washroom ,asked her to show.
Ram: He showed them ,she smiled at him
Priya: Ram ufff  you can read the name , uff that pack is diapers and this blueone is wipes.
Ram: But both are same company ...
Priya: Hmmm Ram, go and change the diaper, where did you keep him by the way?
Ram: On our bed
Priya: Okay go now ..
After few secs ...He knocked the door again.
Priya: Ab kya hai Ram
Ram: He is crying ...
Priya: Natasha has kept the lactogen milk bottle beside my bed , try to feed him.
After few seconds he knocked the door again.
Priya: Ab kya hai Ram ...she  opened the door wearing a bathrobe with wet hair, water was dripping from her hair as well as limbs too , she might not have wiped fully  .
Seeing Ram's stare she walked past behind him wiping her hair wih another towel. She looked at the baby , he was in sound sleep by now.
Turning to Ram ab kyun aaye aap?
Ram: umm..woo I thought you might need help so I came  to ask .
Priya:Ohh Thank you so much for your help while i was bathing ,you helped me so much, mumbling Golu..
Ram: How come I know , what is what , how to do it..
Priya: Turning his side , uff don't you know difference between wipes and diapers pack .
Ram:Nahi toh ...Making her sit infront of the mirror , he took dryer from the other side and started drying her hair , taking each lap of her hair and drying ,she closed her eyes while he was drying her hair ,It was so soothening to her , When she clicked the sound of switch off.
She pleaded him our thoda time ,still closing her eyes
Ram switched on , dried her hair making her feel good . After some time  Priya realized he has to go to office so she opened her eyes stared at him through mirror and he was staring at her enjoying her moments .she bit  her bottom lip , Enough Ram ..
Ram : He switched it off , whispered in her ear ,you are looking so beautiful, kissing her cheek he left from there . Both had their breakfast. Ram headed to office room atleast to day he want to make his plan work and he was happy that now Priya would be busy with the kid .

PART-72 Sirf Meri Ho

She walked swiftly and sat on the bed murmuring herself , Tumahare bhai bhi na
Rishab : Kya hai mere bhai ... he is so handsome you know  bahuth caring bhi ..isiliye 
Priya : Don't defend your bhai .. what is this ...closing her mouth hawww body guards in home ,...
Uff  Ram is too much .. while fiddling with pillow she was sweetly scolding him ..
Rishab was laughing hearing her bhabhi's talk .
Her mobile ringed with a shrill voice .. both startled and laughed . She answered the call and heard a handsome voice very lovingly  calling her name  from the other side.
Priya : Haa tell Ram
Ram: How are you feeling now? had your lunch or not ?
Priya: I just had mine , what about you ?
Before Ram answered Rishab hushed her security gaurds , you were angry on bhai before this call.
Ram: Koun hai ??
Priya : Smilingly Rishab ,who will be there she spurred her question back .
Ram: Nahi ,umm im not telling ..i mean I just asked who was it ?? he mumbled
Priya : Aap ne lunch kiya kya?
Ram: Nahi, i am going to have now, waiting for Vikram ,wo kya hai  na , I want a favour from you , I will take you outside so please be ready by 6 .
Priya: Hmm woh ... jaana zaroori hai kya ??
Ram: Bahuth zaroori hai , you will like it ,don't worry.
Priya : Ok I will be ready,  she heard Vikram's voice.
Rishhab ,,, bhabhi you were angry on bhai for security guards arrangement .
Priya :yuup .. woo 
Before her answer Ram said her ok sweety I will call you later ,get ready by the time ok ..Love you.
Priya: Thank you ..she blushed and kept the call
Ram: Waited for her reply but he sensed her blush and hung up the call
Vikram: Shall we eat , Im damn hungry yaar ..
Ram: His thoughts were wondered abour doctors words ..keep her busy ..keep her busy how he is going to do that ...
Vikram: Waved his hand infront of Ram ... Ram was back to this world.
Ram: Ha sorry you were telling something ??
Vikram: Nahi , I want to listen from you ,what are you thinking ??
Ram: Today i am going to take Priya to meet Sruthi, so just nervous about it.
Vikram : Ram don't worry , sub kuch theek hojayega jaldi.
Ram: Briefly explained what doctor told him and to keep her busy what I should do...
