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RaYa-FF*Sirf Meri Ho PART-82


I so want to caress your skillen folds with Mine ,His hand merged in between her thighs, she couldn't take this torture anymore , she clutched his neck kissed his forehead then cheeks , feverishly she gave a rough bite on his upper lip and his hands are making her curves want more of his touch .
Ram she moaned with ecstasy ... Ram gazed at her feminine form wanting of him . They heard some noises ...They broke apart while desire filled eyes .
They heard some footsteps nearing them .They settled themselves. Priya was controlling her erratic heartbeat . She needs him equally like him.
Ram saw few servants came to clean the place . Ram  got up and asked her chale ..
She gave her hand to him, both walked back to the house ,when they entered the house Srinikha wished them "Good Morning "
Priya : wanted to tease her ..Di , jiju gave you such an good gift , Its truely beyond imagination .. Hmm  what did you give as return gift .
Priya thought she might blush or she may get shock.
But unfortunatelySsrinikha smilingly handed over a cover to her
She opened it ,Her big doe eyes were widened with shock , she immediately pushed them back into the cover .
How.. You .. di ..
Equally Ram too was embarrassed ..
When Nuts asked what are you hiding bhabhi show to me also ...
Priya immediately said Its personal and  ran to  their room . Controlling  her breath while her cheeks turned into crimson red she opened them again
They were their morning wale photos when Ram lifted her to pluck the mangoes.
Srinikha rushed after her ,thinking Priya might be hurt by this act .
But seeing her watching the photos with her cat paws she hugged her from behind .Priya startled and then her eyes were downcast .
Srinikha: Sorry Priya , I didn't mean to hurt you.
Priya: No ..It's ok di , I mean I didn't expect this ..Its actually a big shock .
Srinikha: Smiled heartily ,even I too don't know you two will kill me early in the morning.
Priya: wohhh ..actually on my insistence only we went there
Srinikha : Priya that's okay .. This is your one of good memorable moment . when I was  doing surya namaskar after finishing my pooja I just got your duo walking there .
When I saw that Ram has lifted you .. I  just clicked the photos  from mobile .
Priya: how .. these photos are ..
Srinikha: ohh your jiju having scanner ,Its in our room only ,I uploaded to dropbox,  then scanned it  and I was waiting for you people to present to you.
Priya: Hugged her  Thank you di . I loved it . I will cherish these .
Srinikha : God bless you both .Priya I know what have happened you  2 months back .
Priya's eyes immediately moistened  by hearing it .
Srinikha: Krishna ma and dadi told us and you are such a brave lady Priya . I know that what happened we cannot change but we can change ourselves . We have to change as its for our loved ones .
I Know you are struggling to cope up with yourself .I don't know what has happened between you two but from  the day you entered I was observing you and Ram very closely . I could see some thing is disturbing you and day before yesterday I have seen Ram outside in the garden for almost an hour .Then yesterday too I  have seen him outside in the garden that too midnight .
Why is he struggling , why is he disturbed , he is been under stress why ??
Priya looked at her in disbelief she knows that day before yesterday it was because of something but  yesterday ?? What he was doing ??
Srinikha: smoothing her back .. Priya don't think all these now ,
Why he didn't tell me..
Why  he went out in the midnight etc etc..
He wants to see you happy and normal like before . Least ladies will get the chance to get a good and understanding  life partner Priya .Trust him
Priya: I trust Him completely Di ,It's just that those bad memories are haunting me , even though I am trying  hard to get back to myself . Some where I'm feeling guilty because all these happened just because of my negligence, she cried telling her weakness .
Di you know what, Ram also wants to have kids , when we decided to have kids my health condition got worse . And I really want to go ahead with him and want to give him the  ultimate happiness di .
Srinikha: hugged her in her embrace Priya .. Priya .
So many ladies delivered healthy babies in their late pregnancies.
Priya You will definitely give him that happiness , You know what, you don't have any problems except your blood levels and one more thing
Now you are very weak mentally and physically that's why the doctor advised you two to wait for an year nothing else ...
Lifting Priya's crying face in her arms , wiping her tears, first you and Ram should become more strong in your relation ship and as you two love each other very much it isn't difficult.
Just enjoy this phase Priya ,once you enter in to parents phase there is another world waiting for you as you and Ram will get busy like anything  .You are brave girl and be brave like that .
Priya felt light after talking with Srinikha di . She was surprised to know that di knows everything about her , not only that  everyone gives huge respect for srinikha di in their house ,she manages all the things with in minutes .