Vikram : We will do something , don't worry , you know your love for Priya that itself will clear all the mess,I know what all are you are going through but right now you should be strong , you have to take care of her. Whatever happened it's a bitter truth and we can't wipe it off just like that , at the same time we should not live in the past , Priya is a very sensitive girl she will take time to comeout of all this ,and as doctor said if you keep her busy she might not get all the thoughts ..
Ram after talking with him was relieved  and both started their lunch.
While having it , Vikram said to Ram, If Priya has sent the lunch box ,t hat will be filled with all healthy ,this bansikaka na kuch bhi pack karte hai ..he smirked at Ram .
Ram smiled hearing Vikram...
Soon Neha called to Vikram complaining about her daughter Riddhima and son Rohan. Vikram was pacifying her but she spitted all her anger in phone and kept the call with out listening to Vikram.
Vikram : Ye tumahari friend na azeeb hai Ram.
Ram: Kya hua ?
Vikram : Are yaar, Rohan and Riddhima were weak in some subjects ,we got a report from school , Neha was upset and she was taking all her anger on me ..
Ram: Laughing loudly , why don't you join them in some tution.
Vikram : Are bhai , its not one subject na , so in this city we are hardly getting the teachers for each subject , who will teach altogether and there is no security too Vikram fussed about the issue ..
Ram : Are bhai what happened to Neha ,she can teach na ...
Vikram : Hmmm she will be busy na looking after house and all ,it wont be possible for every day
Ram: His mind flashed an idea .. Vikram ...
Vikram: Fiddling with phone he asked kya hai , koi solution hai tumare pass seeing Ram's smiley face ...
Ram: Why don't you send your kids to our home , Priya will teach them ...
Vikram : Wow..wonderful Idea  Ram ... but at this time will Priya agree for this ..
Ram : Wo chodo yaar , she will agree.  see after meeting with Sruthi we will come to your home at that time you and Neha fight regarding this , then I will tell there Priya will teach them  ,winking at his eye he through a smile to Vikram.
Vikram : Baap re you are tho pakka business man .. definitely , thank you ...both drowned in their work.
In KM Krishna ji entered with bansikaka, kaka kept the jucie and medicines tray and he went off.
Krishnaji : Rishab is irritating you kya Priya ?
Rishab pouted..
Priya: No no ma, he is good just talking about his project. She drank it and gulped the medicines.
While talking with them she slept off unknowingly .
After some time Ram mobile beeped ...
He received the call at last ring ...Without seeing the screen he said hello..
From that side : Hello ,how many times I called you .why you are not picking up the call the girl frowned.
Ram: Hamm madam wait wait ,then he saw the name.
Sorry Neel was busy , what happened anything serious ??
Neel: Nahiii , nothing serious .. common man I helped you and you just left me without letting me know any details and Priyu called in the morning [by hearing her name he got a grin on his face.]and she asked me meet her in KM...Thank god I was with full sense so I cleverly asked you were miles away from me then she talked a bit normally ...
Ram: So ...why did you called me ?
Neel: Hawww  how easily you are asking why I called you ? Common tell me , did you tell her that I have helped you , if so she is not going to leave me ...
Ram: Smiled loudly [the Rams special wali smile ,its beyond words so cant explain]
Neel : Huh
Ram: ok ok baba sorry , first of all thank you so much , second I haven't tell your Priyu anything about our meet or you revealed it , third i am The Ram Kapoor after knowing the issue from you , I don't want to make her upset so I allowed her travel by arranging another bus and when she woke up and stepped outside of the bus she herself found infront of KM and by that time I called every family member to show her strength. She cant just ran away from all these relationships so easily , and I think she did understand that , now you talk with her normally thaki you should not get caught by your own words .
Neel: Had a very broad grin on her face, hearing how he managed her friend ..
Ram : You there ..
Neel: Coming back to her thoughts .. huh sorry .you were telling something
Ram: Yah so when are you going to meet her?
Neel: Hmm at 3pm. I will finish my college so in another hour I will be in your home .
Ram : Ok .hmmm swirling the paper wait in his hands umm...
Neel: Is there anything to tell .
Ram: Umm actually I want to take Priya to Sruthi today so I told her I will take her out but didn't mention about visiting Sruthi , so i am thinking when you will be there I wanna call her and tell so she will be prepare before hand .. what say
Neel: I understood Ram , no problem after reaching Priya's room I will give a call to you .
By that both hung up the call ..
At 3.20 Neel reached to Priya's room .she knocked the door gently.
Rishab turned to see ...