Ram  came  after sometime .. seeing him Srinikha left them alone . Priya immediately hugged him "I love you " I love you so much "
Hey kya hua " I love you too " caressing her hairs , bahuth pyaar aaraha hai aapne hubby pe
Giggling his way , he squeezed her at him and gave a bony crush hug .
Priya kissed on his chest , she was about to reach his lips , kids came running towards the,"Papa ,mama cameee "
They broke apart and they were happy to see Vikram and Neha .
After a small talk , both Ram & Vikram went outside to talk ,as Vikram knows Ram needs his support , Neha stayed back with Priya and the kids .
Vikram asked what exactly happened ?
Ram explained clearly what has happened.
Vikram: Well Ram , do you know , you yourself decided not to reveal the truth to Priya until she settles down physically and mentally . So you also first get strong mentally, Priya needs you
Ram nodded his head and they both went on talking about their work .
The day passed busy in the marriage preparations, all the ladies boycotted rooms and wanted to sleep in the hall so the arrangements were made . Every one was present there . In a corner of the hall Priya was playing with Riddima , Rahul and other kids soon Reema too joined. She directly sat in Priya's lap . Priya took her in her hug making them play with her ..
Ram checked the time it was 9 o clk  and thought why Priya didn't come yet ..
When he went to downstairs he came to know the girls wanted to sleep in hall . So he brought  her medicines , he called Nuts and asked her to give it to Priya . Priya took them, but she wanted to sleep with her man today at any cost but she was struck here completely ,she wanted to wish him good night. Once the kids go to sleep she thought she could go back to her room thinking that  Priya decided to tell story . When one story was finished the kids demanded for another one.
All were peacefully working as the kids were so engrossed in Priya's animated story . Soon they fell asleep along with them Priya also slept unknowingly ,
Ram waited for her to come ,he so wanted to see her ,suddenly he remembered about her nightmares he briskly walked downstairs . He called Srinikha di asked her " bhabhi I will take her please actually she will get nightmares now and then ,I can't let her sleep here ..
Before Srinikha could say something dadi came and she told him to take her . It was 11 o clk and most of the members were asleep . Ram asked Srinikha to call Priya
When she went to call her Srinikha felt so happy seeing Priya sleeping in midst of kids .
Ram and dadi also walked there when Ram saw the scene he felt goose bumps .
Reema the 3  years old girl clutched Priya's neck sleeping on her bosom. Priya securely held her , the other side Riddu and other kids were sleeping .
Ram smiled  , Srinikha di  called Priya ..
Ram : Bhabhi she already has taken medicines . She might be in deep slumber .
Srinikha  took Reema from her and made her lie down the other side . Ram took her in his arms and  walked to his room . She flinched in his arms , cuddled more to him . Everybody wished good life for them .
Ram made her lie down and covered her with duvet , kissed her on her forehead , he called Vikram as they  two wanted to discuss something  about the work .
It's midnight 2 , vikram cracked a joke ,Ram was laughing for that ..
Priya's feeble voice came up ..Ram & Vikram immediately looked at her , sweat beads were forming on her forehead .she was wincing in pain . Vikram was panicked to see Priya like that, Ram took her in his arms, wiping her sweat .
Hey sweety .. sleep .. just sleep .. Ram's soothing words made Priya to feel normal .. . after 3 mins she went back to sleep again .
Vikram  now understood how much Ram and Priya are going through .
Ram was combing her hair,  she clutched his arm tightly . Ram asked Vikram to get back the laptop here ..
And they both engrossed in work again ..  soon Vikram left and Ram too drifted to sleep.
Priya got up early in the morning was startled to see that she was actually in her room , when she looked at the other side, her cute polar bear was sleeping away to glory and the slow snore sounds were indicating that he was in deep slumber .
Priya wished him good morning in his ear , he rubbed his ear turned other side to sleep .
Hawww .. she made her hair in bun and hugged his back , nibbling his earlobe ..
"please Priya .. let me sleep "
She giggled and kissed on his back . She went to freshen up . she had her breakfast and she  wanted to take to Ram as still he was in sleepy mode .
When she was about to ask Srinikha di about that she heard Ranjit jiju talking with Srinikha
Ranjeet : Jaana jaroorath hai kya ??
Srinikha: Haan ji , you know it's important ..
Ranjeet : Ok I will deal, but make sure its done by after noon .
Srinikha: Smiled Mr. Kapoor it depends on the criminal
Priya's lips curved into grin by hearing Mr. Kapoor from her . before she could to go to them . Dadi called Priya for something , by the time Priya came to the front gate ,she found Srinikha leaving in a police car .
She was shocked to see that .
Ranjeet bid bye to her while coming he wished Priya"Good morning Priya"
Good morning jijaji " wo.. where di went "
Ranjeeth: To her work Priya ..
Priya: Par
Ranjeet : I Know its busy day , but its an important one so she has to attend.
Priya : What is di ???
Ranjeet :Smiled Priya , you two are moving close all these days don't you know what she is doing.
Priya : NO
Ranjeeet : Hmm than you have to knpw  she is a " criminal psychologist "
Priya : what ??? she was  shocked ?  surprised to know this , she loved her the way she deals everyone , but knowing her job she got thrilled and immediately she remembered how well she explained the things to her in her case .
Seeing the house "hmm everyone is mistery here "
Heaving a sigh  , she  took breakfast to their room, by that time Ram was just coming from bath  .
Ram :Good morning darling "what a correct time " rubbing his hands , he attacked on his food, Priya was gazing at him while he was relishing his food.
Don't  stare at me " our pyaar hojaye ga"
She blushed ,: shouldn't I see my hubby "
Ram: you can see your hubby but don't stare ..
Priya : spatted his arm lightly .
Priya cleaned the plate . They both get ready for another function .
Priya met Srinikha downstairs ,
Priya : I missed you di
Srinikha ; You missed me or my teasing ? both giggled at that
Priya : You didn't tell me about your job
Srinikha : Did you ask me about that ?
Priya : Noo
Srinikha : Then how I will tell?
Priya : Phir bhi aap bol sakthe hai na , you are in such a great profession , I'm so proud of you . dealing in home and your job .. really you are great
Srinikha : Thank you . she smiled sweetly ,keeping her palm on Priya's cheek  you are equally great Priya , you are a brave girl , I know how you managed a broken home , now Kapoor mansion is actually became a house after you entered .
Nuts and Rishab tasted mothers love through you and in every aspect you made the house beautiful.
Priya : Smiled
Rishab entered the home calling bhabhi bhabhiii .. Priya turned to him.
He hugged  her " I missed you bhabhi
 She hugged  him back " I missed you too "
How was your trip ..  did you have something , go and freshen up I will serve breakfast .
Rishab took blessings from Srinikha hugging her , will talk with you in detail later  ,he ran to his younger group then he freshened up .
Priya too k took some tiffin to him .
Rishab was talking on the phone with Sowmya , Priya teased him for sometime then she made him eat and asked his whereabouts .
She gave his clothes .The day has come ..
The house was filled with hustle bustle , gigglings of kids, smiling kids, dazzling bangle sounds , hushed male talks . everything was so perfect . Priya clad in maroon saree and Ram wore a maroon kurtha studded with zaree thread work .looking handsome and complimenting her beauty .
Priya gave Rishab's clothes to him asked him to get ready soon . she went to help other ladies , she helped Nuts to get ready ,then she checked everyone's needs. She went to help Srinikha di ,by the time Srinikha was getting ready still .
Kya di abhi tak ready nahi hai aap . She combed her hair and made her ready .
Srinikha smiled seeing her concern ,
Priya ... Hm if you are helping me only this much how much you would have helped your hubby, she winked at her ,,
Priya blushed , di I think you are romantic than jiju hai na
Srinikha: Do you have any doubt in that
Priya was hawww with her answer
Srinikha smiled .. come we are getting late lets go .
All girls went to twins and got both of them ready .. first Honey got married than Bunny got married .. The marriage ended with a good note .
Punjabi dances floored the audience and every couple has participated almost . they danced  ,cheered ,enjoyed .. wohh that was full blast ..
By the time they reached the room it was almost 3 o click in the midnight . He helped her to detach her all jewels, immediately she removed her saree off from the body , Ram gave nighty to her , she quickly changed and hit the bed immediately and sleep engulfed her . Ram was smiling all the way  , she was totally tired with all the works .
The next morning all went to  their reception which was held on a five star Hotel .  Priya wore a yellow saree , Ram complimented her with yellowish shade kurtha .
Everyone had a eye on the couple as they were looking so adorable .
Ram called Rishab .Did you arrange everything .Ha bhai I have arranged everything .. You will be surprised ..
Both hified each other . Priya came there asking "whats going on between brothers "
Rishab replied "it's secret between us " he winked at Ram
Priya : hawww , don't I know the secret she made a puppy face
Rishab : oh my bhabhi ... I can't tell right now but I want to show you
Priya : whats that tell me na ..
Before they said something .Srinikha called her . Priya went there to talk.
Everything completed , Ram  was taking Priya almost all normally to Kapoor mansion  . today they were leaving from there  . Everyone felt sad but life has to move on , Srinikha distributed gifts . and she hugged Priya and whispered " Priya be romantic always , these are the days only we will cherish for life time " Priya smiled heartily ..
Biding bye to them .. everyone  left to airport with heavy heart.
Writer's Note : So guys the next  journey of Raya started here . stay tuned for next updates .. will try to give as soon as possible.
Thank you so very much for your appreciation .

RaYa-FF*Sirf Meri Ho PART-81


Ram: show me your hands ,Karthik came in time ..Di show the design please
Nuts came there showing her hands Karthik went with her to show to their son.
Common priya why you are not showing ,she blushed again.
You are killing me with your blush baby ...Ram whispered in her ear.
Priya: I will show later please ..
Ram didn't pester her any more ,he fed herand they both ate talking about the marriage and mostly Priya talked about twins with him. Supressing his dying emotions he fed her and he too had his dinner.
They reached their room .Ram pulled her by waist asked her
to show what she was hiding .By now mehendi was dried up ,she showed him but he wasn't able to find anything.
Ram:why don't youtv1 it? 
Priya : Hmm I'm going to do that before that you wanted to
check on it main kya karu

She looked so cute while complaining about him .

He went with her and helped her in washing the mehendi out ,how much Priya protested also Ram didn't listen so she allowed him to help .

They both came to their bed . Ram took her palms and smelled

"Hmmm Priya mesmerizing smell haa".. he kissed her both
palms :Love you"

See how the colour is brightening up in your hands .Its all
my love he winked at her

She laughed sweetly .

Mr.Kapoor common you didn't find anything kya ??? showing
her palms again

Ram observed keenly but he couldn't find anything .

Ram made puppy face he was unable to find it and asked her
to show by herself

Priya: Looked directly into his eyes. Mr.Kapoor design is
on full of my palm not in center check again .

Ram was elated and jumped with joy, he made both the palms
join to )gether and was astonished by the way Srinikha bhbahi made the design ..

She made a design and that branches came to her fingers .
for that each branch she has written Ram and the second one Priya ..

So all her fingers were glistening by their names . Ram and Priya . It was very visible but like a duffer I was searching there .

He kissed her palms . She smiled heartily . He pulled her
into his embrace .