Krishna ji sat  beside Priya on the bed reading something ,she got up seeing Neel  asked her to come inside ..
Neel: Good afternoon aunty ,is she asleep?
Krishna ji : Ha beta ... she will wake up now, you call her , its been much time she slept.
Rishab : Whispered with krishnaji , ma bhabhi took help from Neel only ...
Krishna ji hushed Rishab as she knew the truth behind it .. giving them space both walked out of the room .
Neel called to Ram [missed call ] and sat beside Priya .
Keeping Priya's hair away from her ear , she whisperd "Priyuuu " in her ear
Priya startled and got up . Neel giggled seeing her expression .
Priya: Uffo patakha you scared me ,making her hair into a bun ,she leaned on head rest .
Neel: You want water kya ?
Priya : Nodded her head in positive node . Neel poured water in a glass and gave it to her .
Neel: So how was your journey ?
Priya :Glared at her, when she wants to ask further
Neel: Rofled seeing Priya ..
Priya: Stop laughing
Neel: Still rofling .. Priya pondered on her, caught her neck with her bare hands in attempt of threat
But Neel said "Priya I so want to see you when you found yourself infront of KM not at your place" again she rofled.
Priya: Wait wait .. who told you that I woke up and found myself infront of KM?
Neel bit her tongue and murmured shit ..
Priya: That means you did tell to Ram about my journey.. her eyes were red with anger
Neel: Hello hello you are suspecting me Goddd , this is too much yar i am going now bye , she got up to leave but her brain was woking very fastly what she should tell now
Priya held her wrist , clarify me and go. How do you know that i am in KM?
Neel: Morning some one called me and told me "meet me in KM "
Priya : Ha yaar I only told that but who told you when I get down I was infront of KM?
Neel: I have my own sources [in her mind ,Jesus please give me some solution ,she was praying for it ]
Priya: Now I highly doubt , give your mobile ,she took her mobile and asked her tell whether you said him or not .. while checking her mobile ..
Neel:  Are what you doing ?? why I would flop your plan  ... [flashed an idea]
Common yaar when I entered KM I found many security people so when I asked the reason one worker told me what happened in the morning okay ...
Priya: Oh really..then why did you call my husband? showing that recent call.
Neel: She was damn horrified , now what to tell? That's why Ram cautioned don't  get caught with your words infront of Priya but main bhi ek number ka duffer hoon ..
Priya : Showing her recent calls list she nudged ..
Neel: Saw and flashed an idea seeing the missed call , yes she gave missed call to him.
Turning to Priya's side joining her hands together bowing her head "Matha ji , the security gaurds are asking my identity on each step so I wanted to give a call to him ,before that your gaurds allowed me ,so that was there ,if you want you can check it's just missed call "
[kithna nautanki karthi hai tu Neel ]
Priya giggled seeing  her antics and wordings she hugged Neel telling sorry . Neel closed her eyes releasing the tension till now built up in her. They were there for two minutes  in the friendly embrace.
Priya : Love you neel , don't take it to heart ,I just said like that.
Neel: Breaking the hug , its ok Priyu ,anything for you ,don't forget your husband is a leading businessman in India .
Priya: Wiping her tear which was going to drop on her cheek .I know , I love him too.
Neel: Priyuuu ,I know i am younger than you, but as your friend i am telling you this , Ram loves you a lot at the way you too love him a lot .
Running away from the problem is not a solution ,stand against it, wipe your tears ,fight back with your full strength , face the world.
And in your case you don't even know whether it happened or not and still you are feeling you are a sinner  for the first time Priya didn't get tears . Touching other man is a sin , every one in the world are sinners , how many are traveling in the trains and buses moving in between with men ha .
What ever you faced its beyond a stage like this  ,as a female I can understand how you could have felt seeing Sruthi infront of you , her grip on Priya was tighter while telling this , Priya too held her hands tightly ,what can we do Priya , nothing , its over already , we are helpless ,atleast we will make our girl kids to learn self defence ,we shall make our boy kids to learn respect ladies . Get up Priyuu , come out of this darkness , fight with it ,it's not easy what I told you but you can do it . While her tears were flowing from her eyes she hugged Priya tightly. She knows she should not take when she read any rape news in paper but seeing Priya in this condition she has to speak to strengthen her up .
She spoke between her tears , your hubby needs you , your parents need you ,your family needs you , And I too need you ..