Gave gentle bite on his shoulder .. His lips nibbled her
earlobe she moaned sweetly .He was caressing her neck with his lips .Her hands were clutching his kurtha. She wanted to take this to next level . she pulled his head upto her level and kissed him on his lips , she tasted him , he opened his
lips for her , her tongue immediately mated with his relishing the nector .. she has missed the
quiverness in his lips . Her soft lips
were trying to hold him as much as close to her . The kiss turned into passionate one and
her hands were caressing his back . They both parted when they felt they need some
air. Ram hugged her near to his chest ,She rested her head on his chest the
sweet melody of "lub dub " made her heart soothen . Her hands were caressing his

"Rammm " She called him

Ram: Caressing her hairs , feeling her near to him he
smiled hearing her "Ramm"

What you want baby ???

Priya":Can I tell you one thing ?

Ram: Kissing her forhead haa tell na

Priya: I Know you will feel funny

Ram: Common I wont .. tell na making her look at him

Priya:You know in childhood , my Chachi[mother's sister had twins ]and my uncle also had twins when my mother got pregnant with
Ayesha. I used to ask god it should be twins , And even I myself felt to have
twins when I get married ..She smiled

Ram:His beats Increased by listening to her ,

Priya : And seeing honey and bunny I am so fond of them ,,

Ram: Immediately wanted to change the topic ,toh kya Priya
,still caressing her hairs

Priya : Hmmm .. woo ..I so wanted to have twins ,

He freed her from his grip

Ram:Priyaaa ..

Priya:What happened Ram ,... Did I ask anything wrong

Ram: He stared at her for a while

Priya: Ram.. she shrugged him

Ram:Immediately composed himself , trying hard to to
control his tears. Priya Your health is important now...we can think about the twins later

Priya :I know Ram ..My health is important I am just sharing my thought .

I know twins are not in our hands but when ever I'm seeing
honey and bunny my wish is running in my brain, so Ishared with you.Its not for the first time na

Why you reacted that way .

Ram: Stammered what way ??

Priya: Are you hiding anything fromme?

Ram: Nahi toh !!!

Priya: Then why I felt your heartbeats disturbed when I
talked "I wanted to have twins " are you sure my health is good . Am I able to
get pregnant ... are you hiding anything ?her tears welled up in her eyes

Ram: Goddd .. what all you are thinking yaar ? Aisa kuch
nahi hain , you are perfectly alright . I'm worried about your health and the
doctor herself confirmed infornt of you "you can go for pregnancy "

Kissing her forehead "Priya ..It's too late you sleep now" he peeled of her medicines and gave to her .

She quietly gulped down ,clutching him tightly she rested her head on his chest .

She was about to ask something .. Ram shhhed her and asked
"shhh sleep "

"No more talks "

I know you have some doubts but those will get clear soon, now sleep he caressed her hairs, she went into deep slumber .

He slowly got up covering the duvet on her . He went into the garden , he looked around him and made sure there was no one. He dialled
a number .

The other person attended the call only to hear Ram's

Vikram"Kya yaarrr ...Ram is everything okay .. Is Priya

What happened Ram ..

Hearing this Neha also panicked Vikram kept
loudspeaker as he couldn't describe her
whats happening .

Still his sobbing was not getting controlled

Fatty kya hua .. what happened??? Is Priya okay .. hello

Kuch toh bathao ...we are tensed

"Why god punished us ,why he took away my babies ,Why its
happening to me "

He spelled in between his sobs ..

Vikram: Ram ..Ram
The fate is cruel towards you we are just human beings who is living
with God's judgement ...

Ye toh batao"is Priya is okay "

Ram: Ha she is fine ... by now he controlled a bit ,but his
tears were continuously flowing

Vikram :Kya baath hai Ram ?? can you tell us what happened
,Vikram was now really worried .

Ram : You know about Priya, how she craved for babies ..
he hiccupped once in this

Vikram:Ram where are you , is Priya with you?

Ram: I came to garden , Priya is sleeping in our room .

Vikram : Why are you depressed this much , may I know what

Ram: Im feeling miserable hiding the truth from priya . I know she always adores kids but
seeing the twins she asked me that 'she also wants to give birth to

Vikram what I
should tell her , We lost our twins ..and there will be less chances for us .

Or should I tell , I signed to go ahead for your abortion

Or what I should tell

I'm the reason for all this loss as I haven't taken any
measures to protect you .

His tears flowed

Vik&Neha :They were short of words as they know what might Ram was going through.

He can't share with Priya about his loss

As he wont promise that they may have twins in future as
he lost his twins now .

And by seeing the twins there Priya must be sharing
with him all her wishes .

Vikram : Ram ..Ram listen to me once .. You know when Neha
and we planned for kids, Neha used to ask me she wants twins .. You know its
like few women desire for it

Its just wish ,for some it may come true and for some it maynot.

Ram was about to speak something "but"

Vikram : I know I know .. you lost them ...But you have
Priya with you right now ...You have to look after her well doctor said with in one year you and Priya can go ahead for kids . Until then just give time to the things to be settled ..

And you know what , you have to avoid her thinking about kids and make her live with in your LOVE Ram

The duo talked for some more time .. Ram was relaxed a bit .

He went to his
room.Priya was cuddling up and slepleping like a kid .

He slid beside her taking her in his arms he drifted off
to sleep .

The alarm sound made Priya stir from her sleep .Ram got
irritated with the sound ..

Closing his ears dugging his head more in to Priya's neck , please off karo na Priya

Let me sleep some more time .

Priya giggled by his sweet sleepy talk .. You promised me
something caressing his hairs she kissed on his forhead .

He got the smell of her mehendi , he kissed on her mehendi filled hands. Priya smiled .What more than he wants other than his love's
smile early in the morning .

Probbing his head on his hand "What you want "

First you fresh up and come ... she dragged him to
washroom ..Both got freshened up with in no time.

She claded in a blue saree , and he wore a blue kurtha both were looking like a dazzling pair . She dragged him downstairs ,every now and then she was checking
whether anybody was seeing or not .

Ram: Priya .. what are you going to do ..

Priya: Ssshhh please Mr.Kapoor ...don't make noice .

Ram: Smiled with cat paws they both reached the garden. She stopped in the middle and was searching here and there .

Priya was lost in her track

Ram: Crossing his hands on his chest "Darling can you tell
me what you are searching for "

Priya: hearing darling from her hubby she blushed

"Ram.. wo .. mango tree "

Ram: Chukled seeing her ...Goddd Priya You woke me up this
early for mangoes??

Priya made a pout ..

Ram came near to her , taking her in side hug ..Ok ok now
don't make that pout ,We have seen that tree from Bhabhi's room ,so it will be in back yard

Come we can go by this way

Priya's face lit up . She clung her arm with his and walked with him. Ram was explaining about the place, how they used to play in
childhood .

[P]By the time they reached ,It was 6.45 in the morning . It's a bit far from the house .she jumped like a kid . Wowww Ram how beautiful this is
.. this is very huge tree ..she tenderly walked near to it . she touched the
leaves ..she felt so happy ...
Ram was observing her , how she will be happy seeing lil things
in her life . Priya gazed at Ram.. Mr.Kapoor " I want a mango "
Ram : Searched around the tree but there were no mangoes that were reachable to their height . Ram searched for a stick , he tried with
that but it was of no use.
Priya too was trying by jumping ..But couldn't reach there. Huffing for breath, Mr.kapoor is there any ladder..
Before she could speak further.
Ram lifted her up from her waist.
Priya: Mr.Kapoor ..surprised as well as shocked and was
excited like a kid "so sweet of you Mr.Kapoor our thoda" he lifted her
more high she held and the plucked a mango ... Mr.Kapoor can you move this side ..
Which side?
She signalled with her hand.
I can't see anything except your beauty ..
Priya: Matlab
Ram: Your curves are cupping my view what I should do..
Rammm .. she blushed hearing it ..
Move to right side please ... he moved she plucked another mango
.. then asked him to get her down . Showing the mangoes in her hands she smiled sweetly hugged him dearly ,I love you . You fulfilled my this silliest wish also ..
He too hugged her laughing away to glory .He quickly pecked on her lips and dragged her somewhere ..
Mr.Kapoor where are we going ..come I will show you something ..
Both entered tiny size park which was located in their
garden that was filled with many different flowers and different types of birds.
Wowww This is so beautiful Ramm ..
Ranjeet bhai created for bhabhi .. Oh my Is it true Ram , Then definitely I will also tease her, Priya grinned when she imagined Srinikha di's blushing.
Priya saw water taps , she washed the mangoes ,she
offered him one but ram denied to eat without cutting into pieces.
Priya: Common Mr.Kapoor , You will know the taste like this only .Please have it na ..
They sat on the bench near by .. Priya teached Ram how to
eat the mango without cutting ..Both enjoyed ...
They washed hands ..strolled on the garden .Priya was aww
at the beauty of the garden as it was perfectly planned, the garden was divided into many partitions ,each partition containingone type of flower plant with mixed colours.
The wind coming from the side was carrying the smell of those flowers. The place itself was intoxicating.
Priya clutched his arm tightly and told him about her childhood stories where she went to park ,how she used to play .. They saw a huge tree where green grass covered all the area. Ram stood for some time gazing at this .Both adimired seeing the oldest tree. Ram pulled Priya to make her sit ...
Ram kept his head on her lap playing with her bangles ..
What a pleasant morning Mr.Kapoor , this is so beautiful and very pleasant . Ram was playing with her bangles while adjusting them. He turned his face and hugged her circling his hands around her waist.
He caressed his face on her exposed part ..
Rammm..she moaned sweetly .. He looked up, Priyaaa from here I can see only your voluptuous
breasts and nothing else. He lifted his head up and hid his face on her bossom. Her hands circled his neck slowly caressing his hair allowing him to give her pleasure.
He pressed his face more into her bossom .The wind flow increased. Their raising beats were enough to create havoc in their minds. He planted kisses on her cleavage, his kisses pace increased and he sucked the juncture between neck and shoulder. She tugged him more into her. Soon his strong lips landed on hers, his hot tongue probed into her searching for its soulmate .

His hands cupped her curves ...he squeezed them with longing making her moan in his mouth . Her back stiffened to the tree and she is arching her body giving more access to him . His hunger demanded more of her .His lips traveled down and he moaned in her ear I so wanna be inside you .
I so want to caress your skillen folds with mine ,His hand merged in between her thighs . S couldn't take this torture anymore , she clutched his neck kissed his forehead then cheeks ,feverishly she gave a rough bite on his upper lip and his hands were making her curves want more of his touch .
Rammm she moaned with ecstasy ... Ram gazed at her feminine form wanting of him . They heard some noises ...They broke apart while desire filled their eyes .

p.s:I know It is short but ,I am really struck with my personal issues ,so Neel wants this ASAP so I had to give .. sorry but hope you enjoyed this .. Feeling sad that BALH is ending . I Promise to finish Ishq &SMH stories  till the end .