Both broke the hug giggled through their tears .. Priya first time smiled with heart .
Neel: That's like my girl .. pinching her cheek
Priya: Ufff don't do that ..
Neel: You can do with your hubby cant I do it with you ..
Priya: Smiled I am not your hubby .. Go and pull your hubby's cheeks.
Neel: Wo tho hotha hai daily ..both giggled again while they were talking Priya's phone beeped .
She saw the phone and at Neel .
Neel: Hubby ka call kya ??No problem attend it.
Ram: Hiii
Priya: Hii ,had your lunch.
Ram: Haa .. but tasteless.
Priya: Kyun?
Ram: Its not sent by you na isiliye ..
Priya : Sorry .. will send from tomorrow ..
Ram: Smiling broadly Pakka [ his plan was working ]
Priya : Pakkaa ..
Ram: Noticed change in her voice ,who is with you?
Piya : till now ma and Rishab were there ,some time back Neel came, I was talking with her .
Ram: Ohh okk ..
Priya: You didn't check kya she gave a call to you.
Ram: Really ,was busy few missed calls are there didn't check her number , is there any problem
Priya: No no its just ,she called when she was entering KM that's it.
Ram : Ok umm ..woo
Priya : Kahiye na
Ram: Actually evening we are going to meet Sruthi , so will you able to meet her now?
Priya was silent for few seconds.
Ram: Called her sensing something ...Its ok we will go some other time.
Priya: Nooo I mean .. ok I will come ..I wanted too
Ram: ok get ready ..
Priya :Uummm
Ram: what happened??
Priya : Nothing ...
Ram: Why you are sounding low when your patakha is there beside you?
Priya : Had a broad grin hearing it .. smilingly she said him nothing
Ram: Ok will call you later , get ready take care.
Both  hung up the call ..
Neel: Why are you smiling ??
Priya: Mai .. nahi tho
Neel: What did he say? love you or he gave kiss kya ?
Priya : Nahi but she blushed..
Neel: Seeing this any romantic talk kya ? tell me I am also married you can share with me ..
Priya : Nahi re , he said when your patakha is there beside you , why you are dull .
Neel: How meannn ..grrr why did you tell him that name
Priya: Now laughing loudly seeing her pout .. I didn't tell he heard .
Neel : Don't laugh ,
Priya: Do you remember how you laughed when you came to me ..
Both giggled after some time Neel left  giving her strength to meet Sruthi .
At 6O clock in the evening Ram came to their room , his eyes were searching for her lady love ,its been 8hours he hasn't seen her , his eyes were craving to see her . When his legs stopped in their room his eyes haven't spotted his lady love. He worriedly called her by that time he heard sound from changing room .
He slowly walked to see his angel struggling for hook ... He tiptoed towards her , she startled hearing the footsteps found her hubby infront of her ..
Why can't you knock the door , you scared me she yelled at him in frustration of that fiddling hook.
Ram: Smiled at her frustration.
Priya : Now why you are laughing turning her back to him , band kijiye na.
Ram: Smile vanished seeing her marks on her back .. he held those ends for a while ,he slowly slided down from her shoulders .
Priya : startled for his action , wh..what you doing ?turning her front to his
Ram: Kya ?? should I not open ??
Priya : wohh .. He came very close to her , their lips were just inches apart his cologne touched her soul. She closed her eyes anticipating a kiss from him. He caught that her breath rhythm was changed , he locked his lips with her , his hand snaked her waist pulled her more closer mumbled in her mouth "I missed you" biting her upper lip he left her .
Priya: I too missed you ..a sweet eyelock after few seconds both blushed and downcasted their eyes.
Priya: Will you help me to close the hook ..
Ram: Scratching his temple ..umm you know what , no saree today ,wear a simple kurthi ,okay by saying it ,he checked for kurtha and gave it to her .
Priya: Surprised everytime he himself tells to wear saree , and today he was telling wear kurtha
Azeeb hai murmuring this she changed into kurtha, both headed to hospital.
He clearly saw one  unknown expression on Priya's face while driving to the hospital .
Priya: Had mixed emotions. she didn't know what to talk exactly with Sruthi and how she is gonna tackle the situation but she deadly wanted to see her once .
She came out of her thoughts when she felt the car halt .
Ram: Shall we ..
Priya : Nodded her head  got down from the car , Ram came to her , he held his hand for her , she held it a bit tightly and he felt her hands sweat.