RaYa-FF*Sirf Meri Ho PART-80

Writer's Note :
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Nuts : Then you could have return the same favour to her na..
Ram : wickedly looking at Priya
If I get chance now I'm ready to return this favour . Priya immediately wrapped her saree around her waist .
Srinikha chuckled seeing this ..
Nuts: Now!! she would be grown up na you will..
Srinikha Dragged nuts with her leaving them alone .
Priya was rooted to the spot thinking how naughty he is turning day by day..
She dipped her soft palms in the oil and slowly started massaging his shoulders ,then she made circular motions and came down along the entire length of his back .
"Hmmm your touch is so soothing Priya " he spoke a lil huskily
She blushed hearing it .
What you are trying to  prove  she almost whispered  in his ear .
"Don't you know what I'm speaking "
Mr. Kapoor you almost gave me heart attack by spilling the matter.
"Isn't it true "
Whats true Mr.Kapoor ..Priya baffled
That you have aggressively marked on my stomach , he pulled her by her wrist ,she leaned on him almost touching his bare back with her bossom.
Mr. Kapoor leave my hand she pleaded gazing at her surroundings .
If I won't ...Ram smiled and winked at her
Please "everybody is watching us "
So will you allow me to return your gift today ...
Haww Mr. Kapoor ,how you are trying to take advantage of my situation, she whispered again struggling to make her hand free from him
 Whatever you feel .. say YES My dear wify than I will leave your hand ..He smiled ..
As Priya feared anyone can observe them she said "Okay okay Now please leave my hand "
He enjoyed when her lacy fingers were working on his strong muscles, shoulder blades and his back .. Ohh the feeling was awesome for him. And he was loving to get all this from his wife
Priya was lil uncomfortable at starting but seeing all other couples enjoying she felt eased out and enjoyed massaging his hubby ..
Then the men headed towards a big pool type area there they all have showered. Those were fun filled family moments .. They enjoyed it so much .
Priya looked at him with a smile , seeing his happiness she too smiled .
After the bath ,Ram came towards Priya, she immediately handed him a towel and  with another towel she started drying his head .
She felt something strange as she didn't hear any sound .. she felt pin drop silence around them so she looked up and found all gazing at her and Ram
She observed for a min why they were staring at them, the other men were holding the towels and drying their hair themselves ..
Blood rushed to her cheeks .. she immediately withdrew her hands from him ,
Ram: Arey Priya dry it , why did you stop, he immediately pulled her by hugging her waist ..
All burst out into laughter ..
Than Ram realized they were not alone biting his tongue he came from there pulling Priya along with him as both can't stand their teasing .
Both reached their room , Ram sat on the bed  blushing away to glory
Priya sat with him blushing like a new bride ...
She closed her eyes murmured something inaudible to him .
Ram: What now ???
Priya : Nothing , she slowly got up from her position and started drying his hair.
Ram: Snaked her waist "Hmm you smell so good Priya " I love it .. he kissed her on her bare part which was visible to Ram .
Priya: Let me dry  your hair Mr. Kapoor ,kithna pareshan kar rahe ho aap..
Ram: Sighing .. dug his head more into her stomach caressed it with his face .
Priya paused her action feeling his caresses, her hands slowly snaked his head .
Ram : Kissed her navel .. With his teeth he nibbled the navel area marking red there.
Priya: Moaned high calling his name
Ram: Do you remember why you marked on my stomach?
Priya: Turned into beetroot colour by now .. she opened her eyes ,taking off the towel from his head ..
Didn't you Remember when you marked on  [ she blushed ]
Ram "I marked  here , caressing her left mound with his right hand and you know it's hidden place , no one can see it ..he winked at her.
Priya: Hawww Ram you are turning naughty day by day.
Even I have marked on stomach as you have to know the pain , It's also a hidden place , I didn't know you have this type of ritual na .
And what are you speaking with them Srinikha di was laughing like anything ,she must have understood your meaning .
Ram: No way .. I lied neatly and covered that.
Priya: Smiled .. You are such a Golu and your sister bhi Thank god Natsaha didn't get other wise don't know how badly she could have pulled my leg .
Ram : Hugged her more kissing all the while on her stomach ..
Ram pulled her more near, Priya fell on him by the impact , Ram made sure she was comfortable in his arms and he gently gave a bite on her shoulder , she moaned Rammm.
He caressed her cheeks they talked for some time ,teasing each other they enjoyed their morning banter until Rani knocked their for breakfast . 
Priya got up quickly settling her saree neatly she opened the door .
Rani : Priya di ,if your romance is over ,you and jiju come for dinner .
Priya rooted to the ground with that ,giggling Rani went from there.Both got ready reached dining table, all the while Priya downcast her eyes. Srinikha offered seat for Priya beside her , Ram too sat with her .
Srinikha served very lil amount to Priya [as how much she was capable to eat ] whispered see I made Ram's work easy . Priya gaped at her .
Srinikha :Giving a warm smile ..I have seen yesterday itself what Ram was doing , so now start your food .
Priya :Flaggerbasted a moment but smiled warmly at her ,mimed "thank you "
Ram : Observed them and smiled happily .
The super  wind passed through the KM windows ..Rishab fluttered open his eyes with a sudden throbbing headache ..
He slowly walked to the main door just than The workers came , Rishab explained them what they have to do and he warned them "Don't touch anything in the room :
By than he walked off to the garden .. He heard the guards were discussing something .
He walked back there
Guard -1: Arey bhai  Yesterday Night few of the guys threw stones and bottles calling some names ...
Guard -2 : Who were they ?
Guard -1: Must be drunken .. when  me and some other guards went with torches and guns ..they escaped from there .
Seeing Rishab,  the guards said what happened yesterday night .
Rishab's doubts now cleared that he really needs to talk with his friends and deal the matter in easy way , he doesn't want to create problems for Sowmya by making it a big issue ..
Mid afternoon almost every one was sleeping ,Srinikha , Priya and Rani  were arranging the jewelry boxes . Reema [ the lil girl ] playing there and making all stuff hell with her tiny hands .
Srinikha : Uffooo gudiyaaa,.. ye kya hai ..Rani just take her outside for sometime ,me and Priya will do the rest of the work .
Soon she went out with Reema, while going Reema made faces to the both ladies .
They smiled at the kiddo .. Srinikha asked Priya to arrange them , The shelf of  the locker was a lil bit  high . So she has to  stand on a chair and has to arrange .
While Priya was arranging the boxes Srinikha was passing and telling her how to keep .
Srinikha: Waise priya , did Ram return you the bite .
Priya: Immediately covered her  stomach area with her pallu ."what di , what bite ,I'm not able to understand what you... "
Srinikha : Smiling heartily ,Priya You don't know how to lie ,so why you are trying .
Priya: [determently ]No di , I really not understand but she was nervous 
Srinikha : Common don't be spoil sport I heard  the morning story wala bite .
Priya: Oh that .. Its his childhood friend  did. before Priya could talk further Srinikha spoke.
Srinikha: Priya please don't try to prove when I have found his favour here ,  sliding her pallu aside pointed the love bite of Ram on her navel area.
Priya cheeks turned into brilliant pink shade and her head to toe covered with the crimson red , she was speechless as she doesn't have any choice left other than surrendering to Srinikha's teasing .
Srinikha: How he will leave you ,when you are equally teamed up with him
Priya: whispered"  di wo " ,while her looks downcast the floor ..
Srinikha: Keeping her hand on Priya's neck , before coming out of room try to cover his love bites ,she dragged her blouse a bit near to her neck, Priya settled her blouse covering his mark.
Priya: Now flushed to the core ,she  doesn't know what she should do ,she tried to go away from there ...
Srinikha :Stopped her , "Ram isn't there in your room   "
Priya: Looked at her ,her cheeks coloured up brilliant pink shade already
Where he went ..
Srinikha: Haaa  he is getting back pain it seems, so he went out for refreshing himself .
Priya: Back pain[with haw expression]  ...why?? He didn't tell me.
Srinikha  wickedly smiled as her tricks were correctly playing.
Where he will tell Priyaaa "Raat bhar uski biwi ne use sone nahi diya tho, obviously he will get back pain na"
Priya: She gaped at her .."  Diii .". You are really "aisa kuch nahi hua, Infact he hasn't allowed me to sleep ...
Srinikha: Ye hui na baath ..are wah how you are blushing
Priya: Bit her tongue , di It's not like what you thinking , I meant  Riddi slept with us , In that small bed ..before her lines.
Srinikha: You people didn't get proper meet up hai na ,she winked at priya
Now Priya face turned into a red tomato that could blast anytime .
Srinikha: Smiled at her blushing and discomfort. Toh can I hear some sweet romantic stories of you please.
Priya: Disbelievingly lifted her head ,seeing Srinikha di smiling "Gawwdd di aap kitne pareshan kare rahe hai ,Ram is better than you "
Srinikha : Yeah yeah Ram is better than me because he will give pleasure to you na
Priya: Now she flushed more ,Now Its hard to take all these teasing "Di I will leave now "
Srinikha: Arey sit na ,Lets Ram's back pain be relieved na
Priya; Pdiii ..she couldn't say anything else, she rushed out from there ,she didn't see who was coming she hit someone hard ,when two strong arms held her securely ,her heartbeat became normal she held him for support .
She said "sorry Mr.Kapoor woh maine nahi dekha"
By that time Srinikha joined "I know you two can't live without each other but this tight hugs are not allowed in home "
Both broke apart , Ram smiled broadly , Priya was blushing like anything by now .
Ram: Bhabhi , Why you called ??
Srinikha: Just like that , may be you haven't seen your wife this much blushing
Ram: Gazed at her ,Indeed she was blushing ,her cheeks turned up into a bright pink shade .
Ram: Immediately understood she might have teased Priya , he hugged from side toh you are teasing my wife ha .
Now Priya gazed at him trying to free from his hug .
Srinikha: Raheno do Priya , waise you two "Bade Achhae Lagte Hain "
Srinikha handed a set to Ram asked her to adore Priya with it .It was simple and elegant one .
Srinikha made Priya sit on the bed Ram adorned her with the simple set .
Priya: Di Why ... Ram sshed her
Srinikha : You are looking beautiful Priya, waise from first you are beautiful but now I think you two need to go to your room .
Thaki my devar can tel you how beautiful you are ..
Ram: Astonished with the comment .. he couldn't say any except smiling slightly .
Priya closed her eyes with embarrassment . God please help me... she prayed to god .
Luckily someone called Srinikha . she  went telling 10 mins ..
Priya: Ufff she was relieved a bit.
Ram: Caressing her hair , Kya hua?
Priya : You don't know how di was teasing me,  I told you don't do on expose parts, but you will do exactly that others can pin point of your craziness.
Ram : Ab kya hua ..
Priya: Showing where he gave love bite on her, di has seen it