Ram and Priya both walked silently in the corridors of the hospital. Priya's legs were trembling with each step , an unknown fear gushing out from her stomach , making her heart arrhythmic .
Priya: Tugged Ram's hand, I Can't do this.
Ram was dumb stuck to hear it , he managed till now he also don't know how to make her go along this path .
Both stared at each othe for sometime when Ram was going to return from there ,Sruthi's father called him ,
S'father: Good evening beta ,looking at Priya ,keeping his hand on her head ,kiase ho Priya beta?
Priya: Achhi hoon uncle.
S'Father : Sruthi will be very happy to see you beta aao andar aao ...Now there was no way to turn back
Priya: Her delicate palm in his hands ,he securedly held it , he felt slight shiver of her , Priya was recollecting how Sruthi had been gone that phace .Oh her neurons were flashing out the images and her yells, her tears were about to spur out . By that time she reached Sruthi's bed .
S'father and mother standing with Ram giving them space , Sruthi was asleep at that time .
Priya : Driedly walked to her bed leaving his hand , she saw her friend lying down on the metal bed with some tubes pricking into her body ,and the other side the monitors were showing her vitals every second, Priya leaned on Sruthi kissed her forehead her tears spilled out from her eyes dropped on Sruthi's face, spelled Im so sorry Sruthi, I can't be any help of ...
Sruthi : Scrunched her eyes when she felt her friend touch, her tears , her voice jolted her back to reality .
Priya : Caressing Sruthi's hair she stared at her top to bottom , there were some bandages on her legs .some were on her stomach too. Her tears flowed when she found her thinner and paler .
Sruthi: Opened her eyes ,she smiled through her tears seeing Priya infront of her , she  held Priya's hand signaled her that she woke up from her sleep.
Both clouded with tears ,They played together , they studied together , they grew up together , even though Ashwin loved Priya but married Sruthi also their friendship was not affected .
Sruthi kissed Priya's hand and  cried badly , when S'ruthis mother is going to be with her Sruthi's father stopped her as well as Ram too ,Ram held back his emotion ..
They both cried silently for sometime ..
Priya: Wiping her tears sitting beside her on a chair , ka.kaisi ho ..
Sruthi : How are you [all most at the same time ]
Priya :  I am good our tu
Sruthi : Thoda sa better feel karthi hu.. our batha kya chal raha hai..
Priya: Nothing , tu jaldi theek hoja..
Sruthi : Sure .. there was silence in the room for sometime ,
Sruthi :  Show me your wounds , taking Priya's hands in her , watching the cuts "dard hota hai kya Priya?"
Priya: nahi ...par dil ka dard hai Sruthi abhi bhi another tear rolled down.
Sruthi : upchhh Priya kyun?  before she completed her sentence
Priya: I am sorry I couldn't be any help  of , woo muzhe ..they tied my hands na ,its not like she was trying to give explanation but she did try to.
Sruthi : smiled through her tears , Priyaa Priyaa its ok ... you were there with me eventhough I cheated you . You are a gem Priya , I have done some punya karma in last birth so only I got a friend like you and she was about to tell something she gasped for breath  ...whenever she was excited she became breathless. Her father called the doctor they immediately gave an injection and kept on oxygen.
Priya was dumbstuck seeing all these , Ram stood by herside telling everyday it will happen few times ,after some time Sruthi  was relaxed and was breathing on her own .
They waited for some more time ,when RaYa want to go from there , Sruthi called Priya ..
Priya : Kuch dard hai kya Sruthi
Sruthi : Nahi , Priya I don't deserve your friendship I always tell s na
Priya : tu bhi na Sruthi ,chodo wo bath ko you relax.
Sruthi : Now I deserve your friendship , to save you from his assault I killed my so-called husband , her face became red with anger , I killed him , Priya was astonished ,please don't think that you are a sinner ,be happy with Ram , he is the best example for husband ..
Sister : Please only one person should be here .
Priya : nodding her head , leaving her hand bidding bye to Sruthi's parents she came out of the room the hospital and the parking lot. She sat dumbly in the car .

From writer : there were no words to describe their (Priya and Sruthi's) meet. Hope I justified for the small talk  what they two want to confess each other , here after you may not see Sruthi's character any more or it may be one line in future . 
So now what will be priya thinking , whats her reaction , how this truth will affect her and what Ram is going to do to keep her busy ...
So  you want to know all these details so stay tuned for the updates ..
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