Ram: Then you should cover up like this na,dragging her blouse near to her neck .
Priya: Mr.Kapoor aap bhi na 
Meanwhile Srinikha came with some snacks, so what's up guys , come out from your romantic mood and tell me about your love story .
Both smiled at her . There is no love story Bhabhi aap tang mat kar na Priya ko [Priya hit her hand on her head ]
Srinikha:hayee hayeee  KIthna caring hai Ram, I just went for 10 mins in this gap Priya has told what happening from past 1 hour .. Greatt
Ram :bit his tongue .. Please bhabhi ... He got up from the bed walked near to window ...
Srinikha was talking something about the marriage and rituals ..Suddenly Ram's eyes fell on a beautiful fruitful Mango tree .
Ram: Bhabhi is it eatable Mango tree not that pickle wala..
Srinikha : ha its tooo sweet wala bhi like your love
Priya: Reallly ..Is there Mango tree? She was excited like a kid and briskly walked past him . She saw from the window .
It's a very lovely tree , OMG there are fruits also ...
Mr. Kapoor I want them please please get one for me na please , she tugged his arm
Srinikha: Laughed at her childishness and excitement . Priya do you like mangoes?
Priya: Turning to her yes very much di ..From long back I have a wish
Ram: Continuing her words , she so want to eat freshly just plucking up from tree.
Srinikha: Haye haye what a magical bond you have . Priya wait for a min and she abruptly went and came with in few mins with mangoes in a plate .
Priya: Oh my god di you already have these .
Srinikha: Neatly cutting into pieces .Ha today itself the gardener has plucked all the mangoes otherwise these kids are plucking and throwing them she smiled sweetly giving her pieces .
Priya enjoyed the  delicious sweetness of mangoes listening to their family talk she enjoyed her noon .
Evening there is Mehendi ceremony going one all were enjoying to the fullest .
Priya was claded in a cream colour saree ,she opened her hair ,made curls at the end , she adorned her forehead  & maang with sindhoor , she was wearing her bangles Ram joined with her wearing cream colour kurtha with maroon studded stones at his collar .Both were equally complementing each other .
She adjusted his kurtha ,properly brushed his hair neatly while he snaked his hands on her waist slowly giving tentative circles .
Mr. Kapoor please I have to leave for mehendi function don't start which you can't end in mins .
Ram smiled hearing it . Suddenly they felt someone tugging them, Reema claded in a beautiful blue gaghra wearing almost all the jewelry ,she is looking choo pretty .
Oh my ...swetty Reema is looking so sweet lifting her in her hands kissing her on her cheeks .
Reema smiled broadly ,Badeee dadi is calling you ... She spoke in her cuty voice .Ram laughed loud and took her in his arms , squeezed her a lil kissed her cheeks ..You are looking like a small aloo parantha I want to eat you up ,
Reema: Ewww wiping her cheeks .. Aunty he will eat me take me she stretched her hands to Priya.
Priya smiled heartily seeing the kid's astonishment when he said he will eat up .she took her in her hands .all the three gotdown from the stairs
All the people looked at the threesome they were looking divine to them , They were glistering in cream colour and the lil diva was dazzling in blue colour and the three look like a family. Krishnaji, Sudhira& Shipra wiped a lone tear from their eyes as their heart tugged for the unborn twins of Raya.
Soon the mehendi ceremony started . Priya was sitting with the brides , she was looking at them with awww .They were looking so cute and very very Identical to her.and she was bowled with their cuteness . After sometime she asked their mother
Aunty "How you will remember who is honey and who is bunny "
The twin brides laughed at her question .
Honey : Bhabhi even we will surprise  how she will recognize us .Few times we will make her confuse but still she will recognize us .
Bunny : Ha when she said correctly also ,we used to pull her leg ,as I'm Honey she is bunny both giggled at their naughtiness .
Aunty : Ma hu na priya ,I can recognize ..
Priya smiled at the answer she gazed at the twins , keep kalatikka for them .
Srinikha dragged Priya with her , she applied mehendi in her hands.
Priya: Di how beautifully you are making the design, where did you learn?
Srinikha: Thank you ,Its My hobby but after entering this family every month some or other function will be there so I used to try on ..By now I became perfect.
Priya: Smiled perfect nahi di ,you became professional mehendi designer telling this she side hugged her .
Srinikha completed with in 30 mins.  Priya's both hands were  filled with very graceful design.
Priya: Looked the design she blushed profusely "Diii " What is this
Srinikha: Wickedly smiled at her ,when your love has no bounds then why can't I show in my designs ..Priya blushed again
Srinikha: Whispered in her ear ,Priya if you are blushing this much How My devar is managing you I don't understand ..
Priya: Matlab
Srinikha:" At nights" she wickedly smiled and winked at her
Priya: Please diii
Ram came with the food plate , Oh my god bhabhi what are you doing to Priya ,she is blushing from head to toe .
Mr. Kapooor... Priya glared at him .
Srinikha went from there leaving them alone
Ram: show me your hands ,Karthik came in time ..Di show the design please
Nuts came there showing her hands Karthik went with her to show to their son .
Common Priya why you are not showing ,she blushed again .
You are killing me with your blush baby ...Ram whispered in her ear
Priya :I will show later please ..
Ram didn't pester her any more ,he fed her  ,they both ate talking about the marriage and mostly Priya talked about twins with him
Suppressing his dying emotions he fed her and he too had his dinner